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23:17:05 May 4th 07 - Prince Togglo:

havent you all guys seen that dwarfs are owerpwned? Just look at the hmm lets see 5-6-7 latest eras its jus Dwarfs in the top , i think its time to randomize the game a bit ppl is picking dwarfs now its so many dwarfs around that i can cry ? coman zeta its time to do somthing about it.

Just look

1. Mr. Crissxcross BACCUS ONKS Dwarf 2534587
2. Overlord Dvsmasta Legacy Dwarf 2375335
3. Mr. Elsin Legacy Dwarf 2351462
4. Mr. Fra Darwinius BACCUS MONKS Dwarf 2258707
5. Mr. Androgeos BACCUS MONKS Dwarf 2157668
6. General Mika Legacy Dwarf 2094724
7. Mr. Leon Frank Legacy Dwarf 2028195
8. Khan Sonka BACCUS MONKS Dwarf 1961054
9. Mr. Binh The Assassinator Legacy Dwarf 1823983
10. Ms. Amelie Legacy Dwarf 1792974
11. Duke Salamon Legacy Dwarf 1789839

Time to woke Up i think ?
Try to randomize the game will make it funnier , an exploring dwarf is hard to beat now more harder then an exploring , lets say halflinger.

23:29:57 May 4th 07 - Mr. Hungrier Horse:

Depends on what you classify as overpowered. In the sense of end scores, yes, but thats because end scores are predominantly land-based, which is easy as a dwarf to attain.

Their troops suck, so I wouldn't necessarily say they are "overpowered" as such, but rather they have an inflated score because of their inflated land.

23:58:21 May 4th 07 - Mr. The Viking:

All the races are not at their normal position, all the race's units have been increased in unit power, and everytime a unit has it's power increased of a particular race, other races get weaker from it

00:09:12 May 5th 07 - Sir Fizban:

About 1/8 of the top 32 are non dwarves. If you wanted to make that list larger, but Swiffers gave the correct answer for that 'situation' there.

00:15:43 May 5th 07 - Mr. Roxbury:

I've been thinking about how to balance dwarves. Dwarves are very strong, during all parts of the era. Early to mid round, they have double the income of other races, and late era they have three times the income (at the same land) assuming cavers are maxed. Add to this the fact that they dont require tree, and that they grow exponentially faster than other races, and due to more income can have more sci. Dwarves lose a little late era due to high upkeep, but far from all dwarves play agressive attacker.

So how do u weaken a race with a strong econ and weak military. Weaken the military (dwarf units cost +50% more than other units per op) or weaken the economy, or both. I'd say remove cavers. That leave dwarves very strong early and mid era, but other races get competitive late era. Troll and elf also get their edge back in magic compared to dwarf that way.

01:37:38 May 5th 07 - Mr. Duoth II:

Being a Dwarf player myself, I think that dwarves are fine just the way they are. Yes, we have poorer military strength compared to all the other races and yes we do have a better economy system, but we suck in battle unless we have a good Military Science level behind us and because of this need for science, we still need trees.

Do not take away Cave Masters, I have personally only used them a handful of times and think that if you are a dwarf player who starts late like I did, then they are an excellent help to get you up somewhere around the bottom of the players who had started with the age.

01:50:02 May 5th 07 - Mr. Super Sloth:

The rankings are magnified by the fact that even 4 eras ago, 80% of those particular players would have chosen a different race (mostly Troll), but now all of the best players are just taking Dwarf.

Maybe trolls and humans need a boost, now that Orcs, Halflings and Elves have all received one lately. Return warlords to 11/8, and decrease science cost across the board for Humans

09:40:36 May 5th 07 - Mr. Gtan:

I guess you can say a dwarf is a very good creature for the economy. But you can also start a topic saying that Orcs are overpowering...
When a nazgul army is going for the attack, there is not much you can do against them...

It's just the way it is that every race has it own abillities.
Dwarf : Economy
Halfling: Food (if you can get enough farmers your food will be good enough if you sell it on the market to have some 1000000 per tick).
Orc: have the best militairy (Nazguls). Have 1000 of these and a dwarf needs at least 25000 Hammerthrowers to defend himself).
Elf: has an overruling power of magic.
Then you have the others like human , troll. They have no specific good skill but if you look random they have a good random, it's good for players who want to play every corner of the game...

So as you see a lot of races have something to make it happen! I guess it's just the way you play it! And like Hungrierhorse already said, the HOHlist is just about the land you have.
If you want to play the game like it should be played you might get a lower Hoh position but you will be a very good player in the game!

12:12:23 May 5th 07 - Mr. Crissxcross:

as I said before in suggestion thread, just give dwarves an scorepenalty that they gain only about 80% of their original score and all is fine.

btw, land is not the only factor of scores.
Some dwarves from my kingdom had more land then me and I was still ranked abouve them, just because I had a lot more troops then they had.

To all of those who still think land is everything I have to say defenitly no.
It is based on units more then you think and the reason why I won this era is, because I had a lot of troops in our different blocks, who gave  me a lot of score points as well as my cavers in my mine....

14:07:25 May 5th 07 - Mr. Super Sloth:

The reason that land appears to mean everything has to do with training troops from peasants. Ever since then, and the link with training cost to land, everyone basically trains the same amount of troops, and its usually elites. Dwarves train axemen, and trolls train the much cheaper warlords and mages, and usually end up with about the same.

Land seems important because troop training is relatively close... so if you pick up a 50k city, thats a huge boost to points that the other players don't have. And with the HoH most powerful list, you might see yourself jump a lot of places.

14:38:49 May 5th 07 - Mr. Dreadlord The Dressed:

yeah cheap lv 4 units are overpowered in score.
if you are a orc with 50k nazzy's you will probably  have less of a score then a dwarf with 51k cavemasters

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