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17:57:49 Apr 22nd 17 - Revolution (Lord Uther Pendragon):

Just putting this up for a role call. 

Does Kevdwayne or Peter Jackson still play? 
I think I'm back for a prolonged play this time. At first I'll only do one active character at a time, work my way up from there if that's something I want to do. 

So how's everyone been!? 

23:43:01 Apr 22nd 17 - Mr. Evens:

Kevdwayne, theres a name ive not heard in a long time.
Hey Pendragon

02:23:06 Apr 23rd 17 - Revolution (Lord Uther Pendragon):


I'm friends with him on Facebook, maybe I'll see if he'll get back in on VU. 

06:20:43 Apr 23rd 17 - Haldimir (Mr. Haldimir Grimbatol):

Hello there.

06:27:58 Apr 23rd 17 - Revolution (Lord Uther Pendragon):


Man it's been awhile. 

This is almost sensory overload! :'D

07:06:46 Apr 23rd 17 - Haldimir (Mr. Haldimir Grimbatol):

yaa, What world are you playing now?

07:07:52 Apr 23rd 17 - Revolution (Lord Uther Pendragon):

I am on Mantrax and intend to only stick with one character, it's how i've always done things. I'll focus on the kd i'm in and nothing else.

16:49:20 Apr 23rd 17 - Sable (Mr. Sable Blackblade):

I saw Peter Jackson in another thread I think, under the guise od Peta Jakson cause he couldn't get into his old account

17:49:48 Apr 23rd 17 - Revolution (Lord Uther Pendragon):


The search begins. Either way, I added him on facebook i think so eventually ill talk to the guy.

19:32:42 Apr 23rd 17 - Chilean (Mr. Sniperfox):

I was a yuengling back when we played together under anonymous.

00:58:49 Apr 24th 17 - Revolution (Lord Uther Pendragon):

Oh I definitely remember you. 

I believe we fought Black Flag and a couple others that era. 

00:59:23 Apr 24th 17 - Revolution (Lord Uther Pendragon):

I might be mistaken though. After playing 15 or so eras it starts to bleed together. 

07:42:38 Apr 24th 17 - Prince Ranginui:

Kev no longer plays unfortunately ..but we at ROC hope one day our leader comes home ...

16:05:52 Apr 24th 17 - Chilean (Mr. Chilean):

yeah, Black flag was one of the last thing i remember back then

18:18:15 Apr 24th 17 - Ryan the Archion (Lord Arc Patronus):

Hi there Uther!

22:25:39 Apr 24th 17 - GEO (Mr. Jackson Bella):

Hi uther

00:11:30 Apr 25th 17 - Revolution (Lord Uther Pendragon):

Heya guys!

What's new in life with you guys? 

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