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Good Use of an Inactive
02:06:44 May 28th 22 - Lady Jasmina:

What a good ingame use of an inactive player?

If someone comes online once per day or even once per two days

First thing comes to mind is fill up an important blocker
But the way map plotting is done, blockers are useless
You could do an Arc type of play, build a massive city and turtle up
But you could argue how benefitial for the kingdom that is.

Another thing that comes to mind is protecting the magic city
At the moment that kinda looks to be best option for an inactive 
Protect magic, send army you trained there to defend the MC 

Anyone got any better ideas?

02:23:30 May 28th 22 - Konspyre (Mr. Misterious):

Why not just have him/her mage? Don't count him as a main mage in your kingdom's strategy for the era, but if he only logs in once per two days at the worst, he can atleast move pez, get mu+mt trained, and do some high-loss yolo casts as he sees fit.

that said though, if someone only logs in once per two days, they probably just shouldn't play at all :|

03:16:40 May 28th 22 - Princess Ayesha The High Priestess:

Not sure if its better to do yolo casts then to defend an actual mage :P

Trying to figure out a role that actually has benefit for the kingdom :P

If someone wants to play but does not have time, I do not want to say don't play :)
Someone could also play Human and just build up, and while online clear the market for players or something like that. Just trying to find useful ways to play

09:24:51 May 28th 22 - Marquess Whoop:

Defend some well blocking blockers

Protect the mage

Buy up stones, and stg, but coordination with your KD is required and everyone needs to sell their stones on the market when the inactive player is online

Farm and send out a strong army to very good protected cities to attack, and cities that require huge prep times.

Inactive players are always useful.

10:35:27 May 28th 22 - Venomz (High Warlord Sporadikos):

Don't want them to own the blocker. Need someone who can quickly rebuild walls.

Mage for big casts would probably be best.

17:19:22 May 29th 22 - Edi (Sir Edi The Great):

What are big casts?

You mean high level, plague?
Or important casts? Inactive might not be around for important freeze?

Also early and mid era would be mostly useless?
This would be effective once reaching +1 mill mages?

By the way, anyone up to write a guide of whats most effective build for late era big magic casting?

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