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08:22:28 Oct 30th 18 - Mr. Kinky Fecker:

When creating an article, please be very specific to the point of the article.

A lot of current guides written tend to make a lot of assumptions on the users ability to understand. Try to focus on the very specific point, so when talking about casting magic for example, break each aspect of the cast, what it does, best way to do it etc etc based on each type of cast... RoF locust, CW etc.

13:32:24 Oct 30th 18 - Mr. Kinky Fecker:

13:35:41 Oct 30th 18 - Mr. Kinky Fecker:

13:38:37 Oct 30th 18 - Mr. Kinky Fecker:

13:41:44 Oct 30th 18 - Mr. Kinky Fecker:

13:43:54 Oct 30th 18 - Mr. Kinky Fecker:

13:46:24 Oct 30th 18 - Mr. Kinky Fecker:

17:00:16 Oct 30th 18 - Mr. Uwer:

We need an overall guide. 


Maybe more general topics.

17:46:55 Oct 30th 18 - Mr. Yuan Shao:

Also a topic about 



Btw, here is a quick example on Cities topic:

Maximum production buildings = 2.(number of current buildings) + 100

That's why when you settle your city (after your first) you can only build 102 buildings. It has 1 building.

Maximum production buildings = 2.(1) + 100 = 102.


Other stuff could be the cost in gold, tree and stone and how this escalates the more buildings you have.

For example, when you have a city smaller than 6400 buildings, the cost for tree and stone are very cheap. From 6401 buildings on, the price changes heavily.

Gold costs seems to have a unique way of calculation, based on absolute number of buildings. 

Some stuff I will have to write down the next era. I dont remember the numbers by heart. 

21:31:27 Oct 30th 18 - Mr. Kinky Fecker:

The Wiki is starting with an overall view, and then drilling down into specifics so the articles are both searchable and players can follow along from beginners to advanced strategies.

18:51:28 Dec 1st 18 - Mr. Sam Braveheart:

How do you go about making a topic on the Wiki? Happy to contribute if I can get some direction.

14:03:00 Dec 2nd 18 - Mr. Feckerd:

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