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Help with computer issue
15:43:56 Jun 18th 16 - Princess Aisha:

I installed new windows 10 on my computer, the guy that installed it said its all good, that the system can support it, its a decent computer ,but now when ever I want to start some game, that would require the graphic card, it tells me that video card is not updated. I check the drivers, and it says
Microsoft Basic Display Driver
Even thought that is not what I have. When I go to control panel, hardware and decide management I can see the Display Adapter says
ATI Radeon HG 4300/4500 Series
I click update driver software and it tells me newest drivers have been installed already.

I googled it and it says that many people experienced this, and that with time it would install the correct one, but it has been 24 hours already and nothing is changed. Does anyone know what I can do?

I noticed some people on google suggest to unistall the driver but I am scared as I am not experienced and I do not want to delete something I should not. If the solution is to delete can someone lead me step by step how to do that?


15:54:44 Jun 18th 16 - Acerf (Mr. Acerf):

Uninstalling graphic drivers may seem scary but theres not much to it. First download the right drivers for your graphic card, might want to look around the web which one is the best and most stable for your card, its not always the most recent release, though you cant go wrong with it if you wish to keep it simple. Once you got the drivers you just follow the steps like with any other program, uninstall the current drivers, then install the new ones, with some computer restarts and monitor flickering. It will look ugly since the resolution might be messed up but again easy fix after youre done. 

Im no computer wizard though so my explanation is probably terrible. Anyways i would suggest making sure the new windows is updated since it was just installed and there should be several updates to it fixing some issues.

16:45:18 Jun 19th 16 - Princess Aisha:

This is weird, I gave it some time to update itself cause Google suggested it just takes time, I am checking now and I am confused.

Yesterday the drivers were all fully loaded and working, I could not update it at all, and now there are no drivers ??
Also I tried to install some new ones just now, and installation failed cause the drivers were not the right ones. So I tried the autodetect thing and used that, after I installed there was again some kind of error and nothing was installed.

Anyone know whats going on?

09:24:42 Jun 20th 16 - ZeTa (VU Admin):

It doesn't seem to be any drivers available for Windows 10, you could try the  Windows 8 drivers and see what happens. Or run windows update to see if it automatically finds any.

If you have an old computer and play mostly web based games, I would suggest running Linux instead (Ubuntu LTS). As it will make your old computer "fly".

Linux drivers for your gfx card:

Ubuntu is a newbie friendly Linux distribution and supports a lot of hardware. 
LTS stands for "long time support" witch means you will get automatic bug and issue fixes.

Ohh, and it's completely free! 
Only downside is that not many AAA games work on Linux.

17:42:05 Aug 11th 16 - Mr. Sprout:


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