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CV writing
00:48:29 Jul 8th 07 - Mr. Katsumoto:

ok well basicfally ive just finished college and i need to write a curriculum vitae  (cv) for a new job ( i work at sainsburies part time and i *beep*ing hate it as you can imagine :P) i didnt need a cv at the time for this job and ive had it over 2 years now so i never got round to writing one... or learin to write one..

so basically im asking the VU comunity if there is anybody out there who knows the best way to write a CV :D guides and outlines etc for me to follow to write mine :D any help will do :)


03:44:12 Jul 8th 07 - Mr. Strike Zakira:

what the?!?!? your in college and don't know how to write!!!*slap*

*P.S just start writing and stop posting for help get your mom at lease or some older being and write what you think is best

05:46:30 Jul 8th 07 - Mr. Dordorian:

gosh...Strike Zakira, whats up with you?

There are multiple guides that can be found through google. If you want, go to and click on "about" and then the CV page. It has a CV so you can see how ti is written and write your own.

However, CV is usualy for artists and non artists use a Resume which is a bit different and also have thousands of guides online which can be found through google too.

06:47:22 Jul 8th 07 - Mr. Sigheart:

You work at a Bank eh. When you say bank can you lower it down to what kind of Bank job (financial, admisrative etc.). Next I need CV date and Right to work. Then I think I can write you a pretty good outline of what you need.

10:42:22 Jul 8th 07 - Mr. Sakaal II:

In many countries (including Finland) they call it C.V.
Résumé is American English.

There are many guides. Here is one. <- Click on the link.

11:50:35 Jul 8th 07 - Mr. Katsumoto:

lol cheers for the help.. (apart from Zakira who was totally usefull....) and i never said i worked in a bank sigheart ;)

19:51:44 Jul 8th 07 - Mr. Scottology:

my CV kicks ass, it has my name in big bold letters at the top

19:55:26 Jul 8th 07 - Sir Tiber Septim II:


(I dont feel like giving my real name out)

IT is just like scottology's, woot.

11:07:51 Jul 18th 07 - Mr. Smuff:

i jused to work at good old saino's. but my cheakout manager tried to make me wear a girls name badge so i told him to F**K off, i didnt last very long after that :)

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