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Ask Ryan Bellerose Question
11:26:10 Nov 13th 10 - Mr. Ryan Bellerose:

Tell me your Question and i will answer cause i am God

11:31:27 Nov 13th 10 - Mr. Deathstreak:

lol :P

11:32:37 Nov 13th 10 - Mr. Legend:

Is god a male or female?

11:37:00 Nov 13th 10 - Mr. Ryan Bellerose:

i am both

12:13:57 Nov 13th 10 - Mr. Legend:

Your both. Hmmm... Why did you make human's?

12:33:54 Nov 13th 10 - Mr. Deathstreak:

Let me answer that, because its funny to watch them die.

12:41:31 Nov 13th 10 - Ms. Aisha II:

why did chicken cross the road?

12:55:23 Nov 13th 10 - Mr. Lolzor:

What was first the chicken or the chicken egg? And why that 1.

01:09:18 Nov 14th 10 - Sir Ozymandias Lokken:

why do you exist? so I have an equal...

01:44:54 Nov 14th 10 - Mr. Nooooobhammer:

hahhha nice thread.... lol

03:29:42 Nov 14th 10 - Mr. Vuggy The Love Muffin:

I can answer who came first, the chicken or the egg with this picture:

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