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Has anyone been playing longer
19:59:02 Apr 6th 21 - HorusPanic (Darth Panic):

I'm Mr Fukkup (spelled correctly, one word, #22)

20:09:33 Apr 6th 21 - Mr. Gandalf The White:

Yes, i saw RoxBury in multiple Betas. When you didn't use your original name, so it's not verified that it was you :)) 

But still, we can trust you.

20:10:38 Apr 6th 21 - Senturu (Lord Forge):

yeah im not that old lol, been playing since Era 15. 

20:33:18 Apr 6th 21 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Stirlin):

You donít look like the old fukkup 

Iím draiken

20:59:44 Apr 6th 21 - Jack Daniels The drunk (Dragonlord Green Knight of The Wild Vine):

stirlin did you lead a KD called dragon knights of legend?

22:41:05 Apr 6th 21 - Mr. Hipster:

201 Lone wolf here! Represent!

Wow the time more then 200 people played

22:41:34 Apr 6th 21 - HorusPanic (Darth Panic):

I went to school with Heimdall, he introduced me to the game

22:54:15 Apr 6th 21 - Mr. Gandalf The White:

Put a Human Right case on his name. He helped taking out good amount of time from your life. Imagine what couldnt you do with those times :)

23:31:37 Apr 6th 21 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Stirlin):

Jack Daniels no I didnít, I only played/lead good kds

18:33:24 Apr 14th 21 - Mr. Mythicpriest:

I had to deep dive because of course I've had to create a new account since....freaking HS but this was the farthest back character I could find/remember. Era Of Drakien:

118 King Wind Magican Broken Mirror

Probably the highest I ever scored tbh.

Broken MirrorDwarf35633

05:18:22 Sep 2nd 21 - SFD (Duke Sfd):

Been gone a while seemed like a good place to ask a questions,

Where is this game going? I've just come back to check up and it's like 40 give or take people on fant.. I swear we used to have KDs of like 30/20 (I can't remember) 

Any plans to update for the future? (I don't mean update for the game, the game is fucking amazing and always has been) I mean update for the times. 

I've just shown up so idkno how long an era lasts with 40 people on a world, but 40 people, on fant???

Zeta you have something amazing in this game, there is a reason I've thought about this game since fuck idkno the age of 13/14 give or take when justanius font told me at school.

Idkno what the future is for the game, let me know because I've been gone a while,zeta may have said something I missed 

09:20:58 Sep 3rd 21 - Bran (Mr. Bran):

Most people realised 15 years ago that this game wasnt going to go anywhere. the remaining player base are just old players who never kicked the habit. I feel like ive logged into an online drug den. the first step to recovery is admitting you are addicted to VUahol

10:35:38 Sep 3rd 21 - Prophet Hanky:

hahaha bran. 

i joined 15 years ago.

iím second era of draiken.

you and stirlin never play your the worst kind.

your one of us but you forgot how to have fun and lost your souls XD

10:36:49 Sep 3rd 21 - Prophet Hanky:


Iím a Prophet now.

lick it XD

10:37:55 Sep 3rd 21 - Prophet Hanky:

or are you saying everyone left because i joined? XD

10:44:10 Sep 3rd 21 - Prophet Hanky:

you just abuse us lol. 

i mean XD

i think you have more exp than me bran lol

18:44:30 Sep 3rd 21 - Bran (Mr. Bran):

hanky i cant tell, was someone else posting in between your 4 back to back posts and did a mod delete them?

and so you know i joined era 23 so not even that early

19:24:22 Sep 3rd 21 - Prophet Hanky Panky:

No it was just me talking to myself XD

19:55:49 Sep 3rd 21 - Prophet Hannah:

Sometimes when people are beneath you

There is no other option but to talk to yourself
Or to another Prophet

23:01:02 Sep 5th 21 - SFD (Duke Sfd):

Bran <3 

Yeh I was so confused at who hanky was talking to XD 
<3 hanky 

01:21:47 Sep 6th 21 - Mr. Thogrim Dooblade:

Trust me every one who read this was confused.

10:39:29 Sep 6th 21 - Prophet Hanky Panky:

lololol XD

<3 Hannah 

<3 SFD

</3 Bran

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