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Computer issue
04:35:56 Sep 17th 18 - Princess Aisha:

I am having computer issues guys :-(

Can anyone offer some assistance?

When I turn on computer I get screen saying:

Choose keyboard layout
(Gives me options Us, albanian, arabic, armenian...)

I click US and it leads me to 

Choose an option
Turn off your PC

I noticed some people have similar problem when windows 10 update happened, but their screens have Ďcontinueí option which I donít have. 

Troubleshoot gives 

System Restore - does not work cause I did not save it before :-( (does it save itself automatically maybe?)

Go Back to the previous version - does not work, no previous versions I think

System image recovery - donít even know how to do that...

Startup Repair - tried, it said can not repair it

Command Prompt - very bad at this, tried some commands from people that had similar issues, was not able to fix anything

UEFI Firmware Settings - have no idea what that is...

Noticed soneone said restart 4 times it might fix it. Only have the turn off option that I tried 10 times, still the same when I click it back on, same screen. 

Laptop is Vaio about 5 years old. 64 bit, windows 10. 

Anyone know if this maybe could be a virus, or is this update issue? Anyone else had this or know how to fix?

04:56:26 Sep 17th 18 - Mr. Johnny Rotten:

06:52:15 Sep 17th 18 - Ms. Jasmina:

I tried, did like it said

Entered bcdedit like it said

It says if everything is ok I should get what it said...

But no, here is what I have:

The boot configuration data store could not be opened. 
The configuration registry database is corrupt. 

Any idea why is that? :-(

09:32:30 Sep 17th 18 - Mr. Johnny Rotten:

1. Click on Start, then search for Control Panel and click on it.

2. On the Control Panel window, search for Troubleshooting and click on it.

3. On the left pane, click on View all. Select Windows Update.

4. Click on Next and follow the on-screen instructions.

14:30:05 Sep 17th 18 - ZeTa (VU Admin):

It was a while since I used Windows, but System Restore is actually saved on the device, which is one reason why Windows takes up so much hard drive space.
While System image, is something you burn to a DVD or store on another hard drive.

If you have not done it already, (use the command prompt to) make backups of your important files. Copy all important files to a usb thumb drive or something.

Considering your computer is five years old, the hard drive might be close to it's end of life. And that you are starting to get corruptions. So start planning for either a hard-drive replacement or to buy a new computer.

16:03:23 Sep 17th 18 - Princess Aisha:

I can not do anything now on the computer.

I can not click start cause all I have is the Troubleshoot and Turn off your PC options
There is nothing else.

How can I reach Control Panel?
I ca not do anything :(

16:44:06 Sep 17th 18 - Duke Chade Again:

Jas, could you please just share what were the last things you did before the problem started (i.e. did you install something new, were there updates, etc ... any info will help)? Also, is your laptop getting excessively heated during operation? Does it make a strong noise?

Out of the blue I can think of one possible solution which HAS helped me twice before on startup errors .... those startup errors can be reset by decreasing the amount of power stored in hardware components (a.k.a static electricity). To resolve this:

1) Press and hold the power button until your laptop shuts down.
2) with the power off, disconnect the charger from the power source (not from the laptop)
3) with power off and charger cable disconnected press and hold the power button for 5 secs. NOTE - in this time the power indicator might blink (due to usage of static electricity).
4) reconnect the charger to the power socket and power up the computer.

Let us know the results of the above power test.

Finally, I'd agree with Zeta - your HDD is giving way slowly but surely. I'd advise to remove the HDD and ask a specialist if they can retrieve the information you have before it gets completely dead

20:39:09 Sep 17th 18 - Princess Aisha:

I did not download anything, not sure if the update comes automatically when you restart. I know two work computers required restart for updates, so it happened with restart. For me, I was just watching something on Youtube and had VU on, and suddenly screen went black. And gave me the options I described. 

I actually did notice laptop gets warner than usual, but not to a great extent. I also elevated the laptop on something so the hot air can go smoothly from it. No sound from it thought. 

I took the computer to repairman, so canít test what you suggested. But now I fear that its broken, I must say I am surprised you guys say 5 years is best it can go. My sisterís Toshiba laptop is 10 years old are working, mine is Sony Vaio touch screen, and you guys saying its old, I should buy new one? :-/

21:03:17 Sep 17th 18 - Duke Chade Again:

new hard disk should do the trick ;)

also, it might turn out to be an issue with windows or a driver. but if you have already taken it for repairs, im sure they would sort it out.

keep us posted, though ... interesting issue

08:19:51 Sep 18th 18 - ZeTa (VU Admin):

A hard drive is usually guaranteed to last 3 years. But it depends on the type of disk. For normal spinning disks it's mostly about luck.
SSD's however are more predictable and are mainly about usage.

This year I had my first HDD failure. Then shorty after got a second HDD failure on a different machine. One hdd had been in use for 5 years. And the other was a server grade hdd that had only been in use for 3 years ... I also have a 8 year old consumer hdd that is still spinning.

As for the rest of a computer, they can last a long time, but it's also to do with luck. I've had big brand quality components fail in a couple of years and had no-name brands last 10+ years.

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