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17:43:38 Feb 4th 08 - Mr. Dreadlord:

HAHA no more building 10 cities and a single wall to defend them all and *beep* troops and not pay upkeep those days are at an end
hahahahahaha you will all die bye my hands.

17:45:56 Feb 4th 08 - Sir Pesterd:

thnx for those kind words

22:19:01 Feb 7th 08 - Mr. Gnaues Maximus:

there's other ways to do it...

02:55:25 Feb 8th 08 - Duke Indicated Undernourishment:

Yea, make 1 big city, ignore the building cap and just build more and more, let other feed the city with troops and at era end the city will take up all the map, roxxor!

11:26:13 Feb 8th 08 - Lord Seloc:

Any idea how you would go about doing that?

20:07:11 Feb 8th 08 - Duke Indicated Undernourishment:

Mhm, just build, it says above.

22:17:59 Feb 8th 08 - Mr. Dreadlord:

There is space for 12666

OMG waht did i do wrong duke

23:50:48 Feb 8th 08 - Lord Marche:

Ignore it. Just continue building.

00:04:18 Feb 9th 08 - Duke Indicated Undernourishment:

Yupp. See, Marche getts it:) Go Marche!!

15:20:26 Feb 9th 08 - Mr. Gnaues Maximus:


15:21:43 Feb 9th 08 - Mr. Gnaues Maximus:

Dwarfs can still use blocker cities

15:42:58 Feb 9th 08 - Mr. Dreadlord:

yes but the more cities you have the more of those you will need

03:58:45 Feb 10th 08 - Mr. Master Mind:

Well if we can't have walls then we should just bring back unlimited cities.

04:09:13 Feb 10th 08 - Duke Indicated Undernourishment:

Because, why?

08:26:03 Feb 10th 08 - Mr. Random:

bcoz it would be super farm wars THATS WHY!

Imagine 15k armouries. the rest prod buildings. it would be insanity. pumping lvl 1 troops into one city.... wow!

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