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Football Manager 09
01:48:39 Dec 20th 08 - Sir Bran:

i just bought this game, and its REALLY hard and complicated. i wondered how many ppl here also have this game, and could give some tips to a guy trying to manage a conference team :/

02:50:26 Dec 20th 08 - Duke Random:

don't you mean soccer?

03:20:53 Dec 20th 08 - Commander Yevitcani:

get a good set of tactics.

pay attention to weather- wet windy should play direct football, good weater...short football, as u have no amazing players in conference, creative freedom should be minimized.

pay attention to how the game is going, if the opposition are dominating possession, change midfield about a bit, keep tinkering till every part of the pitch is functioning well, I often dominate possesion and rarely score, this means a change of wingers or strikers is needed to start the goals going in.

More or less go with how you see the game going, you have to actually watch and adjust accordinly.

No random we mean football, the football sport played with feet, not hands ( american logic .=D )

03:25:00 Dec 20th 08 - Duke Random:

australian here :)

its soccer :P

06:40:55 Dec 20th 08 - Sir Stewie Griffin: is for newbs...FOOTBALL!! yeah !!!!!

07:24:40 Dec 20th 08 - Mr. Overcome:

i played ALOT a couple of seasons ago. but if i sitt down with it now, i have to forget my wife, my job and everything else that belonge to the real world xD

its getting so realistic and hard that you have to sit down for hours to get through a couple of games.


i love Football Manager/Championship Manager but i cant play cause its taking up to much time.

if u think VU is taking much time, dont even consider buying this game xD

"this means a change of wingers or strikers is needed to start the goals going in."

lol, this is just one opertunity of a thousend xD it depends on style of play (many dont even use wings:P) and it could be other things to. like a lack of creativity in Midfield or maybe you dont spend any time on attack in the training ground.

FM will become harder then real life football itself:P (if its allready not come to that?)

08:48:59 Dec 20th 08 - Mr. Bot II:

Duke Random,

I am also australian is it is Football, and now don't get any of this crap that because we are in Australia it is Soccer,


08:50:33 Dec 20th 08 - Duke Random:


08:51:19 Dec 20th 08 - Mr. Bot II:

now to Bran,

like Yevitcani said it is just a matter of finding the right tactic, and players.

08:52:11 Dec 20th 08 - Mr. Bot II:

Random i have a question

what does FFA stand for.

09:31:03 Dec 20th 08 - Duke Random:

i duunno? soccer?

12:06:57 Dec 20th 08 - Sir Bran:

yeah ican kinda tell that its about changing the tactics tohow the games going, but theres too much to think about!! i also have to think about the size of the pitch!! and i dont have enough good players to swap it around, im only oxford :p

15:44:25 Dec 20th 08 - Sir Bran:

signed ian pearce for oxford united, woot!!

19:33:33 Dec 20th 08 - Mr. Overcome:

yeah, there is so much to it:O

if you choose a small pitch, then your wings wills struggle to get room, and it will be harder to play wide.

oh, and when you are playing in the lower divisions, you should try and get good loan deals and look for Premier League player contracts running out=)

that can prove vital=)

also try and keep in mind that you want a spesific style of play and a vision. that way you dont confuse players and the play will be predictable for your players=)

20:30:05 Dec 20th 08 - Sir Bran:

lol im just signing any good player i can get my hands on, my teams in such a mess at the moment, im taking what i can get

23:37:04 Dec 20th 08 - Mr. Overcome:

lol, make sure you dont end up with to many new players=)

thats a misstake i've done many times:P to much switching around and the team will lack identety and wont play good together. they need stabillity and settle togethere=)

00:23:23 Dec 21st 08 - Sir Bran:

yeah im beginnnig to get the hang of it, im finding it alot easier now im making use of my assistant manager :)  also my january signings are much better!

00:23:45 Dec 21st 08 - Sir Thomaas Trying:

my brothers plays it all the time :P but I never liked it :P

but what team is it you have?

00:46:36 Dec 21st 08 - Sir Bran:

im oxford united :p

01:01:30 Dec 21st 08 - Sir Stirlin:

woot go bran :) still 20th in the conferance?

01:35:43 Dec 21st 08 - Mr. Remus Lupus:

football manager means soccer

plus think, oxford united = england foo's

01:59:14 Dec 21st 08 - Sir Bran:

Sir Stirlin


12/21/2008 12:01:30 AM
woot go bran :) still 20th in the conferance?


no, i got sacked lol

12:56:37 Dec 21st 08 - Mr. Overcome:


but when u make a new game, make sure you take atleast 2 nations with u and maybe Norway. cause its actually very many talents coming from Norway=)

and i dont know about the new game, but on the older once you have difficoult lvl. you should start on the lowest difficoulty untill you get use to it=)

and remember to due something about your traning, cause i've heard that its extremly importent in the new one

22:36:01 Jan 14th 09 - Mr. Overcome:

i've got the game now=)

playing with Newcastle and was expected 12 place. right now i have a chance to make it 3 in the premiership=D

buy Thiago Silva (center back) =D fantastic player to a cheap prise=)

22:45:05 Jan 14th 09 - Mr. Reddragon VI:

yeah football, only weird people call it soccer. ^_^ . im need to get this game soon, i love the manager games, i buy younger players cheap and sell then very high. XD

22:50:19 Jan 14th 09 - Sir Bran:

my game keeps freezing!!! i cant play any matches so i dont play anymore :(

23:22:42 Jan 14th 09 - Mr. Overcome:

how you downloaded the last patch?

23:22:55 Jan 14th 09 - Mr. Reddragon VI:

reset the computer, or if the problem is still there hit the computer like i do! believe me, im a technician and that works sometimes.

23:26:49 Jan 14th 09 - Mr. King:

LMA Manager is a far better game of that game

22:31:38 Jan 16th 09 - Ms. Romanian Gypsy:

You have to be kidding me? LMA is absolute wank.

Of the football manager games, the best by far is FM. Then CM,  then LMA. But neither get close.

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