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Any old Zeon members around
09:23:36 Nov 16th 13 - Mr. Hiv:

Just checking :) If so, private msg please

+If spoon or kobuskan happen to hide here also

08:16:17 Nov 17th 13 - Mr. Toblokai:

They are hiding here. Now stop asking around OMC. =)

09:22:57 Nov 17th 13 - Warlord Harkaa:

It would be good to find the again - they were my teachers a while back and wated to look them up as well. The will be here somewhere ...

15:47:54 Nov 17th 13 - The Real Josh (Prince Ezatious):

Zeon!!!! If only augh would make it again *hint hint*

06:32:17 Nov 18th 13 - King Charley Deallus:


08:21:09 Nov 18th 13 - Mr. Toblokai:

Too bad that Augh character was locked up in a mental hospital.

11:49:36 Nov 18th 13 - Mr. Its Nota Penal Implant:

Then we'd have to bring your Arch Nemesis.. ;)

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