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23:28:30 Nov 4th 07 - Mr. Sigheart:

At first I thought to myself, huh well this seems interesting a graphic novel on Artemis Fowl. At the exact moment I started reading it my Childhood had just been shot.... it was that bad.

This is a serious discussion about the horribleness that is Artemis Fowl The Graphic Novel. Also for those who didn't know Butler is on steriods. His Neck is bigger then Artemis.

23:54:01 Nov 4th 07 - Mr. Kassius Son of Rome:

lol ive only ever read the proper books of it, they seemed ok, nothin special but ok

16:32:30 Nov 5th 07 - Lady Lacewing:

I read the first book.  It was good, but not enough to get me on the series.

Graphic novels... eh...  Some things are best left in the original form.

14:19:40 Nov 6th 07 - Mr. Ridukuluz:

go go Holly!

23:48:45 Nov 12th 07 - Mr. Brinsbane:

i've read all of them they are pretty good

15:56:40 Nov 13th 07 - Mr. Vengence:

me too, not the graphic novel, the normal ones..... i like em, there alright

16:19:12 Nov 13th 07 - Mr. Brinsbane:

you cant read those if you are to little or you wont understand it
there are a lot of words that you wouldn't get

20:40:00 Nov 13th 07 - Mr. Vengence:


00:47:20 Nov 14th 07 - Mr. Brinsbane:

i dont know most little kids are stupid my brother tried reading them and asked me something like every page

01:12:12 Nov 14th 07 - Mr. Atreides:

I find that statement discriminatory! Watch what you say....we "little" kids could gang up on you!

01:14:28 Nov 14th 07 - Mr. Brinsbane:

i'm 14 i mean really little

is this going to turn into a debate about the brain power of little kids?

03:49:42 Nov 14th 07 - Mr. Atreides:

Yes! Little kids can be smart too!

(Ok...if you're 14, that's ok I guess. But how little would you be if you were reading Artemis Fowl? If "really little" means less than 7, your statement is acceptable...barely *glares*)

03:55:05 Nov 14th 07 - Mr. Dakarius:

I'm 6 and I am smarter than 99% of the nubtards that post here.

04:17:02 Nov 14th 07 - Mr. Sigheart:

I had better not be part of that 99% Dak.

04:34:53 Nov 14th 07 - Mr. Dakarius:

having less intelegence than me does not make you stupid ;)

04:52:28 Nov 14th 07 - Mr. Sigheart:

The ironic part of this situation is that you just spelled intelligence wrong.....

05:55:20 Nov 14th 07 - Mr. Atreides:

For a 6 year old, playing and comprehending this game, as well as using and understanding the function of the forums, and even being able to type understandable responses that include symbols to express emotion, such as ";)," seems pretty darn good. Of course, it does not qualify him for the title of "smarter than 99% of VU players".....that title is reserved solely for me ;) jk

13:35:39 Nov 14th 07 - Mr. Dakarius:

I never claimed to be good at spelling.

17:27:44 Nov 14th 07 - Mr. Brinsbane:

Dakarius how can you be 6 if you said this
Mr. Dakarius


9/17/2007 5:57:03 PMha! I'm older than Septim, at the modest age of 56,789. Alas this December I will loose this wonderful age and I will be 56790, no where near as interesting. Oh well.

if you lied then how can we believe you now?

21:36:49 Nov 14th 07 - Mr. Ridukuluz:

if a kid asks question, then he/she is not stupid.   He/She is curious. You dont expect kids to know everything.

16:22:20 Nov 17th 07 - Mr. Vengence:

Mr. Brinsbane


11/13/2007 11:47:20 PM
i dont know most little kids are stupid my brother tried reading them and asked me something like every page


im 13 in two wks u know

16:28:27 Nov 17th 07 - Mr. Brinsbane:

ya and i'm 14 i mean like 7 year olds

00:50:28 Nov 18th 07 - Sir Verll:

Mr. Brinsbane


11/14/2007 12:47:20 AM
i dont know most little kids are stupid my brother tried reading them and asked me something like every page

Skj°nner du noe av dette?

Did you understand anything of that? If not, does that makes you stupid?

00:57:48 Nov 18th 07 - Mr. Erunion Telcontar:

You are generalizing here. At the modest age of 8 I understood and fully comprehended the LOTR Trilogy (Books. The movies weren't out then.). And The Hobbit. And the Silmarillion...

04:54:10 Nov 18th 07 - Mr. Brinsbane:

*bows down*
"child genius"

09:19:43 Nov 18th 07 - Mr. Barny:

Why does this game attract so many kids...

But then again, I did start playing this game when I was 14... and I was able to comprehend a lot of things.

19:38:49 Nov 19th 07 - Mr. Vengence:

cos its a good game!

22:46:43 Nov 19th 07 - Mr. Erunion Telcontar:

Yup. Some people don't comprehend things till their in their twenties. Others until they are in their teens. Some when they are past ten. Of course, some people never comprehend things...

22:50:10 Nov 19th 07 - Mr. Sigheart:

Barny how old are you?

04:16:31 Dec 6th 07 - Mr. Cheesefry:

2 words: *beep* book

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