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Game of Thrones Final Season
16:39:57 May 13th 19 - Princess Aisha:

Anyone watching Game of Thrones?

I did not think I would say this about the best show I have ever seen, but the final season is complete trash. Things that make no sense keep happening episode to episode. The writing is poor, almost lazy. The visuals are great, after you see the episode you are still in the moment, enjoying it, but then the next day you wonder what the hell...

I just looked around the internet, there are tons of people that think the same.
This season is really bad.

Anyone else think the same?

16:45:57 May 13th 19 - Mr. Bling Feckers:

They have rushed the final season.

16:51:47 May 13th 19 - Venomz (High Warlord Never Lucky):

I still can't believe Hodor couldn't keep the gates closed. All he needed was 2 walls and magic defence. Damn u Hodor

16:55:12 May 13th 19 - Princess Aisha:

They build up all those scorpions at the gates, for what? Nothing.

The Grayjoy fleet has been causing trouble with scorpions for few seasons, surprised the dragons several times. To end the way it did. Sad.
The Golden Company looked cool, was looking forward for a nice battle, and then dragon actually blew up a freaking wall. How did it do that?
I mean seriously.

It really shows that RR Martin had nothing to do with the final two seasons.
He is not even promoting this season, he clearly does not like it.
Books will be something else.

17:14:59 May 13th 19 - Mr. Eddie The Great:

I was confused with how many soldiers does anyone have.

After defeating the walkers, I thought Lannisters would have three times more men.
Then they started attack and said “town will fall tonight” and I was like; HOW???
Back few seasons back Theon said 500 men can defend castle against 5000. 
Guess they expect us to forget that?

19:24:04 May 13th 19 - Mr. Ruthless Slayer:

Worst. Season. Ever.

Oh and last...

I was wondering the same about the dragon fire...does it have freaking missiles coming out as well? I know dragon breath is hot, but to make a wall explode? 

Took 2 years to make this shit? 

Now Arya is going to kill Dany? Now Jon can go back to being King of the North, since Kings Landing is pretty much gone.

19:34:41 May 13th 19 - Mr. Robotpants:

Well that wall was of ice mate ;) ice melts on fire.

Also the actual mythical dragon could breath fire as hot as lava :P And more deeply, blue fires supposed to be more powerful then the usual. You know what i meant.

20:59:04 May 13th 19 - Mr. Ruthless Slayer:

Lol I'm not talking about the ice wall... Was talking about kings landings wall. Yesterdays episode.

And all the buildings exploding.

22:35:20 May 13th 19 - Sir Merlin The Mage:

They messed up the whole concept of final season, after building up the Night King and walkers seven seasons they should have taken Kings Landing first and then final episode or two should have been the fight against the undead. The whole Kings Landing fight seems silly after what they faced up north.

22:54:53 May 13th 19 - All Might:

I'm still sad Aegon Targaryen, a.k.a Young Griff, didn't lead the 10,000-strong Golden Company to Westeros in order to reclaim the throne after they got stood up by Daenerys when she turned for Slavers' Bay...

Shame that, because he seemed like a good guy (Robb Stark type)

23:31:23 May 13th 19 - Mr. Bling Feckers:

If you superheat anything it will explode. Think that's what they were getting at.

00:41:43 May 14th 19 - Schepp (Doctor Schepp of The Royal Order):

It is trash. Such trash I won’t even list my grievances. They completely blew it. Pick any faithful GoT fan and they could’ve written a better final season.

08:07:12 May 14th 19 - Osiris (Dark Lord Erdogan):

Princess Aisha:thor">15:55:12 May 13th 19 - Princess Aisha:

They build up all those scorpions at the gates, for what? Nothing.

The Grayjoy fleet has been causing trouble with scorpions for few seasons, surprised the dragons several times. To end the way it did. Sad.
The Golden Company looked cool, was looking forward for a nice battle, and then dragon actually blew up a freaking wall. How did it do that?
I mean seriously.

It really shows that RR Martin had nothing to do with the final two seasons.
He is not even promoting this season, he clearly does not like it.
Books will be something else.

Don't be silly, that lazy fk will never finish the books ^^

08:38:58 May 14th 19 - Princess Aisha:

He wrote the book about prehistory of Westeros, think its 800 pages long

He did that while we wait for the new book. 
So its not like he's not writing, he just for some reason decided to write the other book. 

I think they said they are working on five different spin off shows after the main show ends, so I am guessing he was helping with that, as well as writing the history that would help with the other shows they are doing?

And he plans to make the part two of Fire and Blood, the new book:

16:31:49 May 14th 19 - Mr. Ignis Malficus:

I am still pissed that he hasn't finished first the books before the TV show.  I was a loyal reader but when the TV show got ahead of the books that's When I dropped the series. And no I haven't watch the TV series,  as I still was waiting for the books to be written :(

16:48:01 May 14th 19 - Princess Aisha:

Show might ruin your book experience, especially the last season and the crap they did. 

Do not watch it, wait for the books, the experience will be better.
But even if you do watch the show, it will not ruin it completely for you, cause I am sure books will have totally different end, RR Martin will not do this crap.

17:06:58 May 14th 19 - Mr. Ignis Malficus:

I already dropped him. I feel like he  has forgotten his readers.  Considering the gaps between his writing of his books and then going into TV series making. And then writing a complete another book. That's just sucks. I will probably not read it even if it has different ending which I doubt he will make.  Right now I am hoping for more of Locke Lamoras series. I also hope they make them TV show or movie would binge watch that.

08:57:58 May 15th 19 - ZeTa (VU Admin):

Most buildings will collapse if they are exposed to high temperatures. Wood is actually very strong in this regard.

If they had not made it look like the dragons blows the walls, it would be more realistic. But it's not much in GoT that is realistic anyway :P

06:12:55 May 20th 19 - Mr. Uwer:

Im glad I did not wasted my time.

Warcraft is better than got by 12789621 miles

06:23:55 May 20th 19 - Exalted Salamon The Old:

Unpopular opinion: I enjoyed all 8 seasons. Some seasons were definitely better then others, and I agree, season 8 was not the best of them, but it is an ending. I much rather have an ending then no ending like Lost. I am not disappointed and am hyped for the books to elaborate where the show could not. Its been a great ride, and I thank all those who participated to the show and books.

07:02:47 May 20th 19 - Mr. Bane:

They defo set Aya up for a spinoff. 

11:57:43 May 20th 19 - Venomz (High Warlord Never Lucky):

Yeah, that was a pretty obvious setup. Shame it will then be a show about no one.

13:26:20 May 20th 19 - Mr. Bling Feckers:

I reckon Aya will become an Assassins Creed type show

23:01:42 May 20th 19 - ZeTa (VU Admin):

I think the height of the series was the "red wedding" (third season). After that it became more and more predictable, but still good enough to keep you watching. It was pretty nerdy in the beginning, but especially in the last two seasons it got dumbed down. One of few TV series that I've watched to the end.

04:37:10 May 21st 19 - Princess Aisha:

It went down in quality at the time when show went past the books.
All the amazing scenes happened when they followed the books still
Don't get me wrong, this is still the best show in tv history to me, but I believe they should have made the last season 10 episodes as well
Made the transfer to madness last longer, because they really rushed it.
They should have also first fight Lannisters, then the dead.
I still don't get how there were so many Dorthraki and Unsullied in the end.
Its like when Night King died all the dead came back?
If you look at the last scene, the army is huge.

20:50:28 May 21st 19 - All Might:

From what I gather, Daenerys went down the Azula ending route character-wise...

Which I guess is reasonable considering she rejected every opportunity to learn why the Mad King, whose blood flows through her veins, got everyone to turn on him... Because it was "too negative"

Bitch got a far happier ending than she deserved with all the backstabbing and underhanded methods she used the whole series.

20:56:58 May 21st 19 - Mr. Uwer:

Cliche death.

btw, jon snow is a born loser

22:41:15 May 21st 19 - All Might:

Jon Snow forgot his character and just went with the flow after he died the first time.

16:39:32 May 22nd 19 - TheBornLoser (Sir Irregular Bowel Movement):

02:56:58 May 22nd 19 - Mr. Uwer:

Cliche death.

btw, jon snow is a born loser

Jon Snow is my relative? Interesting. The only connection I feel to him is that I am a great fan of Rhaegar Targaryen :D

I have not watched a single episode of GoT at all, but my entire family has, and they were all raging on the final season. My other half started watching GoT 1 month ago, and quit watching at the beginning of Episode 3 of Season 8. She heard all the spoilers and rage-quitted, LOL!

I am thankful that I am more a reader than a TV watcher so I did not have to share in the blue-balls aborted climax that was Season 8 (but then, Martin may never finish the book, so I might never even get my climax at the end anyway, which would cause me to remain a born loser, like Jon Snow).

19:15:51 May 22nd 19 - Princess Aisha:

I still consider the show to the among the best ever made.

It was going in direction of for example Breaking Bad, an almost flawless show.
The ending was bad, but it was not a disaster.

I do not think this ending will hurt the show too much
But then again I never started watching Lost because I heard ending is just bad
I do not want to invest myself in 6 season of the show to such a bad ending.
And I saw tons of people raging about Lost ending.
I am not sure if its worth it. Thought I heard a lot of good stuff about Lost.

Game of Thrones just needed 10 episodes for the last season as well.
Noticed in one of the news portals that HBO actually wanted 10 episodes 
But the show runners wanted to stick to 6. 
I do not know if it was the budget stuff... probably expensive to burn down the city...

No matter the bad ending I will still watch the spin offs....

22:33:57 May 22nd 19 - Mr. Uwer:

Best TV show of all time is Naruto.


22:53:28 May 22nd 19 - All Might:

4Kids version of One Piece

Fite me

14:13:53 May 23rd 19 - Osiris (Dark Lord Erdogan):

Great shows usual always end with a mediocre ending or ones that have the fans raging because they build up so much hype and expectation.

Despite the ending GoT still gave these people hours and hours of top quality entertainment and excited them for years, a bit like Dexter the show was great fun to watch but the ending was weak.

Bandwaggoning is strong in the age of social media, a lot of people probably didn't hate it that much until they saw a lot of others hating it, I thought the ending was pretty  satisfactory. 

Now I just have to hope supernatural ends decently :D

16:43:37 May 23rd 19 - TheBornLoser (Sir Irregular Bowel Movement):

Well, then that begs the question for your choice of entertainment. Do you favour the show or piece that begins on a mediocre note, but then builds up and onwards into a roaring fire of a climax, with an ending and resolution so perfect, memorable and satisfactory that you come out of it exclaiming: "I am so glad I stuck with it all the way."

Or are you more inclined towards the type that starts off with the hottest teasing, tempting foreplay ever delivered... only to conclude on a letdown so maddening and depressing, that you wish you never even started on what was to end an unfulfilled promise. Do you want to come out of it raging: "That was a total fucking letdown!"?

For me, give me the former, any time, any day. That's why I am more of a reader.... at least book writers have the time and the freedom to craft a totally satisfying ending, one where, at the conclusion of my reading, I sit back and go: "I wish I can do that ALL OVER AGAIN!!!" Many films and series have left me with that hanging, aborted sadness, making me wish I never even started in the first place.

Of course, you do get the very rare tour de force, that starts off perfect, marches in perfect steps, moves in perfect rhythm, builds up in perfect sequences, and just ends so damn perfectly. Very rare encounter, but when encountered, oh my.......!!! Brings meaning to life!!!

Like an incredibly beautiful woman that is not only kind, brilliant and in touch with your soul, but is also extremely low maintenance and loves you for who you are, warts and all..... :D :D :D

(now I need to lay off the god damned caffeine at 10 pm at night, it messes with my mind...)

(P.S. Most of my matches against Dark Blood and Wilberforce are like GoT.... such high expectations brought down so low right at the ending results... :D)

20:01:39 May 23rd 19 - Osiris (Dark Lord Erdogan):

I do love to read too and some of my favourite book series have endings that could have been better imo (so I just lay there and think of different endings and scenarios etc) tho to be fair I do that with tv, imagination is a great thing eh.

A great book is better than a great t.v. show for sure but sometimes I just want to see some epic stuff on tv.  I favour long stories that span multiple books like Wheel of Time, Bernard Cornwells stuff and Brandon Sanderson long stories give you so much more time to understand characters and journey with them

Probably a massive part of why the marvel films are so good. You go in knowing the chars so you understand their jokes and responses more deeply.

Really enjoying watching  Chernobyl so far, it's only going to be 5 episodes but my god it's brilliant so far 

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