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06:39:03 Sep 16th 09 - Mr. Drunkoldman:

I've been thinking about a lot of the new updates and I decided they're actually pretty sweet: here's why (and please read with an open mind) also mind you I'm not talking about the small weird updates like the removing of kd tags.

Firstly, the scoring. to win the era, you need to have your buildings on fant. now I've heard complaints that it's unfair, all you need to do is farm to win, etc. then there's also the fact that everyone on fant can get gangbanged. THEN there's the fact that unlike old fant, where all the good kd's would go and the best times would be had, the older players (who are left) and kd's are spread out over all the worlds.
that's the pessimistic view, now here's what I'm hoping will happen:
the fact that fant score is what matters is going to turn fantasia into the no-man's land/hotbed of all the worlds. it will be where all the kd's and players who want to earn respect will go to to prove their mettle; and it will also force the people that start on fant to be the best of the best. every era, no matter where you start the #1 goal will be to reach fantasia and the winner of the era will actually mean something again.
the world's connection obviously plays perfectly into this, and the fact that they don't open up at the same time -should- help new players, and when kd's get killed they can recruit from that pool. only problem is we need a better version of the 50% rule that actually protects people and also a good easy to understand guide more incorporated into the newbie world that I'm going to design/write tomorrow.

and that's all I have for now, I'm exhausted and have classes early tomorrow. more later.

18:59:19 Sep 16th 09 - Mr. Augh:

ooooooooor. all he kds that spawn on fantasia will NAP while the rest of the worlds are where almost all the fighting happens. 2 eras sais I'm right and you are wrong.

19:08:32 Sep 16th 09 - Sir Penguinus Prime:

YOU CAN TALK WITH ERAS  ? ;( omfg and i cant... bastard

20:42:39 Sep 16th 09 - Mr. Drunkoldman:

Augh the only reason it hasn't happened the way I say it will yet is because everyone is too pig headed to realize how to play with the new rules.

the kd's on fant NEED to nap up to defend from all the kd's that should be trying to take over fant! it's going to happen, just give it time.

edit: actually don't give it time, it should be happening this era too and will happen next era and will continue to happen.

I'm sure when zeta sees his plan is working he'll start to make more updates.

and just because he asks for suggestions doesn't mean he has to try them, everyone is actually getting extremely spoiled. it's just like when you ask someone if they think something you want to do is a good idea or not but you do it anyway. it's his game for crying out loud, he just spoiled everyone because he doesn't know how to be a good dady yet :P

21:06:00 Sep 16th 09 - Demonslayer Charley Deallus IV:

or....the KD on Fant NAPs every KD that would threaten their power on Fant...and we finally realize how boring VU is getting...I agree with Augh...which is why I refuse to play.

21:06:04 Sep 16th 09 - Mr. Gauntlet:

Nothing wrong with Fant being important, however, the fact that its a farmer who won, ain't so good for a wargame?

21:07:21 Sep 16th 09 - Demonslayer Charley Deallus IV:

^You will hear many people give the excuse that "It is a strategy game" to get out of the whole "It is a wargame" accusation...waste of breath to argue with people.

21:16:34 Sep 16th 09 - Mr. Drunkoldman:

ok, first of all why would good kds NAP the kds on fant if they need to get there to win the era? unless they're complete spineless pussies? that's the genius behind zeta's new highscores, there's simply no incentive to stay on any world besides fant except to train new players.

and obviously there are those who play for the love of the fight, me for one, and you also saw BBMMB.

if there are kd's threatening the fant kds power it's not so they can nap them, it's so they can kill them and have glory.

21:17:56 Sep 16th 09 - Demonslayer Charley Deallus IV:

Look at least era and explain it...I can't.

21:23:14 Sep 16th 09 - Mr. Drunkoldman:

that's because everyone was too caught up with feeling sorry with themselves to realize the potential. why live in the past? I'll prove it to you this era.

21:35:37 Sep 16th 09 - Demonslayer Charley Deallus IV:

Not that I am paying attention to care anymore :|  Why live in the past? Because people make habits of the past and keep doing them in the future.

02:43:26 Sep 17th 09 - Sir Gonads The Raging:

Alternatively, the kingdoms on Fant dont NAP anyone on the other worlds or they dont get offered any NAPs and they get gnagbanged from 4 different directions and realisticlly have NO chance of survival.

Either way it is crap. Why should the Fant kingdoms have to die?

03:55:29 Sep 17th 09 - Mr. Drunkoldman:

the fant kingdom's can be the kd's that did best the previous era, then, if they suck and get killed quickly they'll restart and go for it again, if they stay alive, they'll get a lot better. it'll mean there's a faster shift in who wins each era, meaning there are going to be a lot more better players.

but maybe you guys don't want that :)

03:56:54 Sep 17th 09 - Lord Stewie Griffin:

thats wat has been happening already lol..

Juicy won the era and had to start on fant

Fate won last era and started on fant this era

03:57:54 Sep 17th 09 - Mr. Drunkoldman:

yeah, and now I'm getting to finally play on fant too :)

04:09:21 Sep 17th 09 - Mr. Mac Maharaja The Gandu:

no comment  :)

18:33:49 Sep 17th 09 - Mr. Elsin:

It's definitely something, but I wouldn't use the word sweet.

"Firstly, the scoring. to win the era, you need to have your buildings on fant."

Extra incentive for Fant kingdoms to NAP as many kingdoms on Fant (and other worlds) as possible to make the most of their home ground advantage (score-wise). Booting out the top kingdom requires that their Fant core/armies are destroyed. What motivation do they have risk their era win (via exploration) by engaging in counter-productive off world wars. Boredom?

"but maybe you guys don't want that :)"

If it means end to end eras of "lower maps" allying to gang bang the current "fantasia alliance" then no. I don't want that. What map your playing on should be completely irrelevant. You shouldn't need to migrate to Fantasia to be successful. Even more so with Zeta placing kingdoms.

Edit : need a better 50% rule? It needs to be removed...

02:41:02 Sep 18th 09 - Sir Gonads The Raging:

Whats wrong with ALL the best kingdoms starting on one big Fant map? That way the best fight it out on equal terms rather than the kingdoms that land on Fant getting 4 way attacked by strong kingdoms from other worlds. By reading the forums it seems that most of the experienced players didnt actually start on Fant this era..

If I was in a good kingdom I wouldn't want to be resigned to death by starting on Fant every era that I did well in.

06:51:59 Sep 18th 09 - Sir Pure The Italian Lambo:

Well I reckon they should put more kds on fant at the start like all the good kds maybe about the top 10 and then see how it works out because then there will be wars with pretty much everyone then we will see who is the best kd. Because noone has time to farm unless they mass nap.

14:30:24 Sep 19th 09 - Sir Struddle:

Such a lie I can totally farm during a war ;) besides if you wanna know how many NAP RVL has I'm pretty sure I'll be allowed to tell you at the end of the era and I can promise after we win the era and are on fant next era we wont NAP everyone that comes around.

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