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Explain US corruption
17:25:23 Jun 19th 10 - Mr. Roxbury Redux:

Joe L. Barton, rep of Texas

Senators, presidents and politicians in the US are allowed to take money from oil companies, weapon manufacturers, chemical industry and in return they represent the interests of those companies when it comes to making laws and preventing laws to be written.

One example is Joe L. Barton, senator from Texas who apologized in a senate hearing.. he apologized to BP for making them pay for the mess they made in the gulf of Mexico. Obama took huge contributions from companies like Goldman Sachs and the oil industry during his campaign for president.

In Sweden, this is simply unheard of. A politician who takes money from a private company is put in prison.

Explain how the US is regarded as the pinnacle of democracy, while this sort of organized corruption is a pillar of the same democratic system.

02:56:57 Jun 20th 10 - King Charley The Sprisely Active:

I never thought the US was the pinnacle of Democracy.  I hate politics for that reason.  Other countries(Such as Sweden) are better IMO :)

03:09:12 Jun 20th 10 - Mr. Sage Salamon:

ewww... those socialist pigs in sweden should not be the pinnacle of anything... :P and roxy dont know if this is a flame bait or even where the hell you get info or proof... but if ur proof is campaign contributions then sorry mate :P you failed epicly :p i mean seriously there are thousands of interest groups that donate to campaigns and promises are made between those interest groups and candidates... in return money is given to the candidate to fund advertisements, rallies, and all that other stuff to help promote a better chance of success :P... its American politics 101... if ur hearing about it just now :P then sorry to say that ... well... u need to brush up on your US gov :p lol

03:19:35 Jun 20th 10 - Endless Destruction:

 explain corruption in general and you may find your answer :p

I vote for the "human condition" :)

03:21:03 Jun 20th 10 - Dr. Evil:

Some of us would like to see Campaign Finance Reform in the USA but it probably will never happen as long as campaigns are so vastly expensive.

17:48:39 Jun 26th 10 - Mr. Vuggy:

It's human nature. The US isn't the only corrupt place in the world.

And how do you know that senator was paid by them, he could've just been voicing his opinion.

18:13:04 Jun 26th 10 - Mr. Pink Giraffe:

i like corruption :-) it makes me happy

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