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Halfers are OP to the point of
16:00:27 Mar 14th 10 - Grumpy old Hasbeen Bastard:

it being laughable...


20:18:22 Mar 14th 10 - Mr. Arthur Dent:

You're a grumpy old bastard.

22:08:39 Mar 14th 10 - Mr. Rocknrolla:

He is a grumply old halfling bastard.

01:42:53 Mar 15th 10 - Grumpy old Hasbeen Bastard:

And i still say nerf Halfers because this is just silly. Other races don't stand a chance against a halfer. Period.

01:52:20 Mar 15th 10 - Grumpy old Hasbeen Bastard:

Ok, seriously now, you people ok with halfers the way they are? Outgrowing and outpumping pretty much anyone by pretty much any margin they set in their puny little halfer head?

I started almost a week late into the game, outgrown everybody in the KD after a few days, had an econ that scared even Ali out of his socks by the time most other races struggled to *hope* for their first million per tick and if it weren't for the utter drudgery of farming and using an anal stimulator i would probably still be doing that now. But as it is, i simply started dumping the aforementioned sick income into troops and guess what - nothing outpumps a halfer. .Ever. For no bloody reason.

And don't say "upkeep is a nerf". With the amount of troops a halfer *can* produce if he/she so wishes the upkeep is just a handy little stopgap, preventing an utter slaughter of everything in a halfers way without even a pause.

Add to this an extremely overpowered "freeze" and you have a complete mess of a game, where you simply cannot stop a halfer, unless you go *utterly* defensive which basically means everyone has to turn into a defensive hoe, and i doubt that was the intention ZeTa was gunning for when smoking his last wad of crack on that blitzed evening, when he came up with these latest changes...

/rant off :p

02:54:46 Mar 15th 10 - Mr. Skinnyvinny:

i havn't noticed halfers over powered.  OOP nothing stops them but later game i havn't seen much but i am not fighting many halfers so i don't know the whole story.

07:22:19 Mar 15th 10 - Sir Jesus Left Toe The Avenger:

@ Skinnyvinny
That might be cause Arthos V has his armies running around inside our core, killing everthing in his path. :(

07:53:55 Mar 15th 10 - Chancellor Ademo The Pegasus:

Halfer are hardly unstoppable..

08:13:56 Mar 15th 10 - Lord Himanil X:

Who the hell is this guy.

08:31:52 Mar 15th 10 - Mr. Zeus:

Well depends on how you see halfers being overpowered.

Military defense wise it's really garbage what Halfers get
for the price. But in return you get the eco to train twice as many troops to balance them up. If you can get your adventures working than maybe it can be really usefull.

But don't you agree on halfer defensive quality?
We need twice the numbers of troops against other races to compeet so it's not strange that you can achieve a quicker higher income.
And it also depends on your situation your in HEMA for example you get some luxure problems and good members helping you with good armies.
If you have a kd thats less than the halfers aren't coming out as nice as you make them.

15:03:47 Mar 15th 10 - King Berkeley The Disheartened:

Lord Himanil X


02:13:56 Mar 15th 10
Who the hell is this guy.
Raistlin.  Check the names of eras.  Should be about 4.

17:20:11 Mar 15th 10 - Lady Bookworm:

Lord Himanil X


07:13:56 Mar 15th 10
Who the hell is this guy.




I completely agree with Raist. I had one of/the strongest armies in Hema. It took a halfer 2 ticks to prep a city I was in and kill everything. I'm not complaining at my loss of an army, thats happened twice this era already :P I'm just saying nobody stands a chance against halfers, especially ones who know what they're doing and even more so, ones that have excellent magic support.

17:36:29 Mar 15th 10 - Mr. Zeus:

Bookworm I presume your speaking of me ?
I'm only at my second era. And having a good magic support is good teamwork.

But halfers aren't that great I needed like what x20 troops to be able to win against you? Thats not really great is it I mean my upkeep compared to yours and almost equal strenght. That sounds fair ?

Strongest troop that halfers have is an adventure = 8 compared to a warlord that is even cheaper and has 10/10 thats the difference.
It just depends on what playground you play if I played on yours I would prolly have been beaten you played on ours and got beaten.

Again I think halfers aren't overpowered. It's just you gotta play them decent and watch out for your defenses. Cause halfer defensive is just pathetic.
And I don't know who raistlin is either.
But thats not important what is important is that he explored alot. That explains his income.

Grumpy old Hasbeen Bastard, member of Hematolagnia has won 0 battles (0%) and captured 0 cities. He has 15 cities with a total of around 466,000 buildings.

17:52:07 Mar 15th 10 - Lady Bookworm:

Yeah well if I was still alive, my army wouldn't be that powerful compared to most people as it was a couple days ago :P

It was my own fault anyway, lots of things I could of done which I didn't. Alas, things happen for a reason. Plus I can't help but go out drinking at awkward times!


You may need x20 troops and you're army upkeep may suck, but the amount of income you guys have is, provided you get some spoils or are able to farm is unreal. I'm sure if ZeTa doesn't nerf Halfers, we'll be seeing alot more of them next era.

17:57:04 Mar 15th 10 - Mr. Zeus:

Well when I read the forums to learn.
I've seen there are era's that different races dominate.

I mean every race has his speciality that dominated over the other.
Dwarfs than Orcs than Elfs maybe now Halflings. It's nearly impossible to make a real balanced races cause that would mean a stalemate or someone has to manage to outgrow an other.

Specialties are important to make mixing races. and judging over the average. There are lots of Big Trolls or Orcs now too.
And dwarfs even they have better troops as halfers and a slightly better eco especially that they don't need wood.

I don't think halfer outmatch many races. Its pretty much comparable with trolls and stuff. But what do I know its just my second era right.

19:42:28 Mar 15th 10 - Dr. Demon Toe:

IMHO Halfers are way overpowered oop. After oop (if you last that long :P) everyone else has the chance to crank level 5s and hurt halfers if you have good magic support.

19:44:51 Mar 15th 10 - Mr. Sandoran:

halfers own the shit out of everything, period.
We get half the building prices, so that means a LOT more income, with our cheap OP if you train ponies, and our lots and lots of gold if you train advents, We Own Everything.
I know a way to balance races! Boats!
I agree though, nerf them, it's just not funny anymore.

19:46:03 Mar 15th 10 - Dr. Demon Toe:

no to boats

20:58:41 Mar 15th 10 - Grumpy old Hasbeen Bastard:

King Berkeley The Disheartened: It's actually 6 the last time i checked (pardon my vanity, it's part of the whole Dark Lord spiel :-> )

21:12:30 Mar 15th 10 - Grumpy old Hasbeen Bastard:

Zeus: Have you in your "two eras of gameplay" managed to completely overlook the fact that attacking is just something you do to break the monotony of farming? It serves no purpose and (quite sadly might i add) it gets countered really easily, especially if one wants to ruin the game for everyone. Of course i'm not going to discuss that, as there would be people trying it out, but just remember - attacking is only a useful pastime on your way to a win (if you find it in you to actually want one).

14:03:26 Mar 16th 10 - Mr. Chaos Legna:

You cant outfarm a halfer but you sure as hell can out kill them >=)

I'll take my 200k troops walking speed to your 1mil to counter my Troll army ;)

14:39:19 Mar 16th 10 - Mr. Arthur Dent:

I say keep it as it is.  Bout time halfers get a boost ;)

18:53:50 Mar 16th 10 - Grumpy old Hasbeen Bastard:

Zeus - convinced yet? *sigh*
This is just silly...

19:16:32 Mar 16th 10 - Mr. Zeus:

Again like I said I just believe what I read. I'm to new to make a real call here. But judging  by what I've read in the forums over the era's there have always been a dominating race and that always will have to be that way.
or Rather it has to be a certain race dominating over an other and stuff.
I've read the suggestions to lots of good suggestions are being made.
And maybe yes halfers could be tweaked but like I said before with vu history in mind it would mean the coming few era's is going to be the era of the halfers.

And I know you've got a pretty good army but I got no numbers to tell if I am going to be amazed or not. And like you could have seen I got beaten by a troll yesterday. Means that other race still are pretty good in fighting back. Like you might now my army ain't that weak either and being defeaten by a troll means something.
Besides that if I compare myself as halfer to my other races in the kd
I would find them all are almost equal in strenght to me. Only they pay less upkeep than me and need lower amount of troops than I do.

19:33:15 Mar 16th 10 - Mr. Rocknrolla:

Bear in mind you slaughtered a big troll army, slaughtered an above average one, slaughtered a good halfer one, then split stuff off from your army.

And only then a troll was able to beat you. Its called attrition, you arent supposed to be able to kill an entire kingdom by yourself, that would be ridiculously overpowered. But you still killed alot of armies that would be big if halfers werent considered.
Just because you couldnt do it all yourself doesnt mean that the races are providing a fight back against halfer.

00:25:44 Mar 17th 10 - Grumpy old Hasbeen Bastard:

Ali: You are throwing pearls to swine. If somebody doesn't want to see something you may as well stick it into his forehead and hang a flag on it for all the good it will do.

Zeus: The troll win was pure coincidental luck, you know that. While i am not complaining about Q getting lucky, it still only proves a point. My army isn't amazing. It shouldn't be amazing either. The only thing about it that defies sense is the amount of time and income i had to spend to get it. Show me who of the mentioned races can replace a lost army as easily as a developed halfer? Upkeep? Sure. We pay heavy upkeep. But the armies pouring forth are rather monstrous as well.

And we haven't even touched upon the "god how pointless it is to actually fight somebody the way things are right now".

00:35:59 Mar 17th 10 - King Berkeley The Disheartened:

Grumpy old Hasbeen Bastard


14:58:41 Mar 15th 10
King Berkeley The Disheartened: It's actually 6 the last time i checked (pardon my vanity, it's part of the whole Dark Lord spiel :-> )

6? Ah, I spent about 2 minutes checking and I had just woken up haha.

15:53:01 Mar 17th 10 - Duchess Cawkmaster:

anyone can pour out a big army if they know how and are active enough. Halfer just make the farming aspect to getting a large army easier than other races.....

One race will be seen as overpowered each era because they have a slight or slightly more than slight advantage in area x over the other races and the good players choose to exploit it.

In the same respect, if only newbs played halfer and all the vets played troll this era then people would be calling for a nerfing of troll as opposed to halfling.

06:43:06 Mar 18th 10 - Mr. Seamus The Cluricaun Tripod:

The truth is some players could play a race if arthritic donkeys and win an era. Raist is one such player.. ;) 

13:28:12 Mar 18th 10 - Wolflord Karac:

Arthritic donkeys are a force to be reckoned with.

I just restarted as a halfer yesterday, and already have an income larger than most of my kd =( Granted we are being pushed back, but less than 24 hours after restarting, having over 500k income is a bit ridiculous lol.

15:35:25 Mar 18th 10 - Grumpy old Hasbeen Bastard:

Halfers are retarded. I had a 750K OP pony spam army ready within 7 ticks of losing my 2 mill op one. And if it weren't for my complete lack of dedication to this game i could have simply taken that army and started a fighting retreat, prolonging the battle to the point where my second main army could merge up with it and again waltz around with a 3-4 mill OP behemot.

Within 24hrs of losing the original? C'mon. Seriously now. People can say whatever they want, but halfers are a bit out of whack this era...

08:30:40 Mar 21st 10 - Duchess Cawkmaster:

lol and?
I know of an elf with 3.6M raw OP.... and apparently they're the worst race around....

It's really not the race, its the person who plays it and how they play it.

09:18:52 Mar 21st 10 - Lady Bookworm:

I somehow doubt that Elf did it within 24 hours like Raist said if you read it properly. He probably farmed all era, or got massive spoils. Whats more, is that you said it 3 days after Raist, I'm sure if he sat on his arse with no threats whoring up he'd be looking at over 5mill by now.

Plus you're saying it's not the race, it's the person who plays it. I might have to point out your saying that to the greatest halfer to ever grace the game.

11:43:28 Mar 21st 10 - Mr. Hartonius:

i agree, halver eco is amazing straight out in the error, but i am playing them atm and the military side is shocking atm, yes atm i might have to biggest army in nirvana BUT that is only in numbers, i cant kill ANYTHING with it. Halvers cannot afford to go 100% military production and must keep their economy going all era and must keep building mines and other resources. I believe that if u can force a halver to play defence and keep the pressure on them, then they can easily be over come

11:47:50 Mar 21st 10 - Mr. Hartonius:

also my gold price for building buildings is horrendous!!!

11:49:38 Mar 21st 10 - Mr. Zeus:

I very well doubt that Hartonius. Or you wanna try out your army vs me or Grumpy ?
Halfers military is indeed pretty strong but you gotta keep balancing the eco too. Grumpy like I stated before you had not warred or fight a single battle since you and me met on the battlefield. Meaning you could get up your eco up alot. Compared to those who were warring. They won't have it as easy on building up the eco as they still have to balance there army ( upkeep ).

13:38:19 Mar 21st 10 - Emperor Death Proof of Indonesia:

1. Dont argue with Raist/Grumpy..ever. You're not going to win.

2. It IS who is playing the race. with a seasoned vet at the reigns, a halfer is too overpowering, and I agree with what he's saying...
3. be thankful he's even spreading wisdom ;)

00:39:38 Mar 22nd 10 - Mr. Chaos Legna:

Halfers the new superpower! Only reason they werent last era or before was well cause elves were hear to slaughter them XD

14:24:05 Mar 23rd 10 - Wolflord Karac:

Halfers are damn great this era. Because they kill all the trolls and elves trying to get going lol.

I came OOP two days ago and already have a 500k army and almost two mill income. Ridiculous lol.

14:39:42 Mar 23rd 10 - Grumpy old Hasbeen Bastard:

"almost 2 mill income" is all you've managed?

I'm sorry to say this but you, my dear boy, suck. With the current protection plan and income boost and all the little perks you get from restarting you should come OOP with at least 3 mill income with productivity shot to smithereens. Which should/could/would boost you over time to a steady behemoth of an income.

But alas you have proven my point, even the likes of Karac can squeeze something out of Halfers. 'Nuff said.

15:07:43 Mar 23rd 10 - Mr. Zeus:

What point does he prove ? 500k farmers isnt something to be proud off.
also starting on what world ? and stuff is important too and the huge boost later on era.

I think zeta should remove the high prod bonus from stuff when you restart on the same world later on.
Anyways besides the point previous era when I started on midgard as human I had around 200k archers almost right OOP I mean what's the proof that he gives about the 500k army ? There is lots of people that talk big too.
But if you wanna change halfers make the -50% buildcost to -25% buildcost.
and take away the -25% upkeep cost maybe but change there troops cause they are crap. It's obvious that halfers suck at military compared to any other races but are better in growing.

15:36:21 Mar 23rd 10 - Mr. And Ezzington:

You know something's wrong with the game when that soppy Slovak can get over 2m income without having half his kd feed him cities.

17:50:24 Mar 23rd 10 - Grumpy old Hasbeen Bastard:

Hehe, Swifty such bitterness doesn't become you :->

18:16:47 Mar 23rd 10 - Mr. Tyrgalon:

halfer troops should be crap, thats the whole idea...donīt start making them to a troll or orc...I suggest change the building cost, 50% is extreme.

15:29:18 Mar 24th 10 - Wolflord Karac:

Grumpy old Hasbeen Bastard


08:39:42 Mar 23rd 10
"almost 2 mill income" is all you've managed?

I'm sorry to say this but you, my dear boy, suck. With the current protection plan and income boost and all the little perks you get from restarting you should come OOP with at least 3 mill income with productivity shot to smithereens. Which should/could/would boost you over time to a steady behemoth of an income.

But alas you have proven my point, even the likes of Karac can squeeze something out of Halfers. 'Nuff said.


As I said, almost two mill, with a 500k army and a second on the way. I didn't go straight for income OOP as we are in the midst of a war. If I had 3+ mill would have been easily accomplished, even with just 100k ponies, but alas, 100k was not enough.

So, sure maybe some people consider me to suck, but as it is I see only one halfer better than me in this game, you. So how bout get off your high horse and act like a human being? Some of us have to protect our kd, not farm for most of protection. So sure, if raist can farm he's the best halfer in the game, nuff said. Unfortunately, not all of us have the benefit of a big protective kd.

15:38:02 Mar 24th 10 - Grumpy old Hasbeen Bastard:


i r human... again...

Hooo Silver... my faithful one... begone! You are no longer needed!


12:27:44 Mar 26th 10 - Mr. Unknown:

Halfers are OP'ed to the point that Karac can kill another army with them. 'Nuff said.

12:37:12 Mar 26th 10 - Mr. Tyrgalon:

lol... :P

14:55:22 Mar 28th 10 - Wolflord Karac:

Please unknown, come on over, we'll see how you fair no matter what race I play.

18:40:25 Mar 28th 10 - Grumpy old Hasbeen Bastard:

All jesting aside. I stand by my initial observation, especially when paired with the insane boost you get for "being small". Granted, the rather huge upkeep you have to live with if you want to field proper OP mid-late era takes a big chunk out of your liquid assets, but it still doesn't offset the fast retrain/rebound rate you have as a halfer, especially considering the eliminated need for dedicated armories.

And this is enough of me ranting.


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