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Does army size matter
18:18:49 Jun 14th 22 - Ms. Elle Raven:

Does size of the army matter in VU?

18:31:57 Jun 14th 22 - Emperor (Emperor Sons):

It just depends on how you use it

10:08:13 Jun 16th 22 - Matthew (Chief Mathew):

its more about the power behind the army

unless youre being attacked

You may want to focus more on your defense

10:19:42 Jun 16th 22 - Prime Minister Thorbecke:

I would say it matters if you're trying to penetrate enemy defenses

10:21:25 Jun 16th 22 - Matthew (Chief Mathew):

Thorbecke youre right- in that sort of situation you're going to want to move quickly too.

15:08:40 Aug 6th 22 - Mr. Pugmaster:

My gf says it doesn’t matter… but i heard her friends laughing about mine. So i am not sure if she is lying or not. 

Anyhow i learned by VU logic that the smaller the size the faster it will get you there. So… i am ok!

02:41:13 Aug 7th 22 - Mr. Aloysius:

It’s not about size. It’s how you move and maneuver it…

Your army. Hahaha 

18:59:44 Sep 6th 22 - Matthew (Mr. Xeta):

Its more about how you use it, but most of you cocksuckers should probably focus more on protecting your rear, especially Imperium (joke- I love you dumbasses)

Please Dont Cry on the forums you guys are such babies I see why Berserkers hate you and will do anything to pound your asses (You win by numbers and not by skill, PDC is much better than all of you save for Konstant)

10:22:12 Sep 7th 22 - Konstant (The Ancient Quetzalcoatl):

Well considering Imperium is down to 7 members this era and has fought, and beat Zerks (8 members at the time) + Illuminati (4) + mad (3) + ldk (1) + dragons (3) + Ivanwhores (4) = 23.

Imperium has always strived to match the numbers based on its competition (zerks + mad alone has had 12-15 on average), but this era it was 7 vs. 23.

Technically though you are correct, Imperium does win by numbers: it has bigger armies.

I would also take any and every player in Imperium > pdc. 

11:47:26 Sep 7th 22 - Matthew (Mr. Xeta):

I was just trolling a little but if I was sincerely drafting a team I would draft PDC over any other player in the game right now aside from You or Venomz

for the record I am unsure of who is better between you or PDC and I suspect Venomz is a top 3 player right now as well.

12:40:34 Sep 7th 22 - Mr. Aloysius:

Imperium and TeamB alliance. Yeah!!!

13:27:42 Sep 7th 22 - Matthew (Chief Barnyyyy):

mercy-alliance however I think Aloysius has a point here

Counter-Arguement: MAD and Berserkers should just be 1 kingdom

20:37:13 Sep 7th 22 - Konstant (The Ancient Quetzalcoatl):

Counter argument: TB was betrayed by ivanwhore and riddled with ivanwhore multies - didn't feel fair to gang on them.

12:07:50 Sep 8th 22 - Matthew (Chief Barnyyyy):

Fair point.

16:03:44 Sep 8th 22 - Matthew (Chief Barnyyyy):


01:35:59 Sep 9th 22 - Matthew (Chief Barnyyyy):

I wish I didnt post that it was just a bait and Konstant was too smart to bite

I do sincerely feel the best player of all time was Pure, but Konstant and PDC are easily tied for 2nd and 3rd is debatable between a handful of highly skilled players from the past and present.

02:49:20 Sep 9th 22 - Mr. Nifengle:

Pretty sure this era we only had 5 players.. pdc jlt Jill Kobs and I.. could be wrong though..

03:09:42 Sep 9th 22 - Matthew (Chief Barnyyyy):

I think if Imperium were not allied with Team B then it would be quite an even fight

04:50:15 Sep 9th 22 - Mr. Cyrones Mommy:

Also in our core drops, we are always outnumbered... this era included. Use the zerg excuse all you want, but it's mostly just a cope.

Overall, you guys put way too much stock in your veteran players and vastly overestimate their skill imo. I'd take Newb (for example), who is just as new to the game as I am, over 95% of the veteran players that everyone thinks are gods of the game.

12:36:40 Sep 9th 22 - Konstant (The Ancient Quetzalcoatl):

Nah, let's stop with the slander. If we're talking best of all time we have...

In no particular order Elsin, Venomz, Bihn, BTK, Ford, Draiken, Sparker, Sezymon, Percy, Jeker, Ez, and Adelbert.

13:04:04 Sep 9th 22 - Konspyre (Mr. Misterious):


15:57:09 Sep 9th 22 - Konstant (The Ancient Flupperpop):

Yes. Absolutely. 

20:48:19 Sep 9th 22 - Mr. Fcukr:

PDC lol. Handed him his ass every era i've gone up against him. 

Only time he can play is if he drops feeder multi's.

03:16:26 Sep 10th 22 - Mr. Cyrones Mommy:

Isn't there another thread dedicated to everyone's opinions about who is good?

09:01:28 Sep 10th 22 - Matthew (Chief Barnyyyy):

There is, but its fun to discuss it here.

03:36:40 Sep 9th 22 - Konstant (The Ancient Quetzalcoatl):

Nah, let's stop with the slander. If we're talking best of all time we have...

In no particular order Elsin, Venomz, Bihn, BTK, Ford, Draiken, Sparker, Sezymon, Percy, Jeker, Ez, and Adelbert.

You forgot Cyrus Barny Pengiun and Roxbury and put Elsin first because you have a bias/believe him to be the greatest of all time

Aligreat was amazing too

PURE was the best player of all time. I've said it before and I am now saying it again.

Dont exclude yourself from your own list either.

09:15:53 Sep 10th 22 - Konstant (The Ancient Flupperpop):

What made pure so good as a player? I have literally never heard of him.

09:49:38 Sep 10th 22 - Konspyre (Captain Baba Yaga):

You could say that he was Pure skill

14:27:27 Sep 10th 22 - Mr. Greensmoker Cyrone:

Dont you guys remember the 4th Era of Fantasia? 

  1. Lady Madonna of Abydos (Halfling)
    Had 1,256,254 land, 3,427,139 troops and 23 science points. Killed 723,744 soldiers, won 75 of 92 battles and captured 94 cities.
  2. Mr. Hanky Panky of Duo (Halfling)
    Had 1,001,892 land, 2,575,961 troops and 37 science points. Killed 965,493 soldiers, won 107 of 165 battles and captured 86 cities.
  3. Mr. Fred of Every Visual Utopian Loser (Halfling)
    Had 791,783 land, 2,099,397 troops and 34 science points. Killed 874,150 soldiers, won 47 of 78 battles and captured 38 cities.
If Hanky Panky came back to this game he'd smoke you clowns! He was #2 back when players used to be good! 

16:30:50 Sep 10th 22 - Matthew (Chief Barnyyyy):

00:15:53 Sep 10th 22 - Konstant (The Ancient Flupperpop):

What made pure so good as a player? I have literally never heard of him.

He never bragged or boasted but during the era where everyone thought Binh and I were the best players every top player universally acknowledged that Pure was the best player, Binh and I included.

He was far ahead of the metagame, was quite active, and knew more about the game mechanics than any other player.

16:34:10 Sep 11th 22 - Edi (Sir Edi The Inactive):

If Trogdar is Barny then it really does show how important is to have a strong kingdom behind you. Like you say, Binh and Barny are considered as best players back when there was goos vs evil map those two would be team leaders as they should not be same team. 

Always wondered why Binh rarely plays in weak kingdom, always FW or similar, full of vets. He would ocassionaly go to low world like Starta alone, if died its ok its solo, if he won he is the best.

Trogdar alone is a great player, but is it considered the best of the game? Hardly. Trogdar in a strong kingdom? Hella great and powerful. 

You could argue lately Konstant has been on best player of the game level, large kingdom or small. However he also always gets 2-3 highly active players in small kingdom as well to be successful. But still beating FW in a 3 players kingdom is impressive. 

16:58:18 Sep 11th 22 - Konspyre (Mr. Misterious):

fw without me and venomz clearly doesn't count

19:12:31 Sep 11th 22 - Matthew (Chief Barnyyyy):

I believe it is more impressive to be a good king than a good player, and being a good king is very difficult.

Konstant is a very strong King.

14:00:36 Sep 12th 22 - Konstant (The Ancient Quetzalcoatl):

FW doesn't play together to kill the map, but rather as a group of friends who kill the map together =P

Many players have a core friend group and stick together because of that. Hard to blame people to want to play with their friends.

Ultimately, VU is a team game. Can one player dominate in certain situations? Absolutely. Can the same player in that same certain situation be neutralized with proper teamwork and fundamentals? Yes.

You mention Barny particularly. A couple of eras ago (the 90d era) Barny, as Trogdar, attacked Imperium solo. It took myself (mage), Whoop (mage), Moff (troll), and Jasmine (troll) to finally defeat him. I don't know if I would consider that as a "loss" for Barny.

I also want to put in that there are many ways a player can be "great". For instance, Percy is never mentioned as one of the greatest, but he's easily the most efficient player ever in VU. With similar activity levels, I would wager on Percy over anyone in the game - past, present, or future. Then there are other players which are woefully never mentioned, such as Jasper, JD, Cao, and Moff. I'm mentioned currently, but where do you think I learned how to play? That's right...the 5 players mentioned above. Put the above 5 players in a KD on Fantasia next era with decent (not even super active, but decent) activity and they will go toe to toe with pure, bihn, barny, peng, and venomz.

Frequently unsung heroes of KDs get overlooked for flashier people.


I agree with Jasper - last era was a fluke. Just happened to catch FW during a "down" era when Jasper didn't start till like 4d into the era and Venomz wasn't around.

14:05:50 Sep 12th 22 - Matthew (Chief Barnyyyy):

I mention Barny because I am Barny/Trogdar/Mathew. 

I win because I never sleep.

I'm just sucking my own cock here.

05:00:36 Sep 12th 22 - Konstant (The Ancient Quetzalcoatl):

Put the above 5 players in a KD on Fantasia next era with decent (not even super active, but decent) activity and they will go toe to toe with pure, bihn, barny, peng, and rox.

I promise you that if PURE, Binh, Penguin, Roxbury, and myself were all in the same kingdom we would smoke the competition. Elsin is better at the game than me so swap me out for Elsin and we'd still win.

Binh Dinh hasn't played in like 5+ years and he would still dominate the competition because he is a smart guy despite being a lawyer.

Percy is effecient because of his understanding of game mechanics.
Pure understands the game mechanics better.

Game mechanics havent changed at all in over 5 years.

Do you honestly believe Dwarf Swordsmen being 3/2 instead of 2/2 was a significant enough change that Percy is suddenly better than Pure?

I doubt it.

AOTD was changed SLIGHTLY and in such a way that BENIFITS Orc and Dwarf Swordsmen getting a buff just means they dont feed OOP 100% of the time to Orcs.

Those are the only changes that the game has experienced in almost 5 years.

The 'old greats' would smoke the 'new greats' that dont even use blockers on bridges.

2k undefended GT on a bridge with ONE WALL prevents Nazgul raids and the 'new greats' dont even do that...

14:08:41 Sep 12th 22 - Konstant (The Ancient Quetzalcoatl):

Well considering Percy doesn't really play Dwarf - yea =P

I have no doubt a team of Pure, Binh, Peng, Rox, and you would be a devastating combo, but the above 5 would more than hold their own.

Like you, Barny, I have played in the past and the present. I have seen (except pure) the great olds and played with the best of this modern age. 

14:09:16 Sep 12th 22 - Matthew (Chief Barnyyyy):

I agree that the above 5 would hold their own, it would be a good fight.

Honestly it would be 50/50.

For the record VU doesnt use RNG it uses 'exploding dice'

And the fact that Percy doesnt know that just reinforces the fact that PURE is the GOAT.

14:11:21 Sep 12th 22 - Matthew (Chief Barnyyyy):

Pure was using Nazgul with AOTD back when people were still playing Halfling as lategame attackers.

He has always been 3 steps ahead of the curve.

Percy may be the greatest mage of all time, but Pure is the best non-mage to ever play the game.

14:11:42 Sep 12th 22 - Konstant (The Ancient Quetzalcoatl):

There's only one way to tell...we need a 1 v. 1. You get Pure and I'll try to convince Percy =P

14:12:37 Sep 12th 22 - Matthew (Chief Barnyyyy):

My only line of contact to Pure is via my twitch stream.

I dont even know where to contact Binh Dinh at this point.

I would lose a 1v1 to You or Percy, and I concede that.

I would actually win a 1v1 against anyone though because I am here EVERY TICK.

Activity > Skill

14:15:10 Sep 12th 22 - Konstant (The Ancient Quetzalcoatl):

That's a huge disagreement for me.

Skill > Activity.

Yes, at a certain point activity will outpace skill, but that bar is fairly high.

I will always value teamwork > communication > skill > activity.

14:16:20 Sep 12th 22 - Matthew (Chief Barnyyyy):

teamwork > all

Sorry for being so hostile, I have slept 4 hours in the last 7 days.

I am not good at communication because I have poor listening skills and read at the 8th grade level (sincere).

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