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Hai Guis
20:10:03 Mar 20th 11 - Mr. Devi:

Where you guys at?

21:08:31 Mar 20th 11 - Pirate Lewatha:

ugh, you, go away.

22:53:17 Mar 20th 11 - Mr. Friendly Forum User:

give me a hug you fat fuck

23:02:53 Mar 20th 11 - Mr. Vulgar Smurf:

Hello Devi, 

How ya doing :) 
Been a while since I touched your private places :P

euhm I mean that I spoke to you :P

hang on mIRC once in a while :P
Greetz, Fordius

00:02:42 Mar 21st 11 - Mr. Devi:

Ahhh Ford you of all people know they aint so private anymore...not since that night in Bangcock...

Lewatha you missed me and you know it...Im impossible to not miss....

16:07:49 Mar 24th 11 - Mr. Leonardo Vinci:

i love you devi

16:08:32 Mar 24th 11 - Mr. Leonardo Vinci:

you will forever have a place in my left ventricle

03:31:44 Apr 4th 11 - Mr. Fizban:

Wow, the game still exists. 

Decided to poke my head in here for nostalgia. 

Nice to see Devi, Ford and Lew are still around as well.

Legacy ftw! ;-)

05:45:32 Apr 4th 11 - Mr. Terrorist Yumamy Laik Diq:

Hello fizban,

hehe I was gone 7 months myself :P
And decided to give it a look and a try :P
To be honest my experience so far about the game is nothing positive lol :P pretty boring and static to be honest :)

So you going to try the game again or are you just looking :P

Cheers Fordius

21:07:17 Apr 4th 11 - Mr. Fizban:

Just looking and seeing who all is still around. Between going back to school and then sneaking in an occasional strategy game via Steam, I couldn't watch VU like a hawk like I used to, and to be good at this game, you need to do that. To win, I think you had to buy up bonus turns/days.

In short, the game has probably passed me by. ;-)

21:48:27 Apr 4th 11 - Mr. Sladius Maximus:

dear god fizban o.0 jokes....
You dont have to watch it like a hawk but it helps and the bts well it helps but you don't need them to win... :p and who ze he'll is devi?? :S

02:10:45 Apr 5th 11 - Duke Drakos:

hey Devi, long time no "Freeze". :p

05:37:53 Apr 5th 11 - Mr. Jack Hair:

lol, I was just talking about you yesterday Fizban. Game hasnt changed to much, lil things but its the same for the most part.

Whats up old man Drakos, it has been a while since you cast on me, lol.

10:25:18 Apr 6th 11 - Mr. Cyberassassin:

11:29:37 Apr 6th 11 - Mr. Abu Musab Alzarqawi:

my o my

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