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Blocker Issue Fixed
18:40:12 Mar 25th 21 - heroix (Mr. Heroix):

Some will like it and some will hate it. But I took fixing (well kind a) blocker issue into my own hands. I made a Chrome extension which when installed displays all terrain collision circles. Instead of randomly guessing where to place a blocker - you can now clearly see where the river, mountain, forest or lake ends, so you can settle it more precisely. It's still not 100% fix, but should improve the rate of poorly placed blockers significantly. Unfortunately (or maybe not) it also let's you see those blockers more clearly to walk around them. It's double edged sword.

Last thing to mention - until this day nobody (besides me coding it) had access to extension before. I'm sharing it with everyone at once.

20:35:30 Mar 25th 21 - Lord Jellybean (Mr. Gluttonous Feast):

Will give this a try at some point :) thanks

What did you use to code this?

22:45:19 Mar 25th 21 - heroix (Conqueror Mephisto):

Don't know how technical I should get, but mostly Javascript. First I used Canvas API to draw circles on the map images with the data from here. Those circles already exist, but you can only see collisions with them when you set an army path on them. Then made this Chrome extension to simply replace the current map images with the ones I generated.

23:30:07 Mar 25th 21 - Bigfield (Dragon Prophet Theophilus):

The areas between two large circles.. how much space would be between them? As in, how absolute is this?

05:49:19 Mar 26th 21 - Jack Daniels The drunk (Mr. Jack The Fallen Drunkard):

its the same problem you run into with how current blockers work, your trying to block circles with squares i believe is how the admin worded it. but this does help a bit and i do like and appreciate it 10/10 am going to download.

08:26:02 Mar 26th 21 - heroix (Mr. Heroix):

What do you mean Bigfield?

21:14:48 Mar 26th 21 - Bigfield (Dragon Prophet Theophilus):

Look at the central woods. Note the two white large circles with an area not encircled between. Is that area buuldable?

10:23:19 Mar 27th 21 - heroix (Mr. Heroix):

If I understand you correctly - you can build between those circles a little bit closer to the forest, but it's not that much. Army have to not touch the circles, so it fits only very tiny bit closer.

15:02:57 Mar 27th 21 - Mr. Bad Mans Son:

Great job. But i hate to admit it, i need to get back to my laptop before building a blocker ;))

03:46:33 Apr 7th 21 - Ryan the Archion (Duke Ryan The Archion XXXIII):

It's not working on Arkan? Or it is just on me? When I change character to my Mant, it show but when I changed back to Fant, it doesn't work.

08:19:37 Apr 7th 21 - heroix (Conqueror Nocturnus):

Itís not. I already made an update yesterday, but google is slow with their checks so might take some days before itís released.

08:23:59 Apr 7th 21 - Mr. Gandalf The White:

heroix thanks for the effort :)

We miss you in Alba.

11:33:39 Apr 7th 21 - heroix (Conqueror Nocturnus):

Maybe next era. Too many things going on to be active and efficient in smaller KD this time.

12:03:10 Apr 7th 21 - Mr. Gandalf The White:

Np :) See you soon.

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