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Fix start times
02:06:22 Feb 26th 18 - Mr. Abomination:

Guys do you think the start times of eras need a fix?
For example, I have bunch of friends that want to return to the game, and we are not able to, for about a week we are waiting... and losing the desire to really start cause its taking so long and it looks like there might be another week  to next era..

1 * FantasiaOpen

Special worlds (Different game mechanics)

Fantasia and Mantrax are already running for almost two months... Starting in any of these worlds would be pointless. Similar on Valhalla, would be way too late to start now, and there is still a lot more fighting to do...

Zeta is 23 days in, so would be very late, and there are merges which means kingdoms would come with massive armies if they are well organised and I am sure they are. Starting there would end in oop death for sure, all four maps would result in instant death.

What do you think guys, should we look to fix the start times?
People who want to play, should just wait? And when bored waiting give up?

03:13:32 Feb 26th 18 - Strawberry (Ms. Yellow Kitty):

Well its kinda like this in every game and i dont see a point changing it, a new character hops on and everyone else is at level 250 or something and can kill you by sneezing. You got no choice but to endure these people PKing you in the field while you're out leveling up killing roaches with your kitchen knife.

Although the first era may be harsh, the good thing is next era, when the world resets everything is back on equal on footing unlike those games where it takes forever for new characters to compete. So just hop on any world that you want with your guys and absorb whatever happens and just come back strong next era.

03:54:12 Feb 26th 18 - Mr. Blah Blah The Brutal:

"Starting in any of these worlds would be pointless"

That's usually true dropping any more than a week into the era. Should we shorten eras to a week?

2 months is an exceptionally long time for an era to go on, but I'd be disappointed if Mantrax ended now. We're barely half way in terms of deciding the wars :)

12:18:01 Feb 26th 18 - Mr. Mullet Thc:

you ever seen MXC. its got that tag line, what was it/

22:26:36 Feb 26th 18 - ZeTa (VU Admin):

Starting late is not as bad is it used to be, due to accelerated growth rate in the beginning and diminishing returns when becoming really big.

This is a topic that I have put a lot of though into, and have made many updates in order to fix, but haven't been able to fully solve the problem.

This is why multiple characters where introduced, so you could legally start in another world, and not have to wait.

Another update is that all worlds end by themselves, and not when Fantasia ended. Maybe go back to the old system where all worlds ended with Fantasia, and then the other worlds where opened one by one.

Multiple worlds is also an attempt to solve the problem of inequality, introducing different lieges, to make it possible for a beginner to fight less active people or people at their skill level.

23:27:30 Feb 26th 18 - Mr. Valihnnis Farmid Ignis:

I agree with you! I waited a month intill I couldn't take it anymore and restarted. In Fant  and Zetmania.  Fantasia seems to be ending which is good but Zetmania is finished for me since I am too weak to do anything to them:(

01:10:55 Feb 27th 18 - Mr. Abomination:

Strawberry yes I understand, its good for new people to have a era to try things about before new era starts and everyone fights for the tip. We are however not new, and we play to win.

From what I understand, Fantasia might be the next one to end, unless the winning kingdoms decide to fight between each other for the win, which I do not support, hope you guys just end it right away if possible.

Any idea how long will Mantrax last for? We sort of usually play on that world, but Fantasia will have to do, given if we do not have to wait a month for it to start...

02:33:03 Feb 27th 18 - Strawberry (Ms. Strawberry):

I didnt say you are "new" players, somewhere in there i did mention that you are "returning" but if you just landed into a world that has been running for 3 months already, you are technically "new" there and would have to absorb the handicap if you dont want to get bored waiting. As returning players you know better that having too many lower worlds to accommodate late-joiners is just as boring as waiting for the upper worlds to end. 

02:40:01 Feb 27th 18 - Alrisaia (Ms. Alrisaia):

Perhaps a faster paced lower world with 5 minute ticks for new players to learn the game. It would also be a nice sandbox for vets to try out interesting new build strategies...

It could begin with a default Armageddon countdown with a few RL days timer. The object for all players in the world would be too destroy the Armageddon City controlled by the natives. All players who join immediately join the single test kingdom?

08:25:40 Feb 27th 18 - Mr. Blah Blah The Brutal:

"Starting late is not as bad is it used to be, due to accelerated growth rate in the beginning and diminishing returns when becoming really big."

I agree, but people who start a week late usually aren't going to dominate the map. Not suggesting that should change btw :)

Maybe go back to the old system where all worlds ended with Fantasia, and then the other worlds where opened one by one.

No please. The arma we have now is the best method we have ever had for ending an era.


Even short eras usually last a month. Unless you're playing every era you will probably be waiting for a fresh one. Unavoidable. Just drop and mess around until it starts. When the next era starts you can play seriously.

09:03:12 Feb 27th 18 - Pirate Lewatha:

Speaking about arma, can we have one on fant?

16:39:19 Feb 27th 18 - Mr. Ignis Far:

Oh yes please cast Arma on Fant.

18:00:25 Mar 15th 18 - Jack Daniels The drunk (Dragonlord The Argonaut):

When I'm a returning player and waiting for the map I wanna play on I usually spawn and test my oop strat to get it dialed in for my actual start when it's gonna matter

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