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Here is an idea
03:15:16 Feb 2nd 11 - Mr. Paracelzus:

I have always thought that Zeta could do so much more for this community of strategist and roll-players alike.

It has been years, and vu is basically the same. Which is not a bad thing at all. I am sure if he changed the gameplay in adding a cash shop for instance (other then bonus rounds), that people depend on to win, would be disastrous. We would lose a huge number of players.

Saying that, I believe that Zeta could ADD to the game-play (not saying he hasn't). Giving the players a much more dynamic gaming experience.

One of the things i would like to see happen (i am not sure if this has been discussed yet), would be to add tournaments, one vs one, kingdom vs kingdom... the possibilities could be endless. It kinda sucks to have this awesome battle going on in Nirvana with a rival kingdom, only to have another kingdom from Fantasia or something come in and kill you before you had the chance to move your attacking forces back home. This is a simple and probably impractical situation, but you get the jist... 

With a one vs one, you could have the whole map, and spend months building up you empire with your rival. And also be playing in our regular map that we have now.

King of the hill, zombie pandemic... the list goes on...

I don't want Zeta to change anything to VU AT ALL! But there is a huge potential to this game, that hasn't been touched yet. Huge amounts of new players, maps, gameplay, and money (to the publisher of course). With some publicity, advertisements with huge social sites like facebook and such, could bring to this game so much more.

If you share my thoughts on this or don't, then please comment.

06:25:35 Feb 2nd 11 - Sir Ozymandias Magus:

One problem with this idea is that zeta has pretty much given up on this for not being worth his time (finacially I think)...

06:56:20 Feb 2nd 11 - Mr. Paracelzus:

this game has been around for what, 7 years already? I think it speaks for itself. Only reason there haven't been as many players is because this game obtained its players through word of mouth, chance web surfers (like me) and... thats about it... (i do know that there was a voting going on with some mmo website awhile back, if theres anything i missed, please educate me :) ).  I think that what zeta needs is a few programmers that know their stuff, and that would be willing to find out a solution financially and socially.

06:16:28 Feb 8th 11 - Emperor Alexius Septimus Cidellus:

...I'm pretty sure it has already lost a ton of members...and I think Arvious and I are probably the last of the old RPers that have done ANYTHING recently. Even Charley has disappeared!

However, if he started giving a crap again, maybe things would improve. Or if he, as you said, got a few more programmers together to lessen his workload.

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