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Hello to all you newer Players
11:58:23 May 29th 13 - Electric (Electric Galactic Avenger):

Hey new players, or even players with a couple era's under there belt welcome to our super addicting game(once you get into it)

 I know there's alot of you recently, after talking to a few of you and playing with a couple also.

Tell me/us your story how you found us, whats your first race, your first battle experience, did you survive till the end of the era? or did you get slaughtered by some Jerk :P

12:04:32 May 29th 13 - SFD (Duke Safety First Dude):

my first era, i joined a world and made a KD called "clones" with another new player, i think his name was gravedigger or something along those lines.

We had a KDless guy just N,W of our possition and we thought we were unstopable with a 30k income, sent out like 100 troops and the guy sent a huge army and almost killed us, then my friend who got me into the game "justanius fontanius" left his KD who was at the N,E corner stopped what he was doing and sent a Huge Dwarf army and kicked the guys ass.
I cant remember the who the KDless guy was but i met him again like 10 era's later.

End of story :P

20:26:00 May 29th 13 - Dakarta (Lord Dacarta):

My first era.. Was about a year ago 5/16 on Mantrax with the KD Shogunate. My first race was halfling. I was brought into the game by Kreed. I came in mid-era so I didn't really get much out of it or remember much. I remember getting crushed by Endless though.

11:02:39 May 30th 13 - Thunderdome (Mr. Zanpaktou):

My first era was era 43 under the name Mr.Airborn. I started as an Elf. I did not know much of the game, but i started figure it out by myself by reading on the forums. Then in era 44 i joined Brotherhood of the Wolf. There i learned alot from my KD members. I was still an elf and learned how to use magic.

12:02:44 May 30th 13 - Mr. Jack Frost:

I can't remember much from my early vu days to be honest. What I do remember is that there were no worlds like fantasia, mantrax, etc. Those come later on, and everyone was just simply on the same map. There were also a few ranks your leader could promote you to, and it would show those ranks on the forums. (eg., mr, sir, viceroy, king, etc). 

I remember when I first started, I landed kingdomless. There were other kingdomless players near me, but only one of which was actually playing. We agreed not to attack eachother. Shortly afterwards, I joined the saiyan empire, and they were having a huge war. I didn't have much to do with them since I was so far away though. I built 5 cities pretty early, had 4000 troops which I thought was huge and would kick arse, but it got slaughtered when I attacked some random player from another kingdom. She then proceeded to slaughter me with a huge army. Not even training something like 15k troops(im guessing) was enough. Someone called goku (i think) ended up "sort of" training me, and I later joined soldier, then mirror, then some kd I can't remember for the 3 man kd era, and quit half way through that era. I came back an era after the good vs evil era, joined dorian empire, then legion, then shogunate, then abydos, then quit shortly after they disbanded. I've showed up every now and then since, but not really play much. This is my first proper era ever since the abydos disbanding in 2007(or possibly 2008, don't remember). Sorry for the rambling :P

13:33:58 May 30th 13 - Bran (Mr. Franz Liszt):

i quite enjoyed your rambling

15:18:22 May 30th 13 - Azaruc (Mr. Azaruc The Wise):

You've been in Mirror? :o under which name?

15:40:00 May 30th 13 - SFD (Lord Spying For Death):

yeh i agree with bran :P
I remember a Goku but not sure where from, was he in GOTF?

18:17:25 May 30th 13 - Tyr (Sir Tyrgalon):

You might be talking about gokken :)

18:34:26 May 30th 13 - Bran (Duke Bran):

i beleive he was rebirth?

19:06:10 May 30th 13 - Princess Blood Rayne:

I remember my first era in Visual Utopia, I do not know how I found the game, but considering I had no friends, I was not invited but I guess I found it by myself. So I started without a kingdom, did not know anything, I started building, with no vision over anything and I think it was in lower world, where 50% rule was there. 

So after a while there was some veteran player coming with his army, so I rushed to my city and closed my gates to prevent him from coming in my town. The guy was not going to my town as I had protection but when he noticed I closed he came to my city and killed me. All I had were some scouts and one town on a different location. 

So I rushed over the map, and then I got a letter from Ms Bubbles saying she wants to make a kingdom and that she wants to invite me. I accepted the invite and she helped me survive the era, we made the kingdom called Odyssey. Later she turned her name to Mia and my name was Jasmina back then, and we were in kingdom Odyssey for 6 eras I think. She went inactive, and I went different path then

I went to join Brotherhood of Wolves, for just one era I think, after that I joined Abydos for two eras, started hanging around with veterans, learning about the game. Then I was called to go to Rebirth, lots of nice people there that turned out to be my best friends in the game, that was probably the best kingdom I was in, best time for me in VU.... 

After that there was a phase where I joined most of the best kingdoms in the game like Hot Inactive Veterans lead by Binh, then Fate, Fear, and few others that were quite powerful, I learnt alot so I would like to thank all of them that helped me. 

Another important kingdom for my VU career were the Gladiators, a small kingdom od very skilled players, I learnt a lot there, about fighting larger kingdoms, using guerrilla tactics, and as I like to say, becoming quite skilled at the game. I have been in other kingdoms like Guild of the Fallen, and few others, not easy to remember them all. 

19:08:15 May 30th 13 - Princess Blood Rayne:

Looking at the thread, hello to newer players, blushing

Well I am no newer player, but I just wanted to share, so others would do the same :) And I am very friendly, so if any of the newer players need advice or anything let me know, I am happy to help.

00:36:28 May 31st 13 - Electric (Electric Galactic Avenger):

Appericate your post Jasmine :P

09:35:22 Jun 2nd 13 - Ms. Galactic Gaurdian:

I somtimes like to watch Star Trek.. Does that make me a Trekky?

12:21:03 Jun 2nd 13 - SFD (Lord Spying For Death):

star trek is awsome, Cpt janeway is a milf or whatever her name is :D

12:51:24 Jun 2nd 13 - Princess Aisha:

You speak of Star Trek Voyager and Janeway is the woman you mention? :D

12:54:21 Jun 2nd 13 - SFD (Mr. Dfs):

janeway is far better ;P
although 7-9 or whatever it is, is mid way there rofl.

14:51:07 Jun 2nd 13 - Ms. Tuffy:

They just added her to put in sex appeal and what do you know it worked... All the other women have tended to be, not "unattractive" but butchy. 

17:57:03 Jun 4th 13 - King Damian Deallus The Ceiling Cat:

I remember my first era like it was yesterday...when in fact it was before I graduated high school (and I graduated from college a year ago...sad eh?).  I was on Zetamania with a handful of people I cannot remember the names of except Prince Sprout since I was in BURNT.  We basically waged war with Excalibur and the PHI Empire all era.  Was fun.  He gave me tips and walked me through everything.  Then I was with Zeon on Fant and fought alongside PKS against Dark Blood(I wanna say Legacy was to their northwest fighting them as well.  Actually I think I followed Slade from BURNT to Assassin's Creed (But we dropped in Fant) so we joined Zeon.  He always gave me bad luck. ;)  Few eras of Royal Order of Claidhmore, Retard Insertion Point (With Shezmu and Scientist), Abydos, Freedom Fighters, Hot Inactive Veterans, Girl Power, and then for some reason my history said I led Carnage...don't remember leading any kingdom haha.


Then I became a lazy mod who abused his powers.  /sarcasm.  Inactive mostly.


Shout out to my old friends...



03:18:23 Jun 5th 13 - Electric (Ms. Pulp Ficture):

you did lead carnage. 

03:52:05 Jun 5th 13 - Sir Shadow Hunter:

 I remember coming to this game with the warbook crew..(facebook game) i didnt particularly like it that much, so i didnt try the first era i was here. wasnt untill i had a chat with my besty Jenna that i started taking more of an active interest in it.

 First kd i was in was Dark. played there a few eras before leaving and making a nub kd called TZU with a few friends. After that we were spotted by Struddles and he invited us to join his kd Dynasty. from there we joined the remnants of the LGC crew in RVL (Revelation).

 Really learnt how to play well there, under the guidance of players like Roxbury, Elsin  Stirlin and co. We then merge HIV/RVL to make the kd Fear. we also introduced skype to vu as they were using the outdated IRC chat that we warbook players didnt like.

 Unfortunately i had a falling out with a few players when they made the Mantrax kd FW.. After leaving them i joined Music with Jenna. it was there i found the core of my new crew i usually play with. Kobu Jlt Braveheart to name a few.

 Took a small break came back and joined a few crews with the likes of TBL Barny Augh Bran etc.but ended up been playing in Jennas new kd Beothuk. just recently took another break but came to the lower worlds intent on just fun before going back to fant in an era or 2..  Cheers Mista Kool..


01:10:31 Jun 6th 13 - King Damian Deallus The Ceiling Cat:

Ms. Pulp Ficture


21:18:23 Jun 4th 13
you did lead carnage. 

Was I drunk or was this one of the eras where Scientist and I switched accounts? XD

14:07:14 Jun 6th 13 - Bran (Duke Bran):

i didnt realise charley even played vu, i thought he was just a pro forum troller

00:18:53 Jun 7th 13 - Stormy (Lord Stormcrow):

holy crap! havent seen charley in awhile

historys are messed up. One character of mine said i was in legacy....

carnage had maybe 2 official leaders? myself and venomz...i think yarlin led it in its dying days...

my first era was a short one in which i was killed by Mafia on

00:40:49 Jun 7th 13 - Venomz (Mr. Sapro):

Can't remember anyone but me or Stormcrow being in the leader position as long as Carnage was around.

Era: 14  Adelbert
23. Viceroy Venomz The Medieval Dogs Of War Troll 1490285

Era: 15 Leo
31. Sir Venomz Serenity Troll 3846450

Era: 16 Draiken
20. Sir Venomz Abydos Troll 1895030

Era: 17 Saint Paul
30. Sir Venomz Medieval Dogs of War Troll 774784

Era: 18 Sparker
224. Viceroy Venomz Medieval Dogs of War Troll 26803

Era: 19 Sparker 2nd
Didn't get on scores after dieying vs many of Legacy's 3 man kingdoms fighting together.
Stormcrow and me put up a good fight. Danny Boy went inactive..

Era 20: Hansel
22. Lord Venomoz Carnage Troll 69750

Era 21: Juchi
Score didn't get posted for me.
Did play in Carnage.

Era 22: Isabel
12. Mr. Venomz Heaven Troll 671246

Era 23: Draiken 2nd
93. Mr. Venomz Kingdom Hearts Orc 522132

Era 24: Ezatious
118. Mr. Venozz Carnage Troll 161237

Era 25: Virgin
23. Sir Venomz The Naked Carnage Troll 1471533

Era 26: Crissxcross
67. Sir Vencrow Carnage Elf 1103684

Era 27: Amon Hen
134. Sir Echion Carnage Orc 757974

Era 28: Dark Orion
34. Sir Zmonev Carnage Troll 2575578

Era 29: Asystole
10. Sir Iamthekingofallbugs Carnage Dwarf 8731650

Era 30: Lenard
111. Sir Anticloningclonevenomzismyname Carnage Halfling 1253958

Era 31: Grumpyoldbastard
- Deleted I think, Carnage did exist.

After this I played.. maybe 1 era and checked back in later around era 48.

Era 47
4th spot Mr. Venomz of Fate
Total land: 601323 Battles won: 31 Cities captured: 24
Total killed: 788611 Science lvls: 24 Total troops: 2.4 Million
F: 100% M: 0% Z: 0% S: 0% N: 0% V: 0% A: 0% T: 0% M: 0%'

^Some of my History.


Joined the game through a real life friend and brought in some friends from another game we used to play called 'Aegis' me and my friend both used to lead a kingdom there.. and there was also a US server we played on, we were in a kingdom called Medieval Dogs of War, hence the kingdom name when we started.

It was my first era, and it was a long one.. we put up a good fight against a kingdom called NARSSE and pretty much claimed victory that round on Mantrax.

My second era I think I started of in the kingdom called Mirror, and I met Fordius, looking for more players to join Serenity. It was the longest era I can remember.. I played troll and everyone would have a crazy income like 40M a tick and high science levels. I remember ownaging a couple of big unlimited cities back then. Great fun, was the time merges were still around and blockers couldn't just get Crush Walled etc.. We beat LGC but Draiken managed to take the era win with just having 1 big unlimited city left with a lot of troops with high exp.

After that era I played for Abydos, can't remember much.. apart from kingdomless Fordius being a dick to me and taking my big cities out of nowhere with his landdropped nazguls hehe.

Then played two era's for Medieval Dogs of War again on Fantasia and got beaten up pretty bad.

Era 19 was the era me and Stormcrow formed Carnage, a kingdom that had grown over the era's untill it had a big amount of players with a great atmosphere. The kingdom felt like we were all a bunch of friends knowing eachother for a long time already, we had great chats and I doubt any time to come will beat the good times I had in Carnage. We got a lot of people that were originally playing with me in my kingdom on Aegis into the game and play at a good level. We were one of the biggest kingdoms back in the day, but we didn't have the most active people. We were schooling some players, picking up untagged who had shown us potential. That way we picked up players who later on won era's. Dalak and Yarlin for example.

It was a great run with Carnage untill the kingdom suddenly got deleted. As I was managing Stormcrows account for a week as he was unable to do it cause his wife was in the hospital. The admin deleted both our accounts and so the kingdom was gone. It was a shame, I can't say multi-ing was a good thing.. it was bad, I was just trying to help a good friend out. after that era I didn't play actively and played on several lower worlds.

When I came back to the game two or so years ago I found out there was a kingdom using the same banner as I had once made and could see it were most of the people I used to play with, I ended up as #4 in that era and it was my best personal achievement.. after being gone for so long from the game I still 'had it' and I could enjoy it with the people I enjoyed playing with the most. But I had to leave VU as I couldn't be as active as I wanted to be.. but everyone who has played VU and had fun will come back to the game, if you're bored or just to see if any of the old players are still around.. you will come back. It's not just a game, it's a community.

Sorry for the long post,

05:47:45 Jun 7th 13 - Stormy (Lady Tassadar):

Carnage actually continued for several years but damn bro but noone cares, how the hell can you remember all that? I cant even remember what i ate for last night's dinner....

This does remind me of the changes zeta used to make back then. Anyone remember the 3-man kingdoms eras or the official relations bar?:P

05:57:45 Jun 8th 13 - King Damian Deallus The Ceiling Cat:

Duke Bran


08:07:14 Jun 6th 13
i didnt realise charley even played vu, i thought he was just a pro forum troller

I think the forum trolls would be offended at me being called a pro troller.  I think "Annoying Bastard" could work better.

19:31:13 Jun 8th 13 - Bran (Duke Bran):

maybe i confused you with septim :p

03:58:42 Jun 9th 13 - Fire Lord Crazy (Mr. Immolation Deathbear II):

I remember me and my mate starting playing this game and made a kingdom. took us a while to find out how, and like 20 goes with the name thing I think it was Era 13. We had about 2300 building each and thought we were top shit also , there was another kingdom north of us. the city looked huge to us ,we got all exited and talked how we were going to take it, and how we would rape with a city that size, so we started training troops I remember we were orcs and we trained like 120gaia 5 ogres couple of hammers something like that. and then something amazing happened I told my mate I was TRAINING A NAZGUL !!! (1 nazgul) I thought everyone was fcked I talked to my mate like ffck my army would rape yours. And then we both send are 100-300 armies att the same time to the city.  we ended up capturing alittle tiny city also and were so happy to receive 120000 gold from taking the city. But then we got near the bigcity and were prepping on it. BOOOMM this 10k army came. And we were like HOLYYY crap. Wtf Hacks this game is rigged Fck this shit . Run for the hills Faurkkk run. That's basically all I remember .

04:10:48 Jun 9th 13 - Mr. Orpheus:

hahahahahaha sounds exactly like my cousin when I tried to get him to play. He only played for 1 era though, and never came back, because apparently it was a "nerds game".

14:29:10 Jun 9th 13 - SFD (Duke Safety First Dude):

hahaha fire lord that made me get the giggle fits mann :D.

17:19:18 Jun 9th 13 - Prince Erythnul:

:-) Fire i bet 99% of the players had that same feeling when they started ( when you actually got excited logging in ... )

08:55:35 Jun 10th 13 - Ms. Tuffy:

My first era of Playing was with Beothuk on Fant two or was it three "fant" era's ago... I joined up tried my best, read alot of material in the guides section, and i also have gone back and read almost all of the public relations section. "flame city"  and tried to act like a pro.. I believe i failed in the aspect of acting... 

I found VU by looking at RTS games forum and someone had posted that this game was really good to try out, although it only had an over all rating of 6/10 Im glad that i tried this game out.. i have fallen in love... quick note: going to Fant your first era is a mistake, i dont know why everyone heres suggests that people do it.. that world isnt as fun its just full of personal vendettas and bull.

After being kicked out of beo for doing something.. i think i attacked a tagless player.. w/e i then went and played on Arma and Starta for a while as a kingdomless player and just tried to teach myself the best i could.. i failed

then i joined Battlestar Galactica on Zet and I have to say i dont know why everyone hates Electric but she has been a really great teacher, im ranked 10th on Zet and 7th on Nirvana now.. I know its not Fant but im proud of myself and thats all that should matter to anyone. 

I hope to continue playing in good kingdoms and trying my hardest to be a team player. 

19:34:10 Jun 11th 13 - King Damian Deallus The Ceiling Cat:

Duke Bran


13:31:13 Jun 8th 13
maybe i confused you with septim :p

Septim wasn't a troll, he was a spammer.  I think he would clarify the differences. :p

19:53:44 Jun 15th 13 - Ms. Six Pool Only:

After being kicked out of beo for doing something.. i think i attacked a tagless player.

you weren't kicked for attacking freddy, you were kicked because people didn't trust you and someone was leaking information.

21:46:18 Jun 15th 13 - Ms. Galactic Gaurdian:

oh well it wasent me... I didnt know anyone. 

05:55:28 Jun 17th 13 - King Damian Deallus The Ceiling Cat:

"then i joined Battlestar Galactica on Zet and I have to say i dont know why everyone hates Electric but she has been a really great teacher, im ranked 10th on Zet and 7th on Nirvana now.. I know its not Fant but im proud of myself and thats all that should matter to anyone. "

I think "she" is a he....or an "it"

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