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00:22:13 May 30th 10 - Duke Polydeuces:

I just used paypal for the full donation of 32 euros.  How long will it take to kick in?  Will I have to wait for the next era to select my new title?

00:24:04 May 30th 10 - Endless Destruction:

take only as long as it takes for Zeta to log into paypal and collect his cash :p

idunno tho.. I thought Poly already had a full package or do the VU guys lies? O_0

<3 Poly

00:26:49 May 30th 10 - Duke Polydeuces:

Oh, okay cool :)
(This is my 9th time buying......)  LoL not really.  :D

Much appreciation Endless. :)

00:28:13 May 30th 10 - Endless Destruction:

drats, no comments on whether you're packing or not ;)

np.. so what custom title are you going with? curious minds want to hunt you down ;)

00:30:07 May 30th 10 - Duke Polydeuces:

Oh, I'm packin' baby.  Heh ;)

Hmm, you will have to hunt me down and seee!

muahahahahaha .. :P

16:26:46 May 30th 10 - Konig Polydeuces:

So I got the title, where are the rest of the perks?

For instance, nothing else seems to have taken effect.. :s  Does it take until the next era to kick in?

16:48:28 May 30th 10 - King Ernest Deallus The Wise:

Everyone wants to be king :'(

TBH, I don't know if it is just you or every person with a paid account.  I haven't played for 4-5 eras, so it might be just the new layout...

17:00:49 May 30th 10 - Konig Polydeuces:

I was thinking it could possibly just be the new layout, but I don't know. Lol, and I have used Konig Wiggy as a nickname for games and such for about 6 years now hehe.

12:42:08 Jun 2nd 10 - Mr. Tyrgalon:

Your roots are showing themselves :P

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