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Electrical help needed
14:32:44 Nov 7th 16 - ZeTa (VU Admin):

Battery on my UPS is getting old so I'm looking to replace it. It's however expensive, and I'm wondering can I replace it with a normal car battery ? And while I'm at it, what about having many car batteries in parallel ? Or will it hurt the UPS ? Or is the worst case scenario that it will take an awful long time to recharge them !? Will the UPS be able to recharge them at all ?

19:16:25 Nov 7th 16 - Mr. Bling:

No, the UPS wont be able to recharge them all. What sort of time are you looking for it to keep the system alive?

19:25:43 Nov 7th 16 - ZeTa (VU Admin):

5 hours, if possible 8 hours.

19:57:43 Nov 7th 16 - Mr. Bling:

Any reason you wouldn't want a generator?

As soon as you start daisy chaining that many batteries, you got to start looking at cooling them and all the rest.

16:09:35 Nov 8th 16 - ZeTa (VU Admin):

A generator needs manual action ... !?

17:00:07 Nov 8th 16 - Mr. Reaper of Twinks:

Negative.. if you set it up properly 

19:23:59 Nov 8th 16 - Mr. Bling:

no, it can have a drop off setting that allows it to kick in

19:40:14 Nov 8th 16 - Mr. Bling:

21:44:51 Nov 8th 16 - Binh (Mr. Eagle Eye):

*Binh cough.

 zeta is looking for cheap solution, and you show him a generator that cost 2k lol.

22:02:38 Nov 8th 16 - Mr. Bling:

that is cheap -_-

10:15:31 Nov 9th 16 - ZeTa (VU Admin):

What about:

battery(es) -> inverter -> automatic transfer switch -> UPS -> server

Where the main power is also connected to the transfer switch.

And the batteries are manually charged using a battery charger.
(it seems that the charger can automatically recharge the battery once power is back up)

UPS main power is 230 volt AC

How long will an 12 volt 70 amp hour battery keep the UPS happy, as making it believe it's running on main power ?

My guess is the server use ca 300 Watts

I have very reliable power because I live next to a paper mill that operates 24/7.

Power failures so far have been:

Neighbor blew street fuse: ca 5 hour downtime
Change of transformer:  ca 6 hours
Digger cutting cables: ca 4 hours
Me cutting power: ca 30 minutes

09:37:23 Nov 10th 16 - Mr. Bling:

20:36:09 Nov 10th 16 - ZeTa (VU Admin):

On further consideration I don't want to mess around with led acid and high power batteries. So an automatic transfer switch and a automatic generator would be ideal.

I don't know if it will be worth $2500 though. How long does a generator usually last ? I'm also a bit worried about the weather conditions ranging from +30 C to -30C
And what sort of maintenance do you need on a generator, do  you have to start it up once in a while ?

20:51:01 Nov 10th 16 - Mr. Reaper of Twinks:

Just get a solar panel with a inverner good to go

19:26:03 Nov 12th 16 - Lord Reddragon The Old:

lol, they have long nights where zeta lives :D

19:27:11 Nov 12th 16 - Lord Reddragon The Old:

you need to start up once in a while, check oil, that fuel doesnt get bad ,all those kind of things. Ask youtube, it teachs to do almost anything :D.

20:44:39 Nov 24th 16 - Sir Roxbury Sicario:

10:18:51 Dec 13th 16 - ZeTa (VU Admin):

That looks nice, but not within budget (200-400$)

14:42:17 Dec 22nd 16 - Mr. Pussygrabber:

Delete Necro's account and you will have a top of the range unit delivered to your door in 72 hours.

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