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I gowent through for VU
06:10:29 Nov 10th 13 - Mr. Sorra The Great:

What you go/went through for VU

This is a thread for all those crazy things you did/went through for VU...everything from waking up at all odd hours of the night to Hit and army to postponing important events because you were in the middle of a clinical time to blowing of RL friends for because your plans conflicted with something you wanted to do on VU...and anything in between. 

It also does not have to be in the past, it can be what you currently go through aswell. 

06:29:20 Nov 10th 13 - Mr. Sorra The Great:

Well, since I am the OP, let me start the thread off. 


I spent new-years eve on VU...more than once I think... The one time I do fondly remember is the time I blew of going to some relatives houses while the rest of everyone residing in my house went  (meaning I was all alone) and I found myself on the computer  and on VU for most of the night and only went to the living room of my empty house (well actually there was my cat lol) a couple minutes before midnight to  turn on the TV and watch the "CountDown"

I remember on that night ordering Pizza, so it was just my Pizza,  My Coke and VU for most of the night...with some YouTube and other games in between.


Then I remember posting a big HNY message in chat...and a couple of people atleast I was not alone...actually surprisingly I remember quite a few people responding aswell and we conversed a little about the new year and what we think it will bring until it eventually returned back to VU Chatter/random subject chatter

But I guess this is not that bad...since new year's is just nonsensical, over commercialized and over rated to begin with really no meaning cause we all know the last day of the previous year is gonna be the same as the first day in the new year (its just another reason for people who always want to celebrate to celebrate). And on top of that every culture has their own 'new year' depending on their calendar. 

06:44:20 Nov 10th 13 - Mr. Sorra The Great:

And I have a feeling that me missing out on a celebration on an arbitrarily decided date devoid of any meaning except as an excuse to celebrate is going to be 'soft core' compared to what we may hear here....

07:45:59 Nov 10th 13 - Zond (The Jasmina):

I remember this one time, you made a topic and responded 3 times before anyone else did. 

07:54:57 Nov 10th 13 - Prince Erythnul:

Guilty as charged ... 

Late Night or early Morning logins to hit or cast on arriving armies , ringing in sick to work so i can drop when era started . Even taking a job where i could login during the day (even though i hated job )  lasted there for around 4 months .
But 1 time really stands  ...

My internet went down so i rang my provider asking when it would be up again , i got the usual we will try , and sorry we will try etc .
So after a hour i rung up again and said every minute my net was down i was losing workers and income and if it continued i was going to take them to court to recoup my losses ... well 10 mins later my net was up and running again and they gave me more gigabites ,

I have played and still play a few games but no matter what VU is like the old pair of shoes you just cant seem to get rid ...

09:32:13 Nov 10th 13 - Princess Beofcuk:

At one stage I went about 2 weeks sleeping in between ticks. Didnt get a second over 50 minutes sleep for 2 weeks.

Blew off my of my more important tests of my final year at Uni to be there for the start of the era (Fortunately I convinced them I was sick afterwards and got to resit the test)

14:58:02 Nov 10th 13 - Lord Jellybean (Mr. Jellybean):

When I used to be addicted to this game, I used to set my alarm for when my army reached cities. But these days school is too important. I still enjoy playing, though tbh, on most worlds I just end up as a blocker filler :P 

15:20:06 Nov 10th 13 - The Wolflord (Wolflord Karac):

I still set my alarm for final tick of prep, or arriving at an army. Its ridiculous. But... that's what it takes.

I also was online Christmas morning as my kids opened presents.... that was an eye opener, I shut the computer and felt dirty. Never did that again lol.

15:28:13 Nov 10th 13 - Bran (Mr. Brannigans Law):

this is gonna sound ludicrous but i once quit vu

15:42:22 Nov 10th 13 - Mr. Osiris:


16:02:52 Nov 10th 13 - The Wolflord (Wolflord Karac):

Bran, you never!


I have many a times... but like a druggie I keep coming back :)

16:23:43 Nov 10th 13 - Bran (Ms. Bran The Bearded):

you ever overdosed on vu?

18:39:50 Nov 10th 13 - Zond (The Jasmina):

i once had 34 accounts. good times. good times. 

18:41:35 Nov 10th 13 - The Wolflord (Wolflord Karac):

Bran I overdose daily.... When you start dreaming about prep and training.... its too far.

19:30:33 Nov 10th 13 - Stormy (Lady Cthulhu):

i once demanded to log on to vu while they performed brain surgery on me, i figured since i wasnt doing anything, why the hell not?

19:38:00 Nov 10th 13 - The Wolflord (Wolflord Karac):

You are king!

00:30:48 Nov 11th 13 - Mr. Snapback:

VU has messed up my sleep patterns more times than I can count. And every time things seemed to be getting back on would do so again. This does not happen anymore though, since the game has suffered in quality and thus is not as addictive as it use to be...but still those memories are crazy lol. 

17:38:16 Nov 11th 13 - Xerxes The Great (Sir Xerxes The Slaughterable):

It is still a very addictive game though.

06:34:58 Nov 18th 13 - King Charley Deallus:

I used to wake up like at the turn of every hour during the night.  Made my sleeping habits f*cked as hell, but it made sure I didn't get ambushed by some punks.  Did that for a year or two before finally realizing I didn't give a damn.  Then I went inactive and did some random eras for fun and just messed around while still kicking some arse.  Ah the memories...oh slipping out of college parties for a few minutes just to get the tick change happened a bit too, but it stopped after awhile because college parties were fun.

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