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Creation: Biblical... history?
03:05:54 Sep 27th 07 - Sir Hephaestus:

I thought this was too good to pass up.

The *beep*s are teaching biblical events/crationism as history...

Read and find out more.

The Creation Museum presents a unique and unparalleled experience, a walk through time portraying significant, life-altering events of the past, illuminating the effects of biblical history on our present and future world.

Be prepared to experience history in a completely unprecedented way.

The state-of-the-art 60,000 square foot museum brings the pages of the Bible to life, casting its characters and animals in dynamic form and placing them in familiar settings. Adam and Eve live in the Garden of Eden. Children play and dinosaurs roam near Eden’s Rivers. The serpent coils cunningly in the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Majestic murals, great masterpieces brimming with pulsating colors and details, provide a backdrop for many of the settings.


The area within the museum has been divided into unusually configured spaces that allow for personal interaction with each of the 160 exhibits. Several parts of the museum, including the stunning forty-foot high portico with its cliff wall and floor-to-ceiling glass windows, flaunt open spaces and remarkable designs.

Walk through the Garden of Eden. The Tree of Life, central to the garden, stretches out its branches, laden with ripened fruits. Come face-to-face with a sauropod, a dinosaur of incredible dimensions. His monstrous frame moves through the low-lying thicket as he grazes on plants. Introduce yourself to our chameleons. Examine bones, a clutch of eggs from a dinosaur, an exceptional fossil collection, and a mineral collection. Walk through the Cave of Sorrows and see the horrific effects of the Fall of man. Sounds of a sin-ravaged world echo through the room. Finally, see the sacrificial Lamb on the cross, and the hope of redemption.

The themes of the exhibits resound in the theater presentations: Men in White, Six Days of Creation, The Last Adam, and Dinosaurs and Dragons. Our Special Effects Theater, complete with rumbling seats and rising mists, takes visitors on a fantastic quest to find the real purpose and meaning of life.

Each seat is a rocket launching pad in our Stargazers Planetarium. Prepare for lift-off. The digital projector showcases a spectacular gravity-defying spaceflight, a thrilling 22-minute ride billions of light years away to the vast outer regions of our universe. Breathtaking images and inconceivable distances make this cosmic journey under the dome a fully engaging experience.

See the scaffolding, smell the freshly-cut timbers in the busy work site of Noah’s Ark. Delve into the belly of the Ark and imagine the stalls full of animals, in close quarters. Listen to the sounds of thunderous, driving rains and the pounding of water against the sides of the great Ark.

You will find our dinosaurs living in our gardens and sauntering throughout our exhibit halls. These eye-blinking, mouth-chewing, tail-swinging creatures may startle a few of our guests. Children will be excited to see the variety of sculpted dinosaurs in our collection, including the stegosaur, dilophosaur, and of course, the giant Tyrannosaurus rex! They can saddle up on our triceratops and have their picture taken with a dinosaur.

Life began in a garden ...

Creatures great and small inhabit the three gardens that accentuate the landscape at the Creation Museum. Turtles rest on the logs in the lake, sunning themselves while a 12 foot topiary dinosaur strikes a fearsome pose in the rainforest garden. Bright flowers attract hummingbirds and butterflies to the hillside garden, and the bog garden is home to carnivorous plants like the amazing Venus Flytrap and Pitcher plant. Can you identify the spider lilly and lizard’s tail?


Over 6,000 plants have been placed within the lake, and 500 varieties of plants fill the gardens, displaying a rich palette of designs, a chaos of colors for visitors to explore.

Enjoy a picnic lunch with your family under the shade of our spacious pavilions. Walk down Cherry-tree Lane. The arching bridges, tiled courtyards, and large gazebo are joined with a five-foot-wide paved walkway, just under a mile long, suitable for strollers and wheel chairs.

Noah’s Café is a perfect stopping place for tired and hungry tourists. Have a sandwich and salad, or a snack and beverage. The intricately designed bamboo walls and ceilings create a tropical feel and re*beep*l atmosphere. A 27-foot mural pictures the Ark resting on the mountains of Ararat. For a dramatic view of the museum landscape, step onto the deck made of imported Epay wood.

The Dragon Hall Bookstore, rich in dragon lore and legends, offers the latest from Answers in Genesis—videos, gift books, technical books (including Bible dictionaries and reference books), curricula and translations, plus items related to the museum.

The Bible speaks for itself at the Creation Museum. We’ve just paved the way to a greater understanding of the tenets of creation and redemption. Our exhibit halls are gilded with truth, our gardens teem with the visible signs of life.

We invite you to visit the Creation Museum. Your life may change forever.

03:20:46 Sep 27th 07 - Ms. Rhiannia II:

it is all mockery and mans idea of what it was like...since no one was there...this is not complete facts...sure some of it coincides with mans interpretation of the symbolizes the fruit that eve gave adam as an do they know...did they see this fruit? if it were like any fruit we know today it would have been described as such. man takes too much upon himself with such recreations....what you describe sounds like nothing more than another amusement/entertainment facility....another way to get money from the public.

10:28:39 Sep 27th 07 - Mr. Mushashi:

creationists are criminals ... i wonder, twenty years from now ... is such blatant desinformation 'right'? can such lies be spread around as 'truth'? how many kids will see this to be true?

just delete the thread before some 'ignorants' think it's real, 'because it's in the bible', sort of  :-p

14:21:31 Sep 27th 07 - Mr. Alexander The Great:


16:10:32 Sep 27th 07 - Mr. Love:

16:11:40 Sep 27th 07 - Sir Hephaestus:

Don't delete this thread oO

It seems to me this "museum" should be called a "park."  Sure, they can teach genesis... but telling kids it's real history, in blatent contradiction to every science class they will take later in their lives?

17:24:05 Sep 27th 07 - Lord Mac:

Why can't you guys just leave topics like this alone.

Delete please before another argument starts up on this topic.

20:21:39 Sep 27th 07 - Ms. Rhiannia II:

i agree completely with lord mac....religion means is simply to touchy a subject. it should be banned from vu topics.

21:12:40 Sep 27th 07 - Mr. Erunion Telcontar:

It's been re-hashed far too many times. Please lock this thread or delete it.

22:51:36 Sep 27th 07 - Sir Hephaestus:

Well I was hoping for an intelligent debate, but I suppose some people would rather just flame...

Fine, go ahead and lock.

00:13:12 Sep 28th 07 - Mr. Andronicus Arthion:

No don't lock it I love a friendly debate until those immature flamers come in.

I am a creationist and some people think that besides the bible there is know proof to support our beliefs but, the website has many articles with scientific arguments toward the defense of creation.

00:19:57 Sep 28th 07 - Mr. Sigheart:

Three things that will always start debates Politics, Religion, and who's the best.

00:30:09 Sep 28th 07 - Mr. Alexander The Great:

prince isn't here , i don't have time to waste  , i barly get time to still active , so


look in the miror and argument yourselves

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