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Hinge Cover
03:33:19 Nov 2nd 19 - Mr. Ignatius Aldur:

The hinge cove on my laptop fell off. And I was wondering if any of you lads know if it's better to replace it or just glue it back on. I have already talked with two repair shops,  one said that they would replace it with a new one that they wanted to order while the other said gluing back on should do. Can someone tell me which is best?

09:10:24 Nov 2nd 19 - Mr. Scipio Africanus:

10:33:35 Nov 2nd 19 - Mr. Ignatius Aldur:

Thanks for the help:)but I already left to the second shop that wants to glue it. Hopefully they can do a good work.. Seemed a bit shady but I hope for the best. 

I was thinking of doing first alone but I thought why ruin something again. I tried to upgrade android to marshmallow and only managed to destroy my tablet.  That's why from now on I am going hands off from doing things like that.

21:39:01 Nov 2nd 19 - Mr. Seaweed Capn Salaajar:

Wish you best of luck mate :))))

21:48:55 Nov 2nd 19 - Mr. Ignatius Aldur:

Thanks. I got it back. It's works but I wouldn't say it the best solution :( 

21:59:36 Nov 2nd 19 - Mr. Seaweed Capn Salaajar:

Ahhh i see mate.

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