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Devastation of Hurrcane Haiyan
10:52:12 Nov 13th 13 - Ryan the Archion (Duke Ryan The Archion XXIV):

My fellow players of VU!

Our country, the Philippines was struck by of natural calamities. First, a magnitude 7.2 Earthquake that destroys homes and infrastructures and killed people last month (October) and now the strongest Hurricane that ever recorded in the history was again struck our country. Haiyan (Yolanda, local name) had devastated  cities on its path last week and killed thousands Filipinos.

I, a Filipino citizen, although not directly affected by the hurricane, still my heart cries and beg help for my countrymen who lost homes and love ones.

I am about to go to one of our community relief center when we will do repacking.

I found a list of international organizations that are facilitating foreign donations. Click here.

Many thanks and God bless!

11:13:21 Nov 13th 13 - Bran (Ms. Bran The Bearded):

i was thinking this a couple days ago, you in touch with the other phillipine vuers wh played in the past so we know if they ok?

11:16:29 Nov 13th 13 - Ryan the Archion (Mr. Ryan The Archblade VIII):

I really dunno if Bluelight is affected but he is within the radius of the hurricane.

12:20:01 Nov 13th 13 - Mr. Kublai Khan:

You know i wouldnt be surprised if its Haarp controlled weather.. all these natural disaters.. just seem too unnatural..

12:37:48 Nov 13th 13 - Bran (Duke Bran):

what part of this weather is 'unnatural'?

13:50:56 Nov 13th 13 - Mr. Kublai Khan:

the part where they use haarp technology to make it.. just seems to be soo many disasters lately..

15:04:23 Nov 13th 13 - Mr. Diablo Gato:

I am a Filipino citizen and manila based.  I belong to a political group wing (Akbayan youth) and my organization is currently helping our comrades through relief operations and person finder.

I hope you can have, even a little help will do more, something to send us with.


17:19:10 Nov 13th 13 - Ms. Kodachi:

Im volunteering to help 

08:40:56 Nov 14th 13 - Mr. Mavich:

Well, we can always ask MAD. (Aloysius, if he is still here)

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