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Berserkers are weird
19:37:46 Dec 8th 23 - Lady Jasmina:

A Shaman walks down the street, noticing a Berserker walking two dogs

Shamans says „Oh what a pair of strong dogs you have there“

„You teach them how to fight?“ Shaman asked

Berserker said „This one of the left I do“

Shaman asked curiously „What about the one on the right?“

Berserker said „that one too“

Shaman looks at him confused „When they are injured do you take care of them?“

„This one on the left I do“ – Berserker continued

„What about the one on the right?“ asked Shaman

„Him too“ nodded Berserker

„What the hell, why are you answering for one dog first and then for the other?“

„Cause the one on the left is mine“ said Berserker

„What about the one on the right?“ asked Shaman

„Him too“ smirked Berserker

20:04:58 Dec 8th 23 - Edi (Sir Edi The Great):

Berserkers be trolling heh?

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