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How it used to be
19:53:26 Oct 25th 14 - Dark Spawn (Lord Dark Spawn):

I was talking to some veterans of the game and they told me of a time when kingdoms would chose what world to play, they would all open at same time, only Fantasia was closed.

After certain period of time Fantasia would open and then all world eould get connected so it was possible to walk from map to map? And then kingdoms would fight over dominating Fantasia. 

How long ago was this? To me this sounds very interesting, to actually be able to travel/attack any map you desire. 

I would like to ask those that experienced this concept, how did you like it? I understand that every kingdom would then have to worry about four sides as there is no end of map. 

Could someone write down some impressions?

01:08:18 Oct 26th 14 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Stirlin):

about 2-3 years ago? i preferred when every kd landed on fant and the other worlds opened once enough time whad passed

04:52:45 Oct 26th 14 - Lord Waterbender:

Hmm I'm glad you said that, I can remember everyone on Fantasia, but

Dark, I really wish you could have been there those were some amazing days. And not because the game was better but because of the amazing people you met along the way.. This is how I remember it around era 34-39.  
There were 4 starting maps and each kingdom was placed (semi-randomly) onto a map with a few other kingdoms. And they'd fight it out until only one Kingdom was left. (or Naps were given). When your kingdom got  killed you'd restart on a new map or world as it was called. The winners of the 4 starting maps did not have access to the new area so you only had to fight the other people who died.  No sweat right? 
  After a while the borders would open up to allow access from other world's so you could go back to that original map and get some revenge.. Yeah!  
  I am just kidding about the revenge though.. most likely those guys would come hunt you down and kill you relentlessly no matter  where you tried to hide. You'd be burning your warehouses  and making for da border if you wanted to stay alive till the end man. The best part about it was all the people you met along the way as you were running for your life. A lot of times you might get separated from your own kingdom and your homies and you'd be just chilling with another kingdom that was neutral. All the time plotting sweet revenge. Mwuhahahahahahaha!  Many times I'd meet random players from while escaping the superpowered waves of Elite-kingdom-armies and we'd make a little core  together and try and keep ourselves alive while sharing rumors of the "promised lands" where you could rebuild and stay off the radar. 

  It really taught you to stay alive and make friends and when it was over it was kind of sad. You would spend half the era just out there fighting on some front with one or two kingdom mates and a couple of allies, while another KD group would be on a different world you had never even been to yet.
If you had gotten beat on that first map you were literally on the run for months until some kingdom showed you mercy and allowed to restart. Of course you'd have to do their dirty work but hey you were alive that's what mattered. If you sucked like me, you were forced to work with others and it wasn't uncommon for 4 or 5 kingdoms to create alliances to fight against one large superpower. it was a good time, but you would get your butt kicked over and over and over again until you figured it out or someone taught you how to play.

search for the last huge war. Coalition vs H.I.V. in forum Maybe for An Idea how many People were involved.

16:07:45 Oct 26th 14 - Mr. Elfish:

I hated that. go back even further when there was walls. then we can talk

16:09:56 Oct 26th 14 - Mr. Delighful:

The issue currently is that experienced players are going on to the lesser worlds with 2nd/3rd characters, wiping out new players so they can get a good ranking, resulting in new players leaving cause they don't stand a chance and never coming back.

We need to be engaging to new players or they won't stick around.

22:39:50 Oct 26th 14 - Bran (Mr. Bran):

i have autojoin on in shoalin for that reason, we havent received anyone this era so can only assume ppl arent joining the game atm. or maybe theyre joining other maps

also everyone who autojoined last era who wasnt already a vet has quit before the second era started

take from that what you will, but i think theres more than one problem to this game

03:53:14 Dec 28th 14 - Mr. Soccerguy:

There aren't walls? Damn, I have been gone for awhile!

And multis are legal now? Insanity!

And there is no one on chat? Chat used to be packed!

03:57:15 Dec 28th 14 - Zephyr (Prince Barigan):

There are great walls on Zetamania.

Multis are not legal but you can create characters in the 'Character' tab to play on other worlds.

Most people use Skype nowadays.

04:04:56 Dec 28th 14 - Mr. Soccerguy:

ugh, now i have to learn everyone's skypes?

Is scientist still around? So many forgotten names......

04:12:39 Dec 28th 14 - Zephyr (Prince Barigan):

People still use the kingdom chat and forums, and you can still send people pms.

I believe he logs once in a while.

05:03:51 Dec 28th 14 - Sir Yisrahel:

i feel old. i was reading this thinking 'this update isn't even that old , they still do it' then remembered this hasn't been an 'update' for a V long time 

10:06:10 Dec 28th 14 - Mr. Barney:

Do you guys want to make a new more pemanent skype conversation?

Right now we have things like 'Evil Skype Conversation' 'VU Fantasia Conversation' 'Gim Fantasia KD Conversation' etc but as far as I am aware there is no skype that persists from era to era which would make things a lot easier.

....?Can't someone just make a VU General Skype and just start adding VU people to it...? Why hasn't someone done that?

15:55:45 Dec 28th 14 - Mr. Soccer Balls:

using an entirely different program just to talk about this game is something i'm not a fan's like downloading an app for an app (facebook messenger). I don't want to have to use two apps to use the app.

i'll be on vu chat if anyone wants to chat!

21:44:15 Dec 29th 14 - Mr. Barney:

I actually agree with you that the Chat system in the game could be a lot better, but I feel like the work required to improve it could be better spent doing other things so it isn't even worth presenting ideas to the Admin.

Maybe at some point down the line if/when the admin shows a greater activity level and is looking for things to work on the Chat will come up. The Chat has been pretty bad for a while but a lot of it is basic stuff like 'If you are logged into the chat people know you are online because there isn't an invisible mode' that could be easily improved, and some of it is a bit more complex like 'The mobile version for VU is really good, but can there be a mobile chat that has the permanence of skype/irc yet still be integrated into the game in a functional way'?

22:15:05 Dec 29th 14 - Mr. Soccer Balls:

So, let's turn it into a business. I already have a website designer that could help Zeta upgrade this game and generate more revenue. 

It is just so boring compared to the olden days.

23:03:39 Dec 29th 14 - Mr. Barney:

I agree, while the olden days were pretty good we can never go back in time so it's not worth abandoning the present and future just to reminisce when the game could actually be better than it ever has been.

There are a couple people in the community like Chade with relevant skills who could add value to a development team, the way I see it is that WORST CASE SCENARIO for VU is the Admin never wakes up and then the community just takes the good idea and makes a better version/game and the people putting in the work monetize it.

Few people actually have the ability to put in work without immediate returns, I have a couple side projects going on IRL but I've committed to helping new players this era on GvE's Evil KD and getting a wiki off the ground.

I don't have relevant technical skills to add to a development team (yet, but I could learn) but in the meantime it would probably be worth reaching out to Zeta with your friend.

This game and concept could be executed better than it ever was in the olden days.

There's a whole lot that can be said about monetization but that's for another time, you could make the game much more profitable without actually ruining the game or making it pay2win. Back when VU was launched it was an era of browser games, google adsense, and pay2win which aren't even the best ways to collect $$$ if you are in it for the $$$.

If you had the people to build the game then you could even fund development via crowdsourcing if you do it right.

23:34:52 Dec 29th 14 - Mr. Barney:

Sorry for the double post here, but this is the most I've really though about the game and I was just sitting down with my roommate who I introduced to the game a few weeks ago and I was talking about different people in the community and what they could actually add to the development team for 'Visual Utopia', 'Utopia', (This has come up a lot, as my roommate is helping me make the wiki and we are basing a lot of decisions off of the Utopia wiki and using it for comparison), or 'Utopian Strategy Game' of any kind.

I only mention this because Soccer brings up that his friend has relevant skills, I know Chade and a few other people have technical skills, and let's face it:

No matter how much everyone shits on him, Zeta some of the best and most relevant skills of anyone in the community. I know I've said this a lot, but the mobile version for the site is actually really well done. Even Zeta's WORST changes like racial penalty were actually VERY 'well done', they were just shitty ideas that NO ONE ever wanted.

I just hate that Zeta is so fucking inactive, indifferent, and some of his decisions have always been horribly out of touch will the community. For the last TEN FUCKING YEARS I've played this game every change has been hit or miss, mostly miss. I'll admit it guys, I love this game and I'm angry. I should probably stop posting shit like this.

But I realized something when I was working on this wiki: some if not most of the things about this game are actually brilliant and it's Zeta's work.

I think the biggest issue with this game is the stagnant community, inactive/indifferent admin, and the fact that Zeta has never really been in touch with his community.

What do you guys think?

00:23:26 Dec 30th 14 - Ms. Lampercut:

Go Barney save Visual Utopia !!!

02:27:06 Dec 30th 14 - Mr. Soccerguy:

I agree, while the olden days were pretty good we can never go back in time so it's not worth abandoning the present and future just to reminisce when the game could actually be better than it ever has been.


Zeta used to have moderators, is that still around? He had players help him, for free, simply because they loved the game. You are making a wiki for free.

I will type trolling messages all day in chat or forums for free.

I'll even make it public that Fordius and Swifty used to run a donkey (who looked a lot like Osi) show, for free.

It is kinda awesome those guys aren't here, I can flame!, for free.

point is, there were (and i assume still are) people willing to help zeta out, for free.

Why doesn't he just give a title away (grand designer) if someone is willing to write the code for an update?

Side note: What the hell does Zeta do for a living? Isn't he from sweden, if I recall?

Back to it..... This community could practically run itself, and he could have a Game Manager *gasp* report to him on any big changes and he could say yes or no, then the developers could implement it.

Sounds a lot like a company, but with no expenses or revenue.

OR, make it a profitable company, and quit your other job ZETA!

p.s. Just got a notice I may be breaking the forum rules with this post. What's wrong with it?

06:45:00 Dec 30th 14 - Mr. Barney:

17:27:06 Dec 29th 14 - Mr. Soccerguy:

I will type trolling messages all day in chat or forums for free.

Please do, it's boring being the only one doing so!

17:27:06 Dec 29th 14 - Mr. Soccerguy:

Side note: What the hell does Zeta do for a living? Isn't he from sweden, if I recall?

THATS IT! He is inactive because he has been cooking meatballs!

Can Brashen, Fordius, or another swede correct me on my deception of the Swedish Chef?

(If Zeta reads this, gets offended, and then bans me then I'll just be happy that he is active again in the firstplace.)

07:47:12 Dec 30th 14 - Mr. Godsend:

Why not a chat in the app store that one could choose to download that connects them to ingame chat? So even if someone is offline and they are out to eat they can still talk.

12:35:40 Dec 30th 14 - Mr. Soccerguy:

pretty cool godsend..... you can use whatsapp or vusapp!

13:07:34 Jan 16th 15 - ZeTa (VU Admin):

The chat actually works on mobile! Go to and try it out! You wont see the user list if you have a small screen though.

17:12:04 Jan 17th 15 - Ms. Kiodachi:

i have tried using the chat on mobile, everytime i do so, you cant see what your writing.

04:30:05 Apr 16th 15 - Mr. Bling:

Wassup... someone wanna give me a very quick run down on changes. What magic like, any new weird changes to kd's or races ... last i was here we had walls and overpowered Arch's

06:47:10 Apr 16th 15 - Mr. Garret Jax:

  Getting a bonus turn if you waited more than 12 ticks between login's. If I remember correctly it was due to the load of too many players on the server at once that this was instituted. In theory this would keep people from logging in and out all day long every tick.  Sounds funny now.

04:23:39 Apr 17th 15 - shyers (Mr. Shyersinaleaguewithsatan):

Ah, back when zeta was homeless and only had a hand-me-down server and the shoes on his feet....

Idk if I wish it was back or not. Not a big fan of bonus turns but they can add the element of RL unknown variables maybe we could just change control time spell to add x BTs instead of being lame

14:31:40 Jul 20th 15 - Mr. Kid Caress:

the extra bt after 12h was also a way to somewhat offset the difference between avid and casual gamers. bring it back id say ;)

15:26:44 Jul 20th 15 - Mr. Todd L Fondler:

Yes it evened the gameplay out a bit. Bringh backzor

07:53:22 Nov 10th 15 - Mr. Sunwarrior of The Sun:

I cringe at the population now. Actually, its weird but the game I am currently playing, not saying what it is, has at least 10k players and platforms across countries. I mean, each major country has its own domain. But regardless, I just spawned on Fant even though its over but one kingdom prevailed? Only after just five pages of talks on the board? Usually it takes 10 pages for an era to end. I know the newer players are leaving but is it the older players that find no reason to play? I know the reason I never fully committed to it was because of school and work. Just did not have time to jump on every hour. I do not know of anyone who could help with software or anything but I would not mind throwing ideas around instead. If things need to be tested as well, I dont mind that at all. I am sure I can handle that much.

09:20:59 Nov 10th 15 - Quirinus (Mr. Quirinus IV):

To the OP, here you can see how the two eras with connected worlds evolved over time:

(keep in mind that ZeTa didn't encode the video much, so the file inside the rar is big, so make sure you have enough space)

Fantasia is in the center, and the borders of all the worlds are closed. Only people that die get to settle on Fantasia. After some time, the borders of the non-Fantasia worlds open, so you can move from one surrounding world to the other. After some time, the borders of Fantasia open.

I might encode the videos better and then upload it to youtube...

18:31:39 Nov 10th 15 - Mr. Sladd:

I think they are on YouTube already but I'm too lazy to find them for ya.

19:15:07 Nov 10th 15 - HorusPanic (Lord Horus):

Strddle how-to playlist:

Era of DVSmasta:

Era of Amon Hen:

Fecking Feckers 2013:

CLASSIC Russians talking about VU:

05:21:38 Dec 7th 15 - Mr. Bally:

Hey Guys, its been so long that i played this game.. i wonder if there are still people from the old Kingdom Legacy that are still playing.

15:07:52 Dec 7th 15 - Stephen Ben (Mr. Foo Shizel):

They all quit when everyone learned all their dastardly tricks and could beat them. Roxbury is still here nubebashing though :)

15:30:53 Dec 7th 15 - Bran (Ms. Martha Argerich):

more like being nubebashed by shoalin monks!

16:31:42 Dec 7th 15 - Mr. Bally:

What about Mr. Hammish aka Rambo, is he still playing?

07:00:08 Dec 9th 15 - Mr. Richard Childs:

Lol, really was a long time since you played. Most that old LGC players aren't playing - some of them can be found here:

Then again I dunno if you're talking about Rambo or Hamish.
When it comes to Rambo he quit playing when he was caught cheating and haven't been seen since then (well atleast I think so) wich was a REALLY long time ago. If you're talking about Hamish (Black flag etc), I dunno if he is out there but I doubt that dude ever was in LGC.

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