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Does anyone here play......
22:36:25 Oct 23rd 08 - Mr. Jondrusx:

Disc Golf???

04:21:25 Oct 24th 08 - Lord Random:


05:06:01 Oct 24th 08 - Mr. Resistance:


Disc Golf... lol

05:23:12 Oct 24th 08 - Mr. Misc:

Nope I've never even heard of it.

05:38:34 Oct 24th 08 - Lord Charley Deallus:

Frisbee golf!

07:11:09 Oct 24th 08 - Duchess Nog:

I like it.  It's like golf, but I don't suck nearly as badly.

17:26:55 Oct 24th 08 - Mr. Wormdigger:

Played it a few times, but not seriously, just with friends for fun. :)

17:39:41 Oct 24th 08 - Sir Mingan:

Sure thing. We played disc golf with regular Frisbees in the city parks with trees and light poles as the "holes" back in the '70's, before anybody was building courses with those nice chain baskets.

19:13:17 Oct 24th 08 - Sir Soccermunches:

and yet, i still play like that mingan! :)

campus golf!

22:49:55 Oct 24th 08 - Wolflord Karac:

i play for fun at times

23:01:13 Oct 24th 08 - Mr. Burninglegion:

lol its not even a sport


23:08:59 Oct 24th 08 - Sir Mingan:

We threw a lot back them. I remember my first bleeding Frisbee blister.
Halcyon days my friends....ah, to be young again...

16:21:58 Oct 25th 08 - Mr. Wormdigger:

Had a classmate who was over to the states for the world championship about 10 years ago, so yes I think itīs a sport ;)   Just not a very big one....

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