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I Didnt Know Who I Was
01:36:03 Sep 24th 09 - Mr. Vuggy:

[6:33:09 PM] Silver Dophlin: I'm not sprout. :O
[6:33:42 PM] Prince Sprout: yes u are sprout

I didn't know I was sprout. I guess you all should refer to me as Prince Sprout now. 8)

01:41:00 Sep 24th 09 - Chancellor Scrooge Mcduck:

Whatever you say, Princess Sprout.

22:28:07 Sep 25th 09 - Mr. Dead Oralive:

How many clones are now running around in VU?

19:03:01 Sep 26th 09 - Mr. Vuggy:

I'm not a 'clone' or a multi. xD

19:25:52 Sep 26th 09 - Mr. Deadordying:

Mr. Dead Oralive


22:28:07 Sep 25th 09 How many clones are now running around in VU?

I remember when you and I were accused of being multis, as if anyone would be stupid enough to have a multi with such a similar name :)


01:39:05 Sep 27th 09 - Mr. Dead Oralive:

We were in same kingdom we so confused people :) I loved it.

Note I just use this name to because one of my fav games fighting games is dead or alive.

00:34:11 Oct 9th 09 - Duke Nukem:

lol DoD
Sanoh was dumb enough :P
for a few eras(2 or 3) he had a multi named Sanoh II :P

02:05:39 Oct 9th 09 - Prince Whiskers The Feline God:

^And no one caught on...because it was never banned :|

02:38:41 Oct 9th 09 - Mr. Master Mind:

Well how could you? It was so cleverly disguised!

04:07:56 Oct 9th 09 - Prince Whiskers The Feline God:

You would have this mentality "Nobody would be THAT dumb!"

04:10:41 Oct 9th 09 - Mr. Edd:

lol thats funny

04:15:35 Oct 9th 09 - Sir Struddle:

roflz that's awesome.

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