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Best players
00:26:03 Dec 27th 16 - Dark Spawn (Lord Dark Spawn):

Who are currently the best players of the game, and I mean these past few eras? While back when Good Vs Evil was starting people usually always put Binh and Barny in two teams cause those two were most active and skilled?

How about now, who are lets say top 5 players of the game? And don't just write down your best friends or people that had great eras two years ago, I am asking currently.

00:27:48 Dec 27th 16 - Mr. Bling:

Hard to say.

If they chose the right races for the era then Bogdan / Binh / Aisha / JLT once he farmed his Axers / Roxy for magic.

09:03:10 Dec 27th 16 - Mr. Lala:

Curious to know why Mr. Trump here didn't vote for himself! ^^

10:39:18 Dec 27th 16 - Endless (Ms. Sari Luvs Company):

whomever were the past few era winners (too lazy to look)

11:21:21 Dec 27th 16 - Mr. Uwer:

Fred(Halfer), Aloysius(Orc), JLT(Dwarf), Kool (Troll), Ajax(Elf) are among my favorite players.

Bihn and Bling must be mentioned also, with best overall all races. (except for Bling halfer, that I think its a disaster).

11:31:13 Dec 27th 16 - Dark Spawn (Lord Dark Spawn):

I was specific about current players, not people who are not playing like Ajax and Kool. 

Endless, era win determines who is best player?

11:48:21 Dec 27th 16 - Endless (Ms. Sari Luvs Company):

Isn't it suppose to? :p It use to be the measure.

Whether they farm or fight, their teammates enable their strategy to get to the top so I guess they might be the best right now?  ok, that was sarcasm, you caught me :D

There are a lot of great players in the game (and a lot who left) they don't always win. It's subjective, that who is the best question you asked.  

I haven't been back playing long enough to know tbh.

12:22:03 Dec 27th 16 - Mr. Uwer:

So I will pick Jasmina as Troll. A blank vote for Human and Elf.

Era win is not accurate, since farmers benefit from it sometimes in my opinion.

12:44:17 Dec 27th 16 - Endless (Ms. Sari Luvs Company):

Farming is a valid strategy, it works.  You might not like it Uwer but funnily enough you picked someone who does :D 

Would be fun if Zeta picked a world (random so nobody knows which one until they drop) to make OOP time something like 2 RL weeks and see who is the best farmer as soon as the protection wears off :D *can already hear the warmongers groaning*

19:30:41 Dec 27th 16 - Mr. Uwer:

You mean Jasmina? You gave me no other choice :(

19:51:55 Dec 27th 16 - Ryan the Archion (Duke Ryan The Archion XXVII):

It would be always Binh as #1. The other four would be Fred, Jasmina, Bogdan, and Justanius in no particular order. My honorable mention would be Aloy, JLT, Bling, Hanky and Stewie in no particular order also. I wish to include myself, but nah... I'm too far from entering even in top 30.... :(

@Endless, if era winner will determine the best player, I will be one based from two eras ago. However, I did nothing that era and just sit there, login once every other day. I really don't deserve winning that era.

  1. Duke Ryan The Archion XXXIX of Mad and Dangerous (Human)
    Had 400,000 land, 2,101,757 troops and 33 science points. Killed 0 soldiers, won 0 of 1 battles and captured 0 cities.

22:30:10 Dec 27th 16 - Endless (Ms. Red Horse of The Apocalypse):

That is quite the farming story, seen that done in the past as well but imo, MAD allowed you to and no opponents got to you so it's a valid strategy , just a boring one :D

09:42:30 Dec 28th 16 - Ms. Jasmina:

Well, I guess thank you Endless for calling me a farmer :-(. And here I thought we are friends :-(

09:52:51 Dec 28th 16 - Endless (Ms. Sari Luvs Company):

Jas, the definition for farming is taking our time to amass large armies before going to war, generally we both do this, nothing wrong with it.  Given ideal conditions almost everyone playing does it (although some like to deny that).  It wasn't an insult. I know if there was an OOP war you'd have troops ready.  Sorry if you were offended.

11:23:18 Dec 28th 16 - Ms. Jasmina:

Well the general idea of farming is building up while the rest of the kingdom fights :) I have never done that in more than 10 years of playing VU :) I have always been in the first wave of attacks, and I have played Halfling for years because I really hate building and I usually just let others do the building and take over the cities :) I switched to Trolls now because of the army upkeep, but even now I join the battle as soon as Halfling and other oop races are ready for attack. 

12:31:33 Dec 28th 16 - Mr. Bling:

Thing with "best player" lists is that each of the players can be killed at stages in the game. Catch the right farmer like Aisha or JLT, and they can be killed early stages. Catch Binh at critical magic stages, and he and Bogdan can be killed. Get timing wrong and the results are usually bad. But in every map we play on, Endless and I can usually guarantee we're one of the last players standing.

13:31:11 Dec 28th 16 - Mr. Blah Blah The Brutal:

Dangerous thread :D

00:10:09 Dec 29th 16 - Duke Chade The Drunk Meerkat:


15:59:58 Jan 4th 17 - HorusPanic (Sir Panic):


21:43:41 Nov 12th 17 - Mr. Torienthos The Ranger:

Im under the impression some people have more than one account so i might list the same person twice

23:09:00 Nov 12th 17 - Nayoke the Kid (Mr. Nayoke The Chuunin):

rox just trashed mormonts

23:16:16 Nov 12th 17 - Sir Edi The Inactive:

Activity in wars plays an important role in any outcome

Mormont got much less active than last era, I joined them last era and the online status was active in 90% of the members most of the day - the era we dominated
And this era, similar to few other kingdoms (like Dark Riders for example) they took a little break, showed less activity and clearly lost the war.

Props to Rox for well played war, but it was a team effort. Blah just sitting in his blocker with his army, preventing me from moving anywhere, Drana also took part in the war, it was a good team work by FW. Good job guys.

02:13:07 Nov 13th 17 - Nayoke the Kid (Mr. Nayoke The Chuunin):

that is true

23:38:44 Jan 31st 19 - Mr. Bromance:

Me. I'm back.

00:44:58 Feb 1st 19 - Sir Swamp Drainer:

Kobu is best. Binh #2.

00:57:24 Feb 1st 19 - The Real Josh (Archangel Avacyn):

Sir Swamp Drainer:

Kobu is best. Binh #2.

Binh > Kobu

Whorelock or trogda > everyone

12:31:29 Feb 1st 19 - Mr. Uwer:

Bihn buy BTs and never 1x1 vs me. Plus, only wins with big kingdoms.

Bihn is overrated.

My vote is Aloysius.

13:21:59 Feb 1st 19 - Lord Jellybean (Mr. Jellybean Angel):

Best player is someone who can win without halfling, bts and exp feed haha :)

13:29:42 Feb 1st 19 - Sir Edi The Great:

It is impossible to determine the best player of the game considering everyone has different conditions, it would only be possible to determine that in 1 vs 1 on the entire map. Still would depend on what race you pick and how long you get to farm.

You can't compare two players if they are in different kingdoms, if one is weaker than the other. Or if there is an out of protection war comparing to someone that farms for few weeks, there will be a huge difference. 

Also depends if you have a lot of space to decide where you want your cities to be settled, that can't happen if you're in a full kingdom and everyone spawns quickly around you. But then again a full kingdom helps you in the long run. 

So called best players of this game are always in those best kingdoms, you rarely see one of those best ones go to a weak kingdom, if they do they are beaten by the veteran kingdoms. 

Not sure if there was an era when a couple of players have defeated a large kingdom, showing awesome skill and activity. And this I do not mean 3 players farm for a month while everyone fights, and then those 3 go and kill everyone, cause I heard that happened. But then again not everyone can take on the entire map even if given that much time to farm. Just making observation that you can't compare players due to the fact we all have different circumstances every era.

18:10:55 Feb 1st 19 - Legend (I am Farm):

Hanky and Zond > everyone else

18:14:53 Feb 1st 19 - Duke Chade The Hawtandsexy:

me > you

19:24:07 Feb 1st 19 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax The Shepherd):

I'm not going to participate in the details about who is best.

But I will always prefer to play against a bad looser than a good winner.

21:22:18 Feb 1st 19 - Kobuskan (Sir Kobuskan):

Who me is best, since when

01:20:24 Feb 2nd 19 - The Real Josh (Ms. Chade The Ghey):

Mr. Uwer:

Bihn buy BTs and never 1x1 vs me. Plus, only wins with big kingdoms.

Bihn is overrated.

My vote is Aloysius.

Maybe he does, maybe he doesn't but everyone who has played as long as he has bought something... 

Binh isnt that overrated, me and hanky have both trashed you so comparing your skills to binh is like the ant challangeing jesus.

Saying its impossible to pick the best player is silly, a player is more skilled in this game will have a greater knowledge of game mechanics,  A deeper understanding of each races play style and how best balace eco and military.

So if you need a lift of "best players"

Look at pretty much anyone who served in Roxburys Legacy, Anythong after era 34 doesnt count lol

PLayers like:


And a few more could easily considered the best player due to their pure skill alone, But lets be honest this isnt about the best player, Its a popularity contest and Endless gets my vote <3

01:43:26 Feb 2nd 19 - Venomz (High Warlord Grags Doppelganger):

I knew I should've played with Legacy when they were still kewl, damnit!

02:20:18 Feb 2nd 19 - The Real Josh (Peasant Sladen):

Venom... you were there.. your just not very good :p

02:40:26 Feb 2nd 19 - Mr. Fecker:

Trashed all those players, so no, good but not best.

03:01:18 Feb 2nd 19 - The Real Josh (Peasant Sladen):

And im sure all tho players have trashed you, im so glad blong, But having bigger pockets doesnt make you the best player sooo #sorrynotsorry but you wont be making it to love island!

03:50:32 Feb 2nd 19 - Mr. Fecker:

yep, they trashed me too. no such thing as a best player. u have good eras and bad.

or in your case just bad.

05:23:06 Feb 2nd 19 - The Real Josh (Ms. Chade The Ghey):

Mr. Fecker:

yep, they trashed me too. no such thing as a best player. u have good eras and bad.

or in your case just bad.

I started reading this thinking "wow blong, very right, very mature." Then ya went and fucked it

09:35:31 Feb 2nd 19 - Random (Duke Random):

The circlejerk in this thread is disgusting.

10:38:10 Feb 2nd 19 - Mr. Uwer:

If I buy BTs one era, I win the era. 

Zeta should give me so I can prove my point.

Whoever buys BTs will never be on my favorite list. Ever.

10:44:59 Feb 2nd 19 - Mr. Uwer:

Chade, you have problems with the truth.

I fought 3 Alba members and killed Strawberry which actually is a pain. Then you and Hanky come over to fight the rests of me.

Btw, you were an easy 1x1, Chade. 

10:57:37 Feb 2nd 19 - Strawberry (Ms. Mei):

Wait what? you fought 3 members then killed me? can you elaborate on that further coz i dont recall that ever happening...

11:27:31 Feb 2nd 19 - Mr. Uwer:

When you get wiped, you never remember.

Early wars maybe 3-4 eras ago, northwest part. Alba and Mad spawned together. We won. Then Abydos won us.

11:43:08 Feb 2nd 19 - Strawberry (Ms. Mei):

Dude stop spewing random things to make yourself look good you're nothing special, that era we were forced out of the area because we were fighting MAD and Abydos on both sides then both MAD and Abydos claimed that they fought us 1v1 and no we never got wiped we just resettled to southwest surviving the 2v1 and later on losing to farmed up Feckers.

11:51:28 Feb 2nd 19 - Mr. Uwer:

You really angry. 

15:10:13 Feb 4th 19 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Stirlin):

I played with binh for a very long time, he never bought bts

Ez was the best player... or falazar

17:18:18 Feb 4th 19 - Duke Chade The Hawtandsexy:

11:44:59 Feb 2nd 19 - Mr. Uwer:

Chade, you have problems with the truth.

I fought 3 Alba members and killed Strawberry which actually is a pain. Then you and Hanky come over to fight the rests of me.

Btw, you were an easy 1x1, Chade. 


Sweet summer child, you are talking with Slade, not with me ... i havent played fanta in 3 yrs

Now I am talking though when i say (for the record) - not a single time have you EVER won against me! We've only fought 1v1 twice, both times me slaughtering your armies .... once while in Abydoss, and once while at Sensitive Fellas.

Now go cry to your mum

13:43:04 Feb 5th 19 - Mr. Uwer:

Run to Valhalla, Chade.

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