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Calling All Old Players
05:47:19 Apr 26th 10 - Mr. Killstone:

how many of you are left that experianced VU during some of its best moments? I think i came in soon after what some of the vets call the "golden eras" of VU. but since then the game has just declined more and more. i havnt played this era but i read the suggestions and from what i read it sounds like it actually took a step forward for the first time in years. Lets try and keep moving the game back on the right track.

if you played back in the times with merges, one world, no timed eras, and armageddon then post what you miss most about those times and then if enough different things are posted then i or someone else can compile them and put it in the suggestions thread in another attempt to get zetas attention.

just post what you miss about those times and how many eras youve played

i miss the one giant world and how arma was the only way to end an era the most. and ive played for 20+ eras i lost count 5-10 eras ago...

06:05:27 Apr 26th 10 - Duke Pesterd:

i was here.

06:14:19 Apr 26th 10 - Mr. Kronos:

I miss the greatwalls I played two eras with them, then they were removed. =(

06:48:34 Apr 26th 10 - Duke Pesterd:

i was actually the last one to cast armageddon succesfully before it was removed.

06:57:02 Apr 26th 10 - Mr. Osiris:

I miss the eras we had 5 top strong kds on one map that were all capable of winning the era :P those were the good eras where diplomacy and co ordination actually matterd

09:19:32 Apr 26th 10 - Mr. Tyrgalon:

Yeah, I was in Zeon during those days, was pretty new then. There where a lot of top kds and you never new who would win, it was often a close call. I also miss the walls and merges, they created a sense of epicness with the big walls on the map and the merges of millions of troops hurling themselves against each other, getting bigger and bigger until one of them was defeated and the kd had to form a new one. There was a real sense of unity in the kd when everyone had the same goal, to make the largest merge together with their kd mates.

I miss those days...

09:35:51 Apr 26th 10 - Judge Kobuskan:

I am old.

11:47:30 Apr 26th 10 - Mr. Willem Beunhaas:

i miss the race to destroy the Arma city :-(

15:12:35 Apr 26th 10 - Sir Horus VI:

Mr. Willem Beunhaas


05:47:30 Apr 26th 10
i miss the race to destroy the Arma city :-(

^ word

I miss merges, scary nazgul armies, Rev flames, being afraid of RoF (really)....

Thats all I can think of now, some of the best improvements I've see recently are: graphics for freezing and moving over terrain, click to move, un-attached worlds (back like they should be), I'm also a fan of the current Fant map

(I have 12 or 13 non-consecutive era experience)

15:18:31 Apr 26th 10 - Mr. Bragi:

doubt that I'm considered old but I miss great walls, merges, walls in city giving defense bonus, shorter prep, arma and just magic overall :)

15:36:00 Apr 26th 10 - Mr. Heroix:

I miss the teamwork which is gone these days. Those fights where you needed to coordinate everything in chat with other members to merge, un-merge etc.Sometimes tick-change forced you to show what you can do best and success or fail of it determined the flow of upcoming events. Even those bugs were fun to exploit. River-jumping, orc land burning to train more cheap troops etc. looked not like the bugs, but more likely like a strategic combinations. Armagedon was also one of strategic importance objects of the game.

Now everything is gone. Almost no teamwork left. Strategy is so basic limited by only farming and training.VU is no more better than something like shitty Travian or Tribal Wars. Basic game for bot-like persons.

17:07:07 Apr 26th 10 - Duke Drakos:

Yup, I miss the teamwork of planting a waypoint and watching the Kingdom answer the call and put together huge merges.

I miss the Great Walls and wall dropping across rivers, Nazzies being able to fly over walls, the "Firewall" spell, ROF'g thousands of troops when people were foolish enuf not to have mage coverage(back when magic was not the nerfed thing it is now and you actually needed mage coverage).

Archmages being able to cast battle spells was cool, Catapults doing ranged attacks was also ok.

 Having connected worlds BUT each world looked completely different, I really miss that. One world would be mostly Mountains, one would be rivers, one would be a mix, etc....

Some of the good changes thru the years: needing pezzies to train, armories decreasing training time rather than costs, riders moving quicker, arches going to 3*lvl rather than the old 5 or 6 plus level was a really good one.

Some  bad ones: no merges, Prep being reset to half when owner merges in another army, walls adding way too much time to prep time now, Humans forced training is ridiculous, EVERYONE should be able to force train or better yet, just get rid of this altogether.

UPKEEP!!!  Get rid of this,bring back free or reduced upkeep, or make it so you get free upkeep in a city of the same race you are at the mininum.

17:28:49 Apr 26th 10 - Mr. Killstone:

so main things thus far:

one big world
great walls
better magic (mainly ROF and firewall)
free upkeep
walls giving defense bonus
nazzies able to fly over walls

good list so far keep em coming!

18:34:06 Apr 26th 10 - Sir Binh The Miner:

I don't know about you guys, but I sure miss those 1000%+ bless compared to the pathetic bless we have now :P

Teleporting armies/cities on to mountains, lakes, and forests.

Ownaging other race was awesome.

Sure they're overpower, but they're certainly fun to use hehe.

18:49:36 Apr 26th 10 - Mr. Retard:

The magic advantage that elfs had and the low cost of there magic.  The fact that now the orcs are weak and no good when you get mid era.  In a way i mess merging but i don't miss the greatwalls. 

19:08:02 Apr 26th 10 - Archangel Argyle:

I think it's nice to say that vu hasn't had it's top yet. But I was here when it was not all about best pumping tactic... :P This game is still fun, and obviously more balanced then it was earlier.

I talked with a friend and we concluded that vu near era 10 with current balancing and bugs/abuses from that time removed would be the best, or just wait a few more eras for development to peak :D

I hate people that says "good old days" because the past will never be as good as the future!

armageddon sucked, feeding sucked, gangbanging on small kds sucked, great walls abuse sucked and all those sucky things are gone.

The future is comming, let's embrace it :D

19:12:19 Apr 26th 10 - Mr. Osiris:

great walls were only really abused much in the lower worlds, :P the "good" old days were in many peoples opinions better then the game is now :) i hope it hasnt peaked but well i can only go by my opinion :P hell the everyone vs Z was far more entertaining then the now dead forums. what ever happend to the epic forum wars of the aby vs mafia/own vs carnage vs zeon vs phi and the smiths :D

19:25:14 Apr 26th 10 - Mzz Mzzery The Cannibal:

I miss Orcs.... their strength, and how fearsome they used to be.

I miss Elfs, their magical advantages.

It feels weird to play Dwarf and be stronger than I would have been if I played Orc, which in all fantasy books are much stronger than puny dwarves.

Zeta always does what people suggest tho, so let's suggest good changes.

I'm no old player. I played the last week in era 37, and I had era 45 off, but I have played 7 full eras, this being my 8th.

19:46:57 Apr 26th 10 - Mr. Killstone:

do people think great walls would be better where if all the walls in the city are destroyed the wall part of the great wall would go away and it would become just a normal city?

19:52:19 Apr 26th 10 - Mr. Willem Beunhaas:

I don't know about you guys, but I sure miss those 1000%+ bless compared to the pathetic bless we have now :P

hehe yeah that was awesome :-p though it was only usefull against new armies or people who didn't know the bug. for the rest they were allmost all blessed to the same sick level :p

19:54:02 Apr 26th 10 - Mr. Wormdigger:

Ive been around since era 17 on and off, started out in Zeon, played in BoW, Angels, PKS, Vengeance, Retribution before era of Lewantha and DMC..  

I really miss merges, powerful Orcs and strong casting Elfves with fearsome RoFs..  a couple of Arma-eras would be nice too. The race for armatown someone mentioned was a thrill.



20:11:17 Apr 26th 10 - Mr. Osiris:

race for arma town was over rated. it was usually either cast by the kd thats is too strong for anyone left to touch or by a defeated kd that then stores every last troop they have left in the arma town :P

22:25:19 Apr 26th 10 - Mr. Heroix:

Yea, but they were powerful enough to cast and defend it. And it was fun. even dying kingdom could play fateful role for whole game.

Or like the times when Superheroes boomed and won era only because of armageddon 'all army moves as scout' thing. That was interesting aspects of game which have been overheaded by boring balancing. And making the game so simple, that even I could code a script (bot/AI) which plays my VU for me. If I were not lazy ofc. There is nothing left that can be called strategy. FARM, FARM, TRAIN, FARM.

22:33:43 Apr 26th 10 - Lord Muse:

Merges would do a great job!

magic is nearly gone? lvl 10 is fkn expencive and RoF is most of the time not worth it.

gaia is defencive? all orcs are offencive since I know what an orc is...

23:10:14 Apr 26th 10 - Lord Woody The Fate Lover:

im really surprised no-ones mentions the discount for arms being gold, not lowering training times?

i suppose this way does have its advantages, such as fixed troop price :P

23:19:27 Apr 26th 10 - Duchess Wadjet:

dam! I thought this wassa callout for old players.. *strolls off again*

23:52:36 Apr 26th 10 - King Robert The Burninglegion:

I miss Great walls, Nazguls being acually feared, AND A DECENT MAP


this map is dreadful ...

23:57:18 Apr 26th 10 - Mr. Samual:

I am not a veteran and wouldn't go near classing myself as one but I want to know how many eras really should you have played to be an veteran

00:04:11 Apr 27th 10 - Ice Prince Cyruss:

I have played way more than 20 eras

01:52:57 Apr 27th 10 - Mr. Killstone:

veteran, imo, doesnt matter how many eras youve played but how well you know the game. by my definition im not a vet but im sure some people still would consider me a vet.

i forgot about the change in arms discount. i actually like it better this way in a way becasue it gives it a bit more strategy. you can train wherever you want for one price but depednding on the arms they might not get out in time.

02:27:40 Apr 27th 10 - Mr. Venomz:

I miss the days where Serenity vs Legacy was almost an endless battle. where merges were huge! and Armies didnt move so slooow. Where magic power was obtainable for a troll, and ownage some huge unlimitted city's from people who didnt want to spend magic power in their cities to protect it.

I miss the merges to smack blockers down. offensive troll mages and pretty much i miss having fun battles with even sized kingdoms.

Era of Adelbert was just pure win!

PS: I thought i had casted the last Armageddon before it got removed.. but ah well.

06:09:13 Apr 27th 10 - The Architect:

I miss pretty much everything mentioned here.  If we could go back about 30 eras I'd be really happy.

06:59:48 Apr 27th 10 - Mr. Killstone:

keep posting :) ill compile them in a 24-48 hours probably and post it on the suggestions forum

07:13:50 Apr 27th 10 - Mr. Kronos:

Agree with Architect, even the old players =) they were mostly good people =)

07:41:29 Apr 27th 10 - Mr. Own Mafia:

I was there :)

15:13:00 Apr 27th 10 - Sir Muzzy The Rapist:

I kinda miss merges and stronger orcs... also great walls were fun :p

15:14:05 Apr 27th 10 - Mr. Sandoran:

I'm A superubermegaxxlveteran with about 2 and A half era's of experience. I miss uhm... no wait, I DON'T miss crossworlds :)

18:40:18 Apr 27th 10 - Sir Mirror:

Am I one of the older players? Yes. Am I a vet? Not sure, really. I hope so!

I'd say an older player is someone who has 30+ eras experience. A vet is someone who has 2+ era's experience and is really good. (If they are really good with less than 2 eras experience, they are not a vet, they are a prodigy.)

What do I miss? More powerful magic. Other things I am fine without (I liked great walls, merges and whatnot, but they weren't necessary to my enjoyment of the game), but neutered magic is really killer. I would dearly love to see magic be dangerous again, and the only way that can happen is if the ridiculous costs are reduced.

18:55:03 Apr 27th 10 - Grumpy old Dwarf:

"great walls were only really abused much in the lower worlds, :P the "good" old days were in many peoples opinions better then the game is now :) i hope it hasnt peaked but well i can only go by my opinion :P hell the everyone vs Z was far more entertaining then the now dead forums. what ever happend to the epic forum wars of the aby vs mafia/own vs carnage vs zeon vs phi and the smiths :D"


19:02:22 Apr 27th 10 - Mr. Slegna Naila:

We get banned is what happened XD

Misses old flame wars.................Cobra needs to come back and just start flaming peeps for the hell of flaming.

19:06:34 Apr 27th 10 - Mr. Ninja:

great walls were very helpful

and Armageddon was always fun

19:07:58 Apr 27th 10 - Mr. Slegna Naila:

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic

^Mod power abuse anyone :P

22:24:32 Apr 27th 10 - Mr. Urkel:

Played on and off since 2004-05ish, whatever eras that makes it. Cant say I remember much from back then tbh, but I do remember I always thought about playing dwarf and wall myself in. Dont think I ever got to do it though.

But on the other hand great walls could be pretty OP, with the current map(s) it's not really needed anymore. And the old maps weren't that good. Dont miss them.

22:31:37 Apr 27th 10 - The Architect:

The game was better with Great Walls.  It allowed people to play the game well without being on for 18 ticks of the day.  It made defending cores possible opposed to now where it's extremely easy to punch a hole into any core anywhere at any time.  Great Walls made the game enjoyable, without them it's almost akin to work more than fun.

Gone, sadly, are the days of massive kingdom wide merges and blocker wars.  Those days were fun and all around better.  Aside from maybe 2 or 3 things, none of the updates in the past 30+ eras have served to make the game any better.

00:16:50 Apr 28th 10 - King Robert The Burninglegion:

Plz o plz great walls come back to me <3

03:15:01 Apr 28th 10 - Mr. Razios:

I was here long enough to crosswall myself away from invading V for Vendetta scouts ^_^

03:31:33 Apr 28th 10 - Mr. The Born Loser:

Played 13 full eras and one partial era since the era of Dark Blood.

I will provide my thoughts based on Killstone's checklist.

1. Armageddon - I only experienced one Armageddon, but I enjoyed it like hell. Do note though, that Armageddon only massively benefits very active kingdoms / players.

2. One big world - If it is one big Fantasia world where all kingdoms placed on it have sufficient starting space before encountering one another, then yes, I am all for it instead of a small Fantasia world with kingdoms being forced to share cores or running into one another within 5 or 6 scout ticks. On the other hand, one ultra large world where ALL kingdoms are placed within, this I do not agree with. Nubs and players wanting a less intensive game should have the chance to play on a separate world without being lumped together with everyone else on THE world (yes, Fantasia is THE world - you want to play there, you have no excuses, you better be prepared for it).

3. Merges - I have a love / hate relationship for merges. On the one hand, they did encourage and are a test of teamwork within ones kingdom. On the other hand, they allowed kingdoms to feed one solo player to the top (example: era winner Dvsmasta). I am pretty ambivalent on them.

4. Great walls - never experienced them. Don't think they will be suitable for Trogdar's / Lathan's map. Also from what I have read about the past, they were the biggest cause of some seriously long, boring, massive stalemates. I am pretty ambivalent on them.

5. Better magic - hell yes! These days, its all about attackers, and less about mages. Magic as a weapon of tactics and combination is having a less prominent role except for only a handful of spells.

6. Free upkeep - Ambivalent on this.

7. Walls giving defence bonus - Ambivalent on this.

8. Nazzies able to fly over walls - Ambivalent on this, though maybe it should be brought back just for the sheer tactical possibilities of it.

All in all, I don't mind changes. They are part and parcel of the game, and of life for that matter. Just expect well thought out, rational and sensible changes, ones that are aimed to make the game more enjoyable or to provide a challenge. Nothing is permanent, but don't make changes dumb either.


04:52:53 Apr 28th 10 - Mr. Arthur Dent:

Mages are the big thing.  It's a massive aspect of the game that needs to be brought up big time.  Right now the only thing mages can do is freeze.  A lot of people don't use MU's for army protection, or at least very little.

05:08:31 Apr 28th 10 - Mr. Aloysius Farmer:

I miss all the things said above. I also missed the spawning in random places without the factor of kingdom core and spawning spots. :D
I can see 4-10 cities with different banners all gearing up to war each other. :)) I missed that imbalance OOP wars.

And.. I missed auto cast of spells of AMs too when clicked. :D

09:36:57 Apr 28th 10 - Lady Wilber Who Loves Gary Porter:

3. Merges - I have a love / hate relationship for merges. On the one hand, they did encourage and are a test of teamwork within ones kingdom. On the other hand, they allowed kingdoms to feed one solo player to the top (example: era winner Dvsmasta). I am pretty ambivalent on them.

Lol, you would put that, wouldn't you? Still wrong though :P

What I miss the most? The decent flames and HWM/Arien's comedy on the forums.

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