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EU3MP 2013
12:47:56 Feb 23rd 13 - Mr. Epic Wiener:


Me, Ghouma and some others are planning a MP to start probably sometime in mid-late march. In preparation for EU4 we need to do some EU3 =)

We've not yet decided on rules/playercount/host/dates/etc but I though I would enguire here if there are people interested in joining? We've already got a fair playercount but there are more playable nations in EU3 than in EU2. If you are interested but haven't really played EU3 that much I suggest you start training!

Here's just a draft of countries we could have

Primary nations:

Secondary nations(not all will be in game):

12:49:55 Feb 23rd 13 - Tyr (Mr. Welcome Finland):

Sadly my current comp canīt run EU3, planning on getting a better one pretty soon.

15:11:00 Feb 23rd 13 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Stirlin):

i DLed the game ages ago, never got round to playing it, i played EU2

18:02:49 Feb 23rd 13 - Fordius (Mr. Fordius):

Hehe played eu2 long long time ago :p

Prolly have to relearn it :)
But if more people play I'm willing to play aswell
and get myself pwned haha :p

20:14:25 Feb 23rd 13 - Mr. Epic Wiener:

Ideally we'll have a date set and countries handed out well before its time to play so that those who wish can practice with the country they are to play.

Too much can go wrong when we add americans or asians or whatnot.

21:05:52 Feb 23rd 13 - Senturu (Mr. Salore):

but....what if i wanted to play :(

i havent played EU2 in Forever!

(comp cant handle EU3 Anyway)

but still :(

06:36:27 Feb 24th 13 - Mr. Elsin:

Racist thread! :p

06:48:16 Feb 24th 13 - Senturu (Lord Senturu):

ur just mad cuz no one wants to play with you

23:55:51 Feb 24th 13 - Mr. Bruiser:

what no hordes?

12:38:08 Feb 25th 13 - Mr. Epic Wiener:

We want a constructive game that goes on for hopefully the lenght of a grand campaign. Horde are only viable nations for like 1-2 sessions tops, and even if the in the beginning might kickass - thereby ending the game for a potential late-game powerhouses like russia - after about 100 years they are utterly useless.

So no, no timurids and no golden horde. Also: probly no mameluks for pretty much the same reason. Algiers/morrocco however is an interesting choice if we fill up since human players are less likely to crusade than AI.

And the eurocentricirty of the game is becouse:
1. We will most likely play on weeknights wich means making that time will be hard for anyone not in a timezone close to GMT.

2. We have alot of experience of technical issues being a problem with people not in Europe, even americans might have a hard time connecting and the bigger the game the more likely it is someone will lag. That someone is always someone that is far away from the host - who will be someone in Sweden.

16:55:58 Feb 25th 13 - Mr. Dread III:

but u can form russia and mughal with the hordes.

19:14:55 Feb 25th 13 - Ms. Hemmer:

How do you play this? and or download it

03:35:09 Feb 26th 13 - Fordius (Mr. Fordius):

I can host have a good connection.

Not sure how the connection ( upload and stuff is there )

Well when you have the members / time when we start I could join.
But to be fair I'm an utter nub but I could get a lil advice :D

Well I'm still in if I'm accepted :D

@ Hemmer yeah you need to download the game so you can start playing it.
If you need any advice on how to download it.

Msg me ingame
maybe the rest can get skype/mirc to join a group chat.


11:27:15 Feb 26th 13 - Mr. Epic Wiener:

Hemmer, something that is a possible and exciting alternative in SP is only viable in MP if the other players LET YOU play your own game. Its the same reason we never have someone play China in our MP, sure it can be a powerhouse in the 18th century but before then they will just sit through 7-8 sessions without any interaction with the other players.

Novgorod/Muscuwy for example can be a powerhouse after 1-2 sessions. The hordes will spend half the game just getting their house in order(and that is if its not contested by other players) and even then they will be hopelessly behind. I would rather have Dehli in the game tbh.

12:21:05 Feb 26th 13 - Mr. Dread III:

in dw 5.1 if a horde holds a non horde province for 2 years they annex it.. making them very dangerous..
what version are we gonna play anyways?

17:38:23 Feb 26th 13 - Mr. Epic Wiener:

Yeah and whenever your king dies you'll get revolts in all your non-core provinces.

Have you ever seen an AI horde survive a game in SP? Do you really think a human horde would stand a better chance in MP?

Hordes are just not viable in a MP.

20:03:17 Feb 26th 13 - Mr. Bruan:

still my last game as OE, I Crushed Timurs but the just kept bouncing back dispite all the revolts.. no colonists, persia formed but got eaten again, Golden horde ate georgia, an i was stuck between two hordes. and it was just lame.

00:02:27 Feb 27th 13 - Mr. Epic Wiener:

Thats becouse you are a poor player then. After 100 years of a SP game OE should be able to take on timurids, golden horde AND any major european power all at once and triumph without breaking a sweat. Go ahead and play a game with Timurids and tell me if u did better. And get some practice if u wanna ever be in a MP.

16:02:31 Feb 27th 13 - Mr. Ghouma:

Could anyone post a link to download the game with the setup thats gonna be played?

18:30:33 Feb 27th 13 - Mr. Dread III:

timurs keep bugging u for a 100 years and no matter how often u beat them thy jsut bounce back, no colonists... n. making you unable to war any mayor power. and u usually do and end up losing prov to timur..

i have a hard time until timur dies..

maybe i should lower their sci rate i upped  it and also increast asian tech rate alot (ther asians :P)

10:46:07 Feb 28th 13 - Mr. Epic Wiener:

Dread, the AI usually uses their monarch as leader. Find him, kill him. Then watch the Timurs go up in smoke. To fasten the process - send some nationalists in.

And get some freckin colonists, its not hard. You should be getting some just for having a horde as neighbour!

17:36:36 Feb 28th 13 - Mr. Dread III:

thnx wiener.
i get 0.33 colonist per province with border.
i just dont load alot and when i warred byzantium. with allies wallachi it had a domino effect and i was at war with venice austria walch byz timur and more. I  just quit :)
comp never survives as oe  eighter

18:37:24 Feb 28th 13 - Mr. Epic Wiener:

Well, the problem with AI OE often not surviving is coz England, Castille or France will eat them up when a crusade gets called vs OE. But if that doesnt happen OE can become a power even as AI. 

As human, OE are a country with a medium difficulty and the vicinity to the horde is very beneficial since its BB-free land that is easy to grab. Here's a country guide for you if you want to give it another go: 

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