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Flamin era
12:57:55 Sep 7th 07 - Lord Yerean:

Well, the flaming part of this era has reached it's highest peak right now!!!

the Zeon's Multi accounts...
the Zeon's "russian" infiltration...
the Twamao war declaration...
plenty of Carnage-other kingdom's flamings...
other flamings i'm now aware of...

To cool down your nerves, I suggest you:

  1. Take a deep breath for the fatiguous action you're about to perform..
  2. Stand up from the chair you've been sittin for an hour typing flaming messages
  3. Take a *cold* shower and put those dirty shorts in the washingmachine...
  4. get dressed
  5. and take a walk outside (yeh, that scary place you only go to when you've no food left...)

And if that doesn't help, you can flame me here, you won't get any replies anyways :)

This probably should be in Miscellaneus Discussions O_o
move it :P

12:59:45 Sep 7th 07 - Mr. Twamao:

maybe it will not happen if your guys listen to the leaders, read forums or check who they will attack.

16:02:40 Sep 7th 07 - Sir Helios:

maybe it will not happen if your guys listen to the leaders, read forums or check who they will attack.

LOL, if you only knew man, if you only knew. (Yes i'm a bit bored!)

A) You really can't miss the BIG BOLD type when the leaders say "DO NOT ATTACK" or anything else of grave importance. Not to mention in game messages spamming everyone. lol

B) If anything, Carnage loves our own forums! (Come on guys, let's see the post count hit 4k this era!!)

C) Mistakes happen, live with it and move on. Talking it out as a calm human being will net you better results then screaming at everyone that sends you a message about the subject.

16:19:20 Sep 7th 07 - Mr. Soccermage:

flames?!?!?! this era has been great! i havent seen any phi-legacy flames, so it must be a flame-free era!

16:20:38 Sep 7th 07 - Mr. Blue Dog Anchorite:

<sets Phi on fire>

Is that better?

16:24:26 Sep 7th 07 - Mr. Ject:

why fight when we can all love eachother? <3 to all :D

16:25:11 Sep 7th 07 - Mr. Blue Dog Anchorite:

Do i hear???

Group hug!!!!

<holds arms out>

16:26:35 Sep 7th 07 - Mr. Ject:

*holds arms out and joins the circle of love and peace singing hippy songs*

"come on and join us everyone!!"

17:00:01 Sep 7th 07 - Sir Helios:

Weeee hippy songs!

*Joins the group hug*

17:05:14 Sep 7th 07 - Mr. Twamao:

so why not live with what you insist was my mistake of attacking you?  I think it should go both ways.  If you want me to see thru your mistakes, you should see thru my mistakes also.  dontchathink?

17:12:39 Sep 7th 07 - Mr. Blue Dog Anchorite:

Now you're ruining our group hug:(

Twamao, I am tired of trying to work things out with seen in our embassy, i made a public apology, offered a city, willing to let bygones be bygones, apparently you are not...have i not shown that we are willing to look past what has happened?

now go away, you're ruining our group hug:(

17:30:15 Sep 7th 07 - Mr. Twamao:

"And i never said i HAD offered you a city, I said in a previous message that i was considering offering you a city of my own, and the offer still stands, if it means peace, because despite what you want to think mate, alot of us still like you....and i mean what i said, i do respect players who go untagged in fant, if they can pull it off, then more power to them (like fordy a.k.a. diesel, the man is my god)....but how can i reason with someone who refuses to listen?"

I think that clearly states that you never offered a city.  Or did i misinterpreted it again?  And you were only willing to let bygones be bygones before i did my attacks. Now i had made my attacks should we let bygones be bygones?  As it is, I retaliated and offered you peace.  So what now?  Could you show to me now that you are willing to look past what has happened?

Drop the im-the-good-guy-act and i might give you a hug.  but im not promising anything :)

17:39:20 Sep 7th 07 - Mr. Blue Dog Anchorite:

Is anyone here getting as tired as i am about this subject?

Is there is a serious language barrier we are having? Now pay attention closely, this is from the above pasted message you just listed...

< said in a previous message that i was considering offering you a city of my own, and the offer still stands>

And you have just said that we were willing to let byegones be bygones before you attacked but not after....

here are some excerpts from our embassy...

<What happened to you was in the past, we can actually get over it and try to work things out.....>

<At least I have extended a formal apology, and am willing to make every attempt to reach peace with you, an old friend, and work things out>


Now would you mind putting up here any pm's you have sent seeking peace to any of us after you retaliated, like you have said in the above post, because i never received one myself....


Is there anyone here that can explain to twamao that we tried workign things out with him, even after all this happened? as recent as last night even? Because for some reason I cant get through to him, not even the rational fizban could get through to him.....

17:56:55 Sep 7th 07 - Mr. Crissxcross:

get dressed ?

are you crazy, do you wanna ruin all the fun in this game, omg.
He said get dressed :(

18:12:31 Sep 7th 07 - Mr. Twamao:

language barrier, let me see. I guess there is on your part.  Check the map. who's attacking who now?  do you see any army of mine going to any city of yours?  I see a carnage army prepping on my city :)  tell him its all wreckage :)

or is it another case of one stupid guy who didnt listen?  Oh my god, not anther stupid guy! :( 

if your offer of peace still stand, I think you should show it. not just blah blah blah about it in the forums

18:45:58 Sep 7th 07 - Lord Echram:

There is a difference between mistakes and just taking cities because your asskicking scout was moved back to your city, while you knew better. Besides, you have declared War on us. Dont whine that we attack you. Attacking is the best defense.

You dont want to solve this. You are merely looking for excuses to put the blame on us.

00:01:31 Sep 8th 07 - Mr. Blue Dog Anchorite:

Yes, we are attacking now, isnt that what you made clear last night and this morning, despite my constant attempts at reaching peace with you?

I got sick of it truthfully, for some reason you are unwilling to work something out in the here and now, rather you want to keep bringing up the past, of which carnage has already made a formal apology...

So i told our boys to attack at have made it quite clear you do not want to work something be it....

I am done with this and with you.....


07:22:45 Sep 8th 07 - Mr. Twamao:

No storm. you are very wrong.  It is not me who dont want to work things out.  It is your kingdom.  Face it storm.  Your kingdom cant face the truth that a tagless player got even at your kingdom.  You got attacked by a tagless and cant bear the shame.  Your ego wont let you just forget about it and move on.

You cant control your kingdom mates and you're venting your frustration to me.  You cant control your kingdom mates action.  You cant control your kingdom mates from asking other kingdoms to attack me.  How low can you go?  1 vs a kingdom.  And still one of you have the nerve to ask another kingdom to attack me. lol.

09:37:36 Sep 8th 07 - Sir Hephaestus:

Twamoa, you make me laugh :)

And not with you, either.

16:03:57 Sep 8th 07 - Mr. Blue Dog Anchorite:

You know, this is getting ridiculous, so i am not going to even bother man.

I cant move on? Thats actually very ironic considering you cant move on from the past and work with us on peace.....

Bah, whats he use, i am beginnig to think you are just trying to keep this fight going so i'll just stop....

but to point out several things....

1. I hardly consider you taking one small armory getting even with us

2. A player had asked legacy what to do about your cities, who should attack you simply because we respect legacy's area of domain and didnt want to start traipsing through their core with our armies...

3. I would actually be taking you more seriously if it wasnt for the fact that you even sent an application in to join us? I am beginning to think you are insane:P

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