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Battlefield 2
05:12:28 May 30th 07 - Sir Ironpick:

I've been looking into buying a new PC game lately, and Battlefield 2 seems a rather interesting game.

Shot in the dark here, but does anyone play it and have a few comments to say about it?

05:47:35 May 30th 07 - Mr. Spud:

Get one of the three:

1.Diablo 2 Expansion

2.Starcraft Brood War

3.Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne

05:47:37 May 30th 07 - Mr. Spud:

Get one of the three:

1.Diablo 2 Expansion

2.Starcraft Brood War

3.Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne

08:21:17 May 30th 07 - Lord Senturu:

*slaps spud*

thats six geeze

08:34:55 May 30th 07 - Mr. al Moudi:

Battlefield 2 is a great game, buy it. If u dont have wc3 you should consider it aswell. I prefer wc3 myself but u might like fps better~

We should have wc3/starcraft/diablo tours on this forum. Much easier organized then our EU2 games.

08:50:10 May 30th 07 - Dark Lord Osiris:

Bf 2142 is better then Bf 2 or CoD2 is much more fun :D the action in BF2 isnt that fast paced

12:11:01 May 30th 07 - Mr. Acelnorst Dezhelian:

i don't agree wioth osiris. BF2142 is a bad futuristic version of BS2. i don't like it.

16:55:36 May 30th 07 - Mr. Peace N War:

A grate game that you can play over the internet is counter strikes that is a gr8 game but i o rate bb2 pritty high

17:40:18 May 30th 07 - Sir Fizban:

Battlefield 2142 ftw! (Except for EMP mines, grenades, etc. They suck.)

Hunt down JCSuperstar and I'll riddle you full of holes.

*takes a moment and fireballs the Counterstrike lover.*

20:04:26 May 30th 07 - Mr. al Moudi:

BF2 is better then 2142

00:16:57 May 31st 07 - Sir Fizban:

I played the PS2 version of Battlefield 2 (forget the exact name), and I've got to say I wasn't impressed with it. Now, I figured that the computer version was better I just didn't have a computer that could run the thing. Still when it got to the point that you could 'see' people behind walls and have their names floating right over their heads made it hard for people to wait for their prey to sneak by 'em.

Now in 2142 with all this future tech, it kinda makes sense and the fact that people can spot enemies and then have the Netbat stuff contribute to tracking. Then the UAV and other toys. It's loads of fun.

01:15:14 May 31st 07 - Mr. Thardin:

Just download America's Army, it's a good FPS and it's free.

08:09:27 May 31st 07 - Mr. al Moudi:

Yeah, but BF2 is awesome.

12:07:52 May 31st 07 - Mr. Fireforge:

screw those other games with their fancy graphics and high powered engines heres the three games you really want

1. pong

2. dig dug

3. joust

12:20:07 May 31st 07 - Lord Oya:

BF2 is well good...but you'll need a decent comp to enjoy it, sometimes lag is an issue when servers are packed with 64 players on a map, but aside from that very fun i recommend it to anyone

13:39:47 May 31st 07 - Lord Senturu:

i havent played it before....can ya describe it to me?

14:52:48 May 31st 07 - Sir Ironpick:

It's a first person shooter, but with some rts elements.  For example, there is a commander that supplies vehicles and equipment and then you are broken down farther into squads where you capture waypoints.

15:18:40 May 31st 07 - Lord Senturu:

wow. sounds like i should get it too :D

15:45:12 May 31st 07 - Sir Falazar:

BF2 is nice, but you do need a high end comp for sure, we had a couple lan parties with 8 or so of us shooting eachother up, is pretty nice... there are a couple modules for it now to add maps and weapons and stuff.

Special ops is the best, and some of the middle east maps are really good.

23:33:49 May 31st 07 - Duke Erunion Telcontar:

What, no one has suggested Medieval II total war? It rocks. Quite simply. Trebuchets rock too, when they are throwing boulders. Like catapults. But I prefer basilisks.

In my opinion, you can't get much better than watching 120 Scotish braveheart wannabe's charging a group of Aztec warriors... Or charging a few war elephants, complete with arquebusiers on the back, tearing a well ordered line of enemy forces apart.

One of the great things of this game is that the troops interact, they don't stand there mechanically hacking up and down and watching hitpoints fall, they charge in, take out the guys legs and stab him in the back. Watching 1000 or so guys doing this at roughly the same time, priceless.

13:47:39 Jun 1st 07 - Mr. Goldsie:

if u want u can download the Battlefield 1942 FREE multi-player... demo its the earlier version in the battlefield series but it'll give u an idea of what its like, 100MB Battlefield Multi-player Demo < Click HERE

13:49:24 Jun 1st 07 - Mr. Goldsie:

and the total w*beep*ries is awesome 2 : P

yay! war elefunks

16:19:21 Jun 1st 07 - Sir Ironpick:

Yeah, I also play Medieval II.  Damn Mongols... they somehow get experienced troops out of their own *beep*.

20:35:01 Jun 1st 07 - Duke Erunion Telcontar:

I Despise the Timerus Timiruds. Hate 'em. May all there despised war elephants burn in Starta! And take Timur the Scarred Filth with you!

23:37:30 Jun 1st 07 - Sir Ironpick:

Hm, idea for a new VU race... "Mongolians."

Lvl 1:  Lancer

Lvl 2:  None.  The best defense is a good offense :)

Lvl 3:  Horse archer

lvl 4:  Magician

lvl 5:  War Elephants.  Special ability:  Lowers enemy morale by %10 before battle, not only because they are so scary but because they smell so bad.

Special abilities: 

Aren't allowed to build anything at all, they have to steal it

Aren't allowed to join a kd (no one likes the Mongols)

Upkeep paid in food, not gold

Increased pezzie growth (lot of horny Mongol warriors out there...)


Nevermind that Mongolians technically are human XD

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