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Hello there
01:29:29 Jul 15th 17 - Struddles (Toaster Struddle):

Just figured I'd come back and say hi it's been a while how is everyone? Any fun wars going on?

Anyone need a mostly useless semi active old noob to add to their group?

02:05:32 Jul 15th 17 - King Justanius Fontainius XXXVI:

I remember you from rebirth if I am correct. But I dont think I was active at the time. Plus that description fits everyone still playing the game lol. Welcome back. 

09:08:55 Jul 15th 17 - Pirate Lewatha:

Hi struddles! 

14:13:44 Jul 15th 17 - Struddles (Toaster Struddle):

How's it going Lew been a while. Thanks Justanius nice to see some old friends still around!

14:23:26 Jul 15th 17 - Pirate Lewatha:

I actually just started playing again as well! You were in Retribution with me if I remember correctly, right?

Hit me up if you're looking for a Fant kingdom ;)

14:52:30 Jul 15th 17 - Cao Cao (Duke Cao Cao):

Welcome back mate, always good to see a familiar face :)

15:02:45 Jul 15th 17 - Xerxes The Great (High King Xerxes):

Yes Struddles, great to see you back. It as was I who posted on your YouTube video lol. 

15:24:43 Jul 15th 17 - Princess Aisha:

Welcome back Struddles :-) <3

16:27:54 Jul 15th 17 - Prince Chade:

oi mate :)))

17:27:25 Jul 15th 17 - Struddles (Toaster Struddle):

Ya Lew I'll join can't promise overwhelming activity like when I was a mage I'm ret but I'll be somewhat active.

Also hello everyone it's been quite a long time!

01:49:22 Jul 20th 17 - Lord Reddragon Thefearsome:

Hiya struggles!

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