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16:08:49 Oct 21st 08 - Lord Wolven Warrior:

I wish to learn computer programming. At this moment in time I am learning the variation called "Visual Basic". Does anyone know of any good rescources for this programming, for a complete novice? also, what other computer languages are relatively easy to learn and good for a beginner?

thanks in advance.

16:14:27 Oct 21st 08 - Lord Incognito:

Hmm, I was taught Pascal as a beginner. Now I have to learn Java but I hear the logic behind them is similar.

Don't know anything about Basic though, but I'm sure you can find hundreds of tutorials online.

16:20:43 Oct 21st 08 - Lord Wolven Warrior:

Yeah I've found one for Visual Basic; I am interested to hear others opinions and any other good computer languages to learn later on also though =)

16:55:55 Oct 21st 08 - Mr. Silver Surfer:


its the easiest to learn, and the most powerful.

17:02:44 Oct 21st 08 - Duchess Nog:

C++.  Visual Basic is becoming obsolete, don't try too hard.

17:10:56 Oct 21st 08 - Mr. Bananaman:

Visual Basic sux as hell. C++ is best for programming, but it's damn hard.
And C# is hard too.
In schools there is teaching Pascal, but it's so damn boring and fit only for training.
PHP is good for websites (CMS, text-based games, simple scripts), but it's also not so easy.
Forget Visual Basic - it's worse I've ever seen.

18:17:29 Oct 21st 08 - Lord Wolven Warrior:

kk :P

19:13:17 Oct 21st 08 - Mr. Doctor Strange:

 indeed, C++  is really what you want to work for, though you may need to do other stuff to work your way up to it, if you're a complete novice than vb is good to fool around with.

19:28:07 Oct 21st 08 - Mr. Milk And Cereal:

C++ is where u want to end up, but it will be hard for a 100% novice.

Visual basic is the one I'm being taught its a good start i suppose, but yes its becoming obsolete. However once you've learn 1 computing language its alot easier to pick up others.

Schools don't just teach pascal, all schools get to chose what they teach, I'm led to believe vb is more simular to C++ aswell.

20:45:31 Oct 21st 08 - Duke Argyle:

I started out with java, and as someone said, if you learn to program in any language, you'll master another one within notime. As the way of thinking is whats hard in the beginning.

charasteristic for vb is that it's a lot of copy pasting, as much of the things you want to use, are already written and spread out in different programing forums.

I would not pick c++ as first one to learn, the basics of it is too big :P

21:04:13 Oct 21st 08 - Mr. Josef Fritzl:

c++/java/c# are what you're looking for.

21:37:36 Oct 21st 08 - Duke Salamon:

Java = newest programming and you would wanna learn this because java is poping up everywhere now :P  im currently a 2nd year student in my high school for this type of programming :P its fun but you have to stay within the rules :P ... if you know math, its kinda like that. Youre allowed to do somethings while you cant do others :P (as far as i know atleast :P) and how you do it is just as important :P if that makes sense :P lol

C++ or C# : well.... i guess ill probably end up learning it :P in college or something :P

22:34:00 Oct 21st 08 - Mr. Crimson:

Bah, you guys are all spoiled. Machine code is the way to go! :P

23:22:43 Oct 21st 08 - Mr. Reddragon:

lol machine code is hard to learn, because you need to see it in your mind (it sounds like matrix).
I learned first pascal, then C++, next is going to be some visual something or maybe some language that is used to do webpages. Im too lazy but i learn quickly. There is zillions of free pages to learn about languages, check in there are a lots of tutorials there.

03:16:51 Oct 22nd 08 - Duchess Nog:

I'm a Computer Science major, and I'm currently studying Resolve (which is a language made by my university as a computer-science-theory language, but for the most parts has the same syntax, commands, and logic as C++.)

Java is neat to work with.  Pretty simple and straightforward has may have the most practical uses for a beginner.

04:25:47 Oct 22nd 08 - Mr. Randahhhhh:

C++ is probably most practical to know, along with java, i am computer/electrical engineering double major and i feel that these two will have most use in current/future work.
I have taken assemble and C languages in school and feel like these are more troubnle then they are worth, good luck with whatever you choose

05:04:14 Oct 22nd 08 - Mr. Utkarsh Bhardwaj:

Well C++ is where everyone wants to get to eventually, but they must realize that it is a very hard language to learn. And for a novice like u, I would really recommend that you start up with this program called : "NetBeans"...It is free to download from It is a great program for beginners. So i would really recommend that you give it a try. If you need any help with this program, feel free to contact me, I will be more than happy to help.

07:59:02 Oct 22nd 08 - Mr. Bananaman:*beep* (fuk is after brain)
is best programming :P

It's "Hello World Script":


14:23:57 Oct 22nd 08 - Lord Wolven Warrior:

ok, thanks for your advice everyone =)

15:01:36 Oct 22nd 08 - Mr. Avionaro:

machine code isn't that hard to learn, but you have to program a lot when you want something done. Like one line of C++ code you need like 100 lines of machine code to do the same.

C++ is not a language for starters, java or C# is easier, as you don't have to worry much about memory management.

It looks like there are enough people capable of helping you out.

15:05:36 Oct 22nd 08 - Mr. Chrome:

You should start with assembly and learn how the memory works etc. Then when you want to do more advanced stuff then adding 1+1 together you should switch to C++

15:16:22 Oct 22nd 08 - Sir Frederick:

You would want to start with Java. Its a very much used programming language. Dont go for C++, its not a really productive language, especially not for starters and its simply hard.

A lot of universities start programming with Java, because its relatively easy and has a lot of examples on the web. JSDK here and tutorials here.

I would not go for C#, because it is limited to Windows systems only, unless you do some tricky stuff with for example Mono. And Java simply has more resources on the web.

14:14:40 Oct 23rd 08 - Mr. Brain:

Java is relatively easy, not the easiest, but I'd daresay one of the best to begin with.
It's free.
It's used anywhere and everywhere.
It has math libraries, strings, is object oriented, also has graphics.
Once you learn it, you can do lots with it.

I'd suggest you NOT to choose Visual Basic.
It's developed by Microsoft, which already sucks ^^
It's just a learning language, though people actually use it to make programs, which of course run slow and look ugly...
Once you learn VB, you'll have to learn another better language.

Once you learn Java, you can use it. And possibly learn some others too ;)

Don't take it too easy,
it won't be hard ;)

07:28:27 Oct 28th 08 - Mr. Millenium:

im taking computer programing in highschool, and im doing java, the one where you start off doing "hello world"?

ya, im going as slow as a snail though... just finished if and else if and switch and going into loops and Math classes

12:56:42 Oct 29th 08 - Mr. Hilario:

im a graduate of computer science degree... if you want to program something...

choose an expertise or field you want to be... like do you plan to do softwares for desktop or web, LAN/WLAN programs, games, commercial softwares, or do you want to go hardcore programming like hackers, white hats, OS developer, compiler programmes... programming languages have different advantage and disadvantages. :)

it a good way to start from C/C++ programming... most of the applications and early systems are ma de from it. ifyou want to script... try PERL or Phyton, similar to C/C++

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