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Any old Abydonians around
02:12:37 May 6th 13 - Mr. Crom:

Hi, its been a while since i have been around, does anyone still play? i see binh and ford are still around, but what about the abydonians? 

03:01:59 May 6th 13 - Venomz (Mr. Sapro):

Ive played one era in Abydos back in the day. Does that count?
Not many Abydonians around I believe.. can't actually think of one.

03:21:17 May 6th 13 - shyers (Mr. Shyers The Debaser):

we buried them in eygpt

07:08:51 May 6th 13 - Ms. Nicole Pwn:

i played in abydos once.

07:12:21 May 6th 13 - Azaruc (Mr. Azaruc The Brave):

I've never played in Abydos, but fought agains it numerous times :)

WB Crom!

11:55:33 May 6th 13 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Stirlin):

i was an abydonian for one era when the english guys united

if you get into contact with del tell him were still waiting for his fm update

03:13:40 May 7th 13 - Mr. Mythicpriest:

I was in abyados years ago when it first started before it got to be the awesome kingdom it became. I went by the name thoth then. i quit to create my own kingdom which flopped.

15:14:43 May 20th 13 - Mr. Pestacious:

Wow... If it isn't for the good old Admiral Crom...

I was in Aby for a bunch of Eras. With Kassius and Natalia 

20:00:30 May 24th 13 - Mr. Sobek:

so was I!

20:20:14 May 24th 13 - Mr. Jack Frost:

Lol I was in abydos too back in 2007. In fact, when they disbanded, that was basically when I quit vu. This is my first (full) era back ever since.

02:20:24 May 25th 13 - SFD (Lord Spying For Death):

i was in aby for a while i think around that time aswell, and jack arnt you the one saying the game is sh!t??

05:24:50 May 25th 13 - Elite (Mr. Elite I):

I was in abydos too, a long time ago. I think Jack may suffer from a bipolar disorder, but at least he's playing.

09:48:15 May 25th 13 - Mr. Jack Frost:

Hahahahaha XD

@death. I get confused every now and then. Happens to everyone, right?

10:07:30 May 25th 13 - SFD (Mr. Dfs):

nah i dont get confused..............................hmmmm, unless i think of brad pitt <_< rofl

10:42:43 May 25th 13 - Bran (Duke Bran):

maybe itd be easier to have a thread for ppl who HAVENT been in abydos -_-

11:08:40 Jun 27th 13 - Ms. Imightbelewatha:


11:53:10 Jun 27th 13 - Princess Aisha:

Lady Jasmine

Lived in Era 39, got 1 heir(s) (Jasmina) and was a member of Abydos


Lady Jasmina

Lived in Era 40, got 1 heir(s) (Jasmina) and was a member of Abydos

11:56:47 Jun 27th 13 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Stirlin):

Jasmine, you shouldnt be playing!

15:16:08 Jul 23rd 13 - Mr. Fec Hanky:


18:55:33 Jul 25th 13 - Psychotic Scientist:

Everyone's been an abydonian at one point or another ;)

18:58:29 Jul 25th 13 - SFD (Duke Stealth Fire Demon):

is aby coming back ^_^?

if it doesn't I want DOA or NP to come back hanky ;)

either way I want hanky to make another awesome KD so I can taste that sweet bum Whole again ROFL :P

01:44:16 Jul 26th 13 - Binh (Mr. Booger):

"Everyone's been an abydonian at one point or another ;)"

False, I've never been abydonian!

05:03:10 Jul 28th 13 - King Damian Deallus The Ceiling Cat:

Hell, even I was.  But only a few people can claim to have been in Retard Insertion Point.  That was a solid KD.

05:09:14 Jul 28th 13 - King Charley Deallus:

Yeah, Retard Insertion Point was the elite 3-man KD of a non 3-man KD era! Which made it awesome.

22:50:19 Jul 28th 13 - Zephyr (Marquess Esmeralda):

I was part of Abydos for like 4 weeks then went inactive :P

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