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14:15:44 Dec 18th 09 - Mr. Cuddly Bear:

Could Zeta find some other way to raise money other than allowing people to buy BT's? I like the idea of buying your own title, maybe buying some special perks too? But an alliance of guys and gals buying BTs is a bought Era Win.

15:01:20 Dec 18th 09 - Prince Ceiling Cat:

They only get 1 BT for every 3 ticks and they cannot save more than 3(So they would get 3 every 9 ticks if they didn't use any) it really giving them that much of a boost?

15:32:05 Dec 18th 09 - Sir Woody The Pedo Bear:

thats an extra 25% turns than the rest of us, granted it would be expensive?

seems like ZeTa can pay for the VU server costs for a good year now, TYVM Fate!

15:35:35 Dec 18th 09 - Lady Miley Cyrus:

Before NP complains too much, they have made a fair share to the Zeta server fund :P

15:47:13 Dec 18th 09 - Chancellor Ademo The Mzzerable:

Amazing that there was no whining like this last era when Chavez used 5,000 BTs to jump all around the Fate NE core area..

16:30:47 Dec 18th 09 - Mr. Chavez:


1. Simple and plain: I haven't bought a single BT last era.

2. Fate is bigger than that, come on... The kingdom has been accused for farming, massive NAPs, having over 30 members and now buying BTs. Era after era the losers try to find an excuse and not recognize Fate's superiority. And it never matters, if someone don't want to see it, there's no way you can explain it, so just play, have fun and win or lose with honour, like Fate always have done.

Don't start talking trash now, that's the losers work, OK?

Noa aka Chavez.

16:35:19 Dec 18th 09 - Lady Miley Cyrus:

"Don't start talking trash now, that's the losers work, OK?"

Couldn't agree more...the more they whine, the more you should laugh, that's how you know you have won ;)

16:51:14 Dec 18th 09 - Mr. Hendrixson:

This is the last era for 2009, and this is the Holiday season, too.

Maybe, as a little gift, the game gods could give us all a few BT's to spend with cheer and merriment, as a way to celebrate the impressive VU empire they have created?

16:57:58 Dec 18th 09 - Chancellor Ademo The Mzzerable:

Well, it looked like you did Noa ;) But if you say you didn't, I'll take your word for it :)

For the record, I didn't buy any BTs until AFTER it became an 8 on 1 fight ;) Was doing fine at 5 vs 1 :p

18:32:13 Dec 18th 09 - Sir Darth Denonia:

Why is it that everyone makes it sound like buying bonus turns is a bad thing ? :-)

18:41:59 Dec 18th 09 - Mr. Von Moormzzery:

Hey, No Pulse retards... your leader, Wanky Spanky bought some BTs to give me and Carina the runaround. You don't see us bitching about it. We have fought other players from other kingdoms who bought BTs as well. You don't see us bitching about it. For the past few eras that I have played this game, I (and the rest of my comrades) have seen and gone up against players who bought BTs. We didn't bitch about it.

You are a bunch of losers whose "loser-ness" levels do disgrace to the honourable title of loser. Bah.

05:39:07 Dec 19th 09 - Grand Ape Kongdust:

the only money i've put into this game is buying the special features and by clicking links when they seem minor-ly interesting

12:31:59 Dec 19th 09 - Duchess Mama Bear:

cuddly, shush... I bought like 80-100 Bts this era....

13:28:44 Dec 19th 09 - Mzz Mzzery:

I like BTs. They made Hanky jump back and forth from side to side of my army, and it was a bit of a challenge to catch him when he did that (thanx for helping me with that, TBL!), but it just added to the fun. Sure, it cost me a bunch of troops, and I am upset that I have those 140k funerals to attend, but it would have been extremely boring if hanky had just rolled over and played dead.

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