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Delete The Internet
09:48:52 Mar 23rd 11 - Mr. Wittyusername:

I just found something that will actually delete everything on all servers in the world. Here is the link

Be warned however, this will delete the internet and the federal police will put you in jail forever. You have been warned.

09:13:38 Mar 26th 11 - Ms. Arwen The Cougar:

I want.. to click it... but knowing it's probably Swifty who posted it I better not.

09:38:41 Mar 26th 11 - Mr. Sladius Maximus:

Delete the Internet 1.0 new online since Mar 26. 2011  
You are one of the first visitors on this page. With the new developed software program DTI 1.0 (Delete The Internet) you will take controll over all internet servers on the world. You are able to delete all internet server contents worldwide. The program wasn't tested until now. Please be carefull. In case you start the program, this will delete the contents of all internet servers on the world. This sure will cause worldwide trouble for a day or more. I don't take responsibility if you start the program.


17:20:56 Mar 26th 11 - Mr. Eddie:

start it!

17:21:58 Mar 26th 11 - Mr. Zonga V:

hahaha its funny
click it

05:29:58 Mar 27th 11 - Mr. Wittyusername:

Dont start it!! how will I live without VU??? :)

08:03:50 Mar 27th 11 - Mr. Uther Pendragon:

i halfway wish to see someone start it... but i need the net for scoo' sooo yeah

09:45:22 Mar 27th 11 - Mr. Pure II:

Server Location Deletion status
North America All internet servers in North America deleted
South America All internet servers in South America deleted
Europe All internet servers in Europe deleted !
Africa All internet servers in Africa deleted !
Australia All internet servers in Australia deleted !
Asia All internet servers in Asia deleted !
North Pole All internet servers at North Pole deleted !
Vatican All internet servers in Vatican deleted !

If the deletion of all internet servers has finished, you should check
the following links for server availability: Microsoft /

Whoops :|

11:50:20 Mar 27th 11 - Mr. Wittyusername:

Did the CIA contact you? :)

12:02:41 Mar 27th 11 - Emperor Alexius Septimus Cidellus:

Did Santa contact you? :)

13:39:26 Mar 27th 11 - Mr. Pure II:

I used my brothers computer ;) I will have to ask him :P

Santa was pretty pissed. But I was more scared when the pope called me D:

14:08:28 Mar 27th 11 - Mr. Tyrgalon The Troll:

Yeah, donīt want those paedophile priests knocking on your door, they will mess you up worse than any assassin could o.O

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