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Arma changes--why?
06:26:23 Jun 25th 07 - Sir Ironpick II:

In suggestions thread, made by VU Admin:



Instead of double offence, there will be no preparation time in attacks. Armies will still move fast."


Does anyone else feel that this still isn't really a good solution to the problem?  Wasn't the original intent (as fans stated it) to have double attack/faster movement to make it so Arma casting could be stopped, not just some kind of mop-up-the-era operation that takes 3 long and boring weeks to complete?

What do you feel the purpose of Arma improvements should be made for?  To stop it while it's being cast?  Or to allow kingdoms to quickly and decisively claim their rightrul position in the high scores list?

08:30:41 Jun 25th 07 - The Wise Yarlin:

Well this way cuts off the getting slaughtered out in the open but gives you a chance when attacking a city. IMO, it evens it out a bit without so much power as it was this last era.

If you tried the test as posted you would see how it works. Takes care of the people that just want to sit in a city stacking up armies till the time to strike suits them. Get into the Frey Zeta says! =)

14:10:35 Jun 25th 07 - Mr. Sloth:

Double offense didn't work. Although it sounds good, the Law of Unintended Consequences came into play. Armies that are protected in cities can strike at will at sieging armies, and pick them off easily with their double offense. The result is a more defensive game instead of a more explosive one.

16:04:33 Jun 25th 07 - Mr. Haywood Jablowme:


18:55:20 Jun 25th 07 - The Wise Yarlin:

No defense would be mostly the same as DBL OP Haywood, just reversed. With instant prep times it just speeds up the game drasticly as armies won't be sitting around preping on cities for hours on end.

Get your arsh on the field and fight or get slaughtered. Thats the "end of days" chaos kinda thing. =)

i do agree to the time needs to be shortened. This era just seemed to drag after Arma was "started casting" to "casted" then finaly ended.

13:48:52 Jun 29th 07 - Mr. Mbeidas:

whats use of double the power its same if you look in it its just one army will face the second as the first one is double and the second is double its same .

14:57:40 Jun 30th 07 - Mr. Evans II:

@mbeidas, becus defense is not doubled so whoever attacks ahs a bonus but the other does not  have a defense bonus

16:58:47 Jun 30th 07 - Mr. Mbeidas:


18:48:28 Jun 30th 07 - Mr. Breadlord:

all right 0 defence :D use for armies lol.
1 scout massacreing millions :D
 thnx forthe most rediculis sug ever haywood :D

19:18:12 Jun 30th 07 - Mr. Mbeidas:

no dude cant be only attack double defence stay as same

19:57:23 Jun 30th 07 - Sir IM Shyers Who The Hell Are You:

blah blah blah, cant anyone say anything nice?

05:25:57 Jul 1st 07 - Sir Bruto Cikayson:

What the crap are you thinking, Shyers?  Hell no!

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