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20:20:33 Oct 19th 15 - Mr. Vladmir Jackmeoff:

Ok, so I have a serious question for all u Europeans. First off I am an American. I dont wanna be offensive here, but I gotta ask, are all Europeans really rainbow loving pvssies who get manicures and wear tight slim fit jeans that grip their ballz? And are the women all total slvts that walk around protesting with no shirts on? I kno this sounds offensive and like im a troll but i am honestly asking a srious question here. In my high school, its like a total raw insult when someone calls u a "Euro boy" or something. And if this is the case, how did europe come this way cuz it used to be a kick a$$ place from what I am taking in history atm. 4 example, the British Empire used to own half the world, and now they can't even barely hold onto ireland. And Germany/Austrea/France used to have huge empires 2, but now they getting took over by middles easterners. Any imput from people in those countries cuz I don't know if I trust the newz lol. 

Thanks for ur replies. 

20:35:51 Oct 19th 15 - Mr. Todd L Fondler:

Sure all eurobabes are sluts and we love it. In america you are prudes and die virgins.

And yes we like more immigrants because that means more babes. Americans like to stick to 1 woman at a time because once they find one who will get naked with them they need to make it stay put. European knows they can get more.

In all i think your view about europe is pretty much except the tight fitting jeans around the ballz part. Jeans is an american thing. We got tight fitting lederhosen around our ballz.

20:36:05 Oct 19th 15 - Bran (Mr. Aragorn II):

liberalism happened

20:44:24 Oct 19th 15 - Mr. Friedhelm Hentschel:

The Axis lost WWII is what happened

23:45:51 Oct 19th 15 - Konspyre (Mr. Incredible):

This is just plain dumb in so many different ways.

Don't expect any serious answers.

00:09:10 Oct 20th 15 - shyers (Grandmaster Shyizerhammersmith):

Kids call kids "euro boys"? Man I'm old.

00:15:00 Oct 20th 15 - Bran (Mr. Aragorn II):

soon the term 'euro boys' will refer to muslims

01:01:20 Oct 20th 15 - shyers (Mr. Shyzam):

We just call them "terrorists" or "illegal immigrants " here

04:02:19 Oct 20th 15 - Mr. Vladmir Jackmeoff:

bs we die virgins. Our chicks just dont walk around with their tits andcunts hangin out. And the immigrant women are from arab countries so they all wear bedsheets out and they never shave so theyre bush is practically sweeping the road as theyre walking.  I'm just cureous because i'm actually traveling to Europe this year with my school class. I used 2 b such a history buff but since I seen the news ive been realy pissed off bcuz now its like by the time I get to europe every girls gonna be a gaydike, all the guys are gonna be wearing leggings with their junk hangin like a miniature speedbump, and i might be blown up by a taliban bomber. 

07:12:54 Oct 20th 15 - Mr. Todd L Fondler:

I notice you never went to bed with an arab or somali woman so keep making up dreams about them. FAIL! Btw i look forward to your visist we will all be ready here to laugh at you.


12:03:42 Oct 20th 15 - shyers (Grandmaster Shyizerhammersmith):

Man, the next generation of muricans makes me sad.... At least he ain't from Texas. 

13:48:56 Oct 20th 15 - Teirdel (Mr. Teirdel):

Troll...gas to be a troll..

15:07:56 Oct 20th 15 - Stephen Ben (Mr. Shizel Fritzl):

Slavery was abolished, America became butt hurt, Britain lost their significant income and could no longer enslave any one who opposed their domination. In fact all Europe lost their big money earner. America's 'I am 1/1032 Irish' mentality meant they felt obliged to fund the Irish rebellion.

Euros needed a new way of getting money and fought amongst themselves to get it. After hitler failed, Fhegs took over and started a mass circle jerk, with all men occupied women became slags to ensure they could compete to get the last few real men. 

Russia will slowly take over because of their LGBT stance.

15:48:13 Oct 20th 15 - Mr. Todd L Fondler:

Russia better hurry taking over b4 we shut down all nuclear energy and oil dependance. I love the gheys they vän hook you up with the best women. I would be blind in Putlerland. But atleast i wouldnt be Russian. OH btw russia lacks 10million men. They kill themselves, prolly coz russia suckz(look this up). So if you want a female go to ruski.

15:56:03 Oct 20th 15 - Mr. Friedhelm Hentschel:

I agree with Stephen. The people of the East are strong, and most importantly they are Pure. I am not sure Vladmir is smart enough to understand this, but the reason Europe is the way it is today is due to lack of Purity, set by American example. In Russland, they do not allow mixing, cross-breeding, homosexuality, which is why they are now the strongest people. In US of America, in the 1950s, this was the point at which the Negermusik, jazz, and cultural deviance began to take strong footings there. Now look at America, a mere 60 years later.   

So, Ironically, the people who my grandfather fought against have now become the ones who will most likely see through the survival of the Purest forms of the human race. Their system of <<National Bolshewism>> seems to be working quite well. 

16:00:51 Oct 20th 15 - Stephen Ben (Mr. Shizel Fritzl):

Makes sense. 10% of people are ghey, that works out about 7 million men in Russia. Allow some standard deviation for KGB incorrectly assessing and disposing of non - gheys they suspect and there is your 10mil deficit.

Off to Russia we go!

16:35:00 Oct 20th 15 - Mr. Todd L Fondler:

Russians is more mixed then americans!!! Have you never been to moscow? 30% is tartar muslis or uzbekhs

01:27:37 Oct 21st 15 - Mr. Friedhelm Hentschel:

This article is worth reading regarding the general subject

07:51:10 Oct 21st 15 - Mr. Sladd:

In Europe even most neo-nazis support gay rights. Thats "how far things have gone". Imho its not far enough though, I want our national flags be more like the rainbow banner or maybe we could add a small rainbow banner in the top left corner of our current flags, I wish gay rights organizations didn't have to hide their recruitment of young when they are visiting schools - we need an open recruitment campaign, and the state should fund it. Also I want glory holes at every bus stop where gay men can give or recieve blowjobs to anyone who wants, there could be a launch campaign of the holes with the slogan "have you blown a gay today?".

Btw, if you really wanna know how europeans are you should just visit Portland, from what I gather it could as well lie in Sweden.

08:06:16 Oct 21st 15 - Mr. Todd L Fondler:

Ernst Röhm was ghey and all nazis knew about it. Its ok if your a nazi. Ofc they killed him in the end but not coz he was ghey.  I do belive people that are against gays just truly are against faboulous gays or more likely anyone faboulous. Unless you are religious and then i dont know what to do.

08:18:28 Oct 21st 15 - Duke Chade The Flying Dagger:

23:09:10 Oct 19th 15 - shyers (Grandmaster Shyizerhammersmith):

Kids call kids "euro boys"? Man I'm old.


I am with you on this one shyers. When we were growing up, we used to call each other fgt, btich, knobhead, twat, jizzmongers, sh1tpouch, etc... The new generation turning homos from early on, i see....

00:01:20 Oct 20th 15 - shyers (Mr. Shyzam):

We just call them "terrorists" or "illegal immigrants " here


Wait, i thought that those terms are reserved for Bulgarians???? WTF? 

11:03:42 Oct 20th 15 - shyers (Grandmaster Shyizerhammersmith):

Man, the next generation of muricans makes me sad.... At least he ain't from Texas. 


Goddamn right he aint! I bet he is from Connecticut ... voted No 1 Gayest place in US for 2014!

14:14:24 Oct 21st 15 - Mr. Vladmir Jackmeoff:

all of u r g4y af. come at me. 

14:15:31 Oct 21st 15 - Mr. Todd L Fondler:

Someone ran out of arguments and lost his temper.

14:19:18 Oct 21st 15 - Bran (Mr. Aragorn II):

wait you guys were having an argument? i thought this was a troll thread

14:31:46 Oct 21st 15 - Mr. Todd L Fondler:


14:32:25 Oct 21st 15 - Mr. Todd L Fondler:

Ooops meant for it the other way around

14:39:55 Oct 21st 15 - Mr. Friedhelm Hentschel:

True about Roehm. And its also said that Goering was a cross dressing closet homosexual, then again so was J. Edgar Hoover! 

Vlad, is definitely from Connecticut. Or California., rather, is also young.  I could confirm this by his poor mannerisms. I didn't think that the youth even knew of this game. Pity..anyways, do any of us know which world he is on =] 

15:40:53 Oct 21st 15 - Mr. Todd L Fondler:

Valhalla he wants me to go there so je can kick my scull in :) but im to afraid

02:18:38 Oct 22nd 15 - shyers (Grandmaster Shyizerhammersmith):

I thought you liked the young ones todd

02:48:01 Oct 22nd 15 - Quirinus (Mr. Quirinus IV):

hi, I'm an euroboy, and I'm better than you

00:11:11 Oct 23rd 15 - shyers (Mr. Shyzilla):

Where all da eurogirls at?

01:24:08 Oct 23rd 15 - Duke Chade The Flying Dagger:

they saw me and ran away

01:33:51 Oct 23rd 15 - Bran (Mr. Aragorn II):

you mean they saw you and migrated. monkey see monkey do

01:38:38 Oct 23rd 15 - shyers (Grandmaster Shyizerhammersmith):

Migranted where? Uranus?

01:40:11 Oct 23rd 15 - Bran (Mr. Aragorn II):

monkeys migrating to uranus is how aids began, lets not make that mistake again

03:04:05 Oct 23rd 15 - shyers (Mr. Shyzilla):

Yeah, but that was with.... Nigerians. 

12:08:09 Oct 23rd 15 - Mr. Sewbasium:

Biggest converts are zealots who want to clean their past and are in power now.
Refugees from different European countries gradually occupied the American continent, local residents killed, moved remains to the reservations and then established United States. But now they are bearers of democracy and freedom around the all world.
Germany last century fought for racial purity (the Nazis), they now tolerate LGBT, are full of Turkish, blended families, and Merkel wants further blend, so invite the Syrians, Afghans, Iranians, etc. In the Middle Ages with sword fighting for Christianity, now will build machetes.
Ex Soviet Union countries has its own traitors: the children of those who were in power in 1940 and joined SU, around 1990 years separate from SU
and began to migrate to the Europian Union, because they can not live without anyone's orders. Actually the same Bolsheviks and the KGB spyes are in government of those countries, only one is called the Socialists (left) and other conservatives (right). Therefore, these countries' governments are also peace loving LGBT and, unlike in Western countries, very hates all what was in past. Ordinary people must remain silent. Therefore many of them choose to leave their country. From 2001 due to emigration Lithuania fell by 15% (0.43 million people) of the population, Poland 6,5% (2.2 million)
And Russia was and it is Russia. Their minds will not understand. In addition, it is a big country, which also has imperial ambitions. Incidentally, Moscow makes a policy, and it is not Russia.

Also there is some other benefits to be LGBT in Europa like to be black in America - “ You do not like me because I am ...?” After this question you may be accused in violation of human rights.

12:36:59 Oct 23rd 15 - Mr. Sewbasium:

Oh this word spelling and grammar: machetes = mosques

15:05:27 Oct 23rd 15 - Mr. Sewbasium:

05:02:19 Oct 20th 15 - Mr. Vladmir Jackmeoff:
all the guys are gonna be wearing leggings with their junk hangin like a miniature speedbump, and i might be blown up by a taliban bomber...."

Ye, it is terrible to live in Europe. But in some countries it is worse as You wrote, for example Scotland - scottish guys are wearing skirts and no panties. So their balls and dicks can grow freely and I am not sure that there is no gays. So I think it will be more safe walking with plate in jeans from ass side.
Also you can meet drunk russian bears in streets in case you visit eastern european countries. It is funny to see their fights but become dangerous when they goes to their cars, generally BMW, and start show their skills in streets...

15:10:19 Oct 23rd 15 - Mr. Todd L Fondler:

I think everybody should emigrate and take out all their assets in cash and then burn it. Then we will see who is cool. Self immolation isnt as cool as burning cash. 

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