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BP Oil Spill
08:30:06 May 30th 10 - Mr. Alien God:

i made a invention that may work and Make BP money to pay back to the Fisheries

05:34:59 May 31st 10 - Master Alien God:

any thoughts?

07:38:38 May 31st 10 - Lord Cao Cao:

Probably is impossible, if there was any way bp could get the oil back and sell it, i guarantee you they would've figured it out already.

08:18:29 May 31st 10 - The Architect:

What you need to invent is a substance or a bead or something that absorbs oils but repels water.  That way you could dump a bunch of that in and it would trap all the oil within itself.  It would then float up top in a semi-coagulated form and you could scoop it up rather easily.

Now there's a billion dollar idea, just go find that substance.

12:40:29 Jun 2nd 10 - Mr. Tyrgalon:

It already exists :P Finnish specialists have already traveled to USA to help the production get started. Problem is I think theres not enough of it yet.

16:00:47 Jun 2nd 10 - Master Alien God:

well thats bull S*** i stayed up all night to make this and it already exist >.<

17:05:54 Jun 2nd 10 - Mr. Adakis The Moonstone Moppet:

tee hee - good idea though.

several years ago there was a spill in the Persian Gulf.  The size of the spill was fairly large, but the news was kept hush hush so there isn't much data made public.  At the time, the conventional wisdom was to surround the spill with super tankers, have them pump water/oil up into their tanks, scrub the water, store the oil & pump the clean water back into the sea. Super tankers have all the technology to do this already on board - this just kept the gulf & the shores of all the countries on the gulf as clean as possible while allowing the leak to be fixed & while maintaining a revenue stream (with reduced profit margins) from the well. All in all a pretty savvy way to contain the disaster.

There are ways to handle this kind of problem - but we are not seeing this kind of effort.  Instead, we are seeing engineers scramble with erector set engineering fixes while the world just shakes its head at the unmistakable engineering shortcomings of deep water drilling.

20:56:09 Jun 2nd 10 - Mr. Vuggy:

Adakis, they're looking for a permanent solution. This is more than a spill, it's a broken well. You can never get it all because it keeps spewing out. So, they can't just merely gather it in ships. Won't give a permanent fix, and that is a pretty profitable area for shrimping/fishing where it spilled.. which is needed back. 

20:56:43 Jun 2nd 10 - Mr. Vuggy:

But umm.. what i think we should do is put a hummer engine in the water and put it at full speed, it'll burn through the oil in NO time. :D

03:44:51 Jun 3rd 10 - Mr. Adakis The Moonstone Moppet:

That's the point of the barricade - that minimizes the broken well's environmental impact - all the while providing the necessary time to secure the spill & make a lil cash doing so. 

As this isn't the good sh$t, as far as oil goes, the funds needed to divert such a large oil moving force wasn't worth the financial gains (which is an argument to be had and not discarded).  

The former ceo of shell was on talking about the persian gulf fix & how he was surprised the same strategy for a fix wasn't deployed here.  Hurricane season is nigh at hand & perhaps the severe risk of losing all that oil & some ships made some very wealthy individuals think twice.  Who cares about louisiana, mississippi, florida & alabama, cuba, the keys, the bahamas etc. etc anyway.

The interesting thing about Hummer is they did have a vehicle with underwater capabilities.  They had 4 separate engines & drive trains all encapsulated and driving each wheel.  Apparently it was fully operational underwater, but yeah ate up fuel like none other.  Now that the Chinese bought Hummer - who knows what they do. 

06:22:57 Jul 7th 10 - Ice Prince Zephyr:

So hows the oil spill doing? Did the US get paid or something?

16:57:55 Jul 13th 10 - Master Orrises The Cutthroat:

Still spilling ... there is 7 different things they can use but they won't ... it's a conspiracy man =P

17:31:49 Jul 13th 10 - Mr. Chilean:

lol, the situation is so bad that the traces of oil have reached the shores of North Carolina


17:46:08 Jul 13th 10 - Mr. Heroix:

There are a lot more bigger spills in Africa because of American Company fails and nobody cares. It's only problem when the trash is in your home, ain't it?

18:13:25 Jul 13th 10 - Mr. Vuggy The Annoying Bastard:

BP stands for British Petroleum. Hardurdurdur!

19:43:44 Jul 13th 10 - Mr. Arthur Zonds Fav:

Britain, you suck! >:(

20:12:56 Jul 13th 10 - Mr. Chilean:

I am not american, I am someone who cares of what happens around the world


20:58:47 Jul 13th 10 - Mr. Heroix:

Now. You are someone who cares what happens near his coast. Everybody forgets third-world catastrophies.

00:08:22 Jul 14th 10 - Mr. Scipio:

Push explosives down into the depths of the well head and cause an implosion to bury it shut under a couple of tons from above and around it,
... bomb the surface oil to blazes too, burn it all up

Might kill a lot of nature in the surrounds but at least that stems the flow and keeps it localized - a bit late in the day but it still a possible solution if those greedy buggers are prepared to wait till they drill another well head

00:50:15 Jul 14th 10 - Mr. Vuggy The Annoying Bastard:

*sigh* Caring shmaring... I've never heard such blasphemy!

02:46:04 Jul 14th 10 - Mr. Chilean:

Mr. Heroix, are you seriously talking about third-world catastrophies. Dude, im from chile we just had the worst earthquake in quite a few years, yeah we are not third-world but dont start throwing ideas around without fact.  Attacking my judgement and what I care about shows how ignorant and close-minded you are. Having said that I won't waste any more of my time with people who think others are as selfish and self-centered as they are


10:16:21 Jul 14th 10 - Mr. Heroix:

Sorry for rudeness. Didn't mean to insult. I just want to emphasize that BP spill is for sure not the biggest one, but everyone cares about it so much only because it's near America.

13:01:20 Jul 14th 10 - Mr. Vuggy The Annoying Bastard:

Because it's not a SPILL. It's a pipeline constantly leaking into the gulf. A spill would have been cleaned by now. 

15:52:40 Jul 14th 10 - Mr. Hard Knocks:

have super man freeze it and throw it into the sun. or dump the cube into a low income residetal area and call it some theme park.

15:56:03 Jul 14th 10 - Mr. Hard Knocks:

sell smaller parts of the gelationous cube on ebay when it thaws.

17:34:09 Jul 16th 10 - Master Orrises The Cutthroat:

i am soo happy it is stopped... for a while...

i live in Canada so it may not effect us but i care about nature and the animals ... humans .. like 0% lol i think humans is a horrible race

tool - aenima : totally agree with this song

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