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Glenn Beck is right
23:32:48 Apr 19th 11 - Mr. Roxbury Superhero:

A party of Tea.

Basically, Glenn Beck is the guy the Tea Party loons look towards for guidence. His talk about crisis, betrayal, doomsday and his contempt for politicians has made him one of the most hated on media personalities in the US.

Glenn Beck crying.

Before getting fired from his prominent spot on Fox News, he rose to fame on that same channel in a fit of patriotism and weeping when he told his viewers how much he loves his country.

Jon Stewart cheerful.

His greatest nemesis on the left side of the political spectrum, Jon Stewart, spends much of his show ridiculing Glenn Beck for his religious, erratic, controversial behavior

Ben has a printing press.

But the things Glenn Beck rallies against are actually coming true. The disrespect for authorities like the FED chief Ben Bernanke,


and Beck insisting that you buy gold with your savings, and his talk of financial crashes to come.. these things are actually coming true.

Empty condos without buyers.

In China, the US biggest creditor, there is a banking/housing/inflation bubble the like have never been seen in the world. Whole towns abandoned as ghost cities just as they have been built, because no one can afford to rent the homes at market prices. The banks that financed the housing bubble and the people who buy at these inflated prices will all go down once the bubble bursts.

Greeks retire at age 45.

In Europe, bad loans are causing an imminent default in the economies of Greece and Portugal. Ireland, Spain, England and Italy are next, and will need to be bailed out by other European taxpayers. If countries like Greece goes bankrupt, the German banks that lent them the money will collapse.

My other ride runs on oil.

In Saudi Arabia, the oil is running out. The middle East is burning.

Fresh from the financial crisis of 2008, the US still havent recovered. The US is actually in a recession, but the FED is printing money to give the impression of a working economy, while the inflation is at 10% a year and the dollar is losing all its value.

Ipad 0.2beta.

So actually, the guy that is getting ridiculed the most.. Glenn Beck.. is the guy that is turning out to be right. Thats right, I said it.

02:10:31 Apr 23rd 11 - Sir Sorra:

He's not so much a Nut for his economic views, he simply patriots them from more reputable economists who have said the same

He is a nut for his political and geo-political (world) views

01:19:56 Apr 24th 11 - Mr. Rebecca Black:

Roxberry, you'll need to change your demographic target when trolling.

Most American VUers are 15 years old and won't of heard of Glenn Beck and your post will have gone right over their heads.

05:27:01 Apr 24th 11 - Puppy Fracker:

Don't care what anyone says, that guy gives me the "creepy uncle" vibe. :|

23:53:47 Apr 25th 11 - Mr. Roxbury Superhero:

Yeah, trolling is not easy these days. Not even Glenn Beck will get ppl upset anymore heh..

02:30:52 Apr 27th 11 - Mr. Karl Marx:

Interesting and detailed post. No idea who Glenn Beck is, but the joke about Europe is acknowledged :)

05:59:47 Apr 27th 11 - Mr. Iceberg:

Troll efforts==wasted
feeding anyways.

Anyone can spout crap and be correct sometimes. Not impressed.

06:29:32 Apr 27th 11 - Puppy Fracker:

eh, I'm just so desensitized by political bs from ALL politicians. lol

06:30:03 Apr 27th 11 - Sir Kronos The Belated:

I really need to recognize trolls! I read that all seriously and what not prepared to attack your view :P

07:27:49 Apr 27th 11 - Mr. Iceberg:

first lesson in troll identification: Glenn Beck is one of the biggest trolls in the modern media. Just talking about him attracts the attention of or indicates the presence of trolls.

03:30:05 May 1st 11 - Swedish chef Brashen:

Well to put your savings on Gold is stupid!

if Armagedom comes I will go strong out of it thanks to all the money I put into clocks and Swords!

Everyone will need a good blade after judgement day!

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