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I think I have a problem...
05:05:11 Oct 27th 06 - Daimyo Dingo:

I think I have an anger it weird to throw game controllers and scream very angrily when you lose in a game? Like for instance, I was playing Soul Caliber against my friend just a few minutes ago, and like really gritting ym teeth and cussing and screaming and throwing the controller and *beep*. And pretty much it's been growing like ever since I stopped playing this one game, called Natural Selection. It's an awsome game, and I was in a clan and all and then it all died...and now I don't have that to release my anger. But like, if you just met me on the street you wouldn't know it, because I am like the nicest person ever to people's faces, I only get angry with close friends. I really just need someone to sit there and let me beat the living *beep* out of them just to sastisfy my anger.

Oh yea, and then earlier today at work, it was like 6:02 and I was off at 6:00 and the phone rang, and the other guy wouldn't answer it, so I had to and it wound up keeping me there until like 20 after, and I hit the counter pretty hard because I was so pissed at him, and hurt my hand a bit. I'm pretty sure I just work and live with a bunch of *beep*s and it's slowly getting to me...

05:13:21 Oct 27th 06 - Sir Xiax:

Yes... I can symphasize my friend, insanity slowly creeps up on even the best of us...

05:38:53 Oct 27th 06 - Mr. Trynton:

my ps2 controller has a nice crack going down the middle of it, and the plastic grip thing on one side isnt connected anymore, i threw it one too many times

i just snapped a ruler in half a few hours ago cuz m trying not to break my last controller (at least anymore than it is), it gave a nice satisfying snap....

06:15:31 Oct 27th 06 - Mr. Einskaldir:

how about finding a nice halfling to snack on? sory only works for ogres and orcs i think

06:53:44 Oct 27th 06 - Mr. Senturu:

my advice get something to take your anger out on. like me for instince i kick the *beep* outa my brother randy when he beats me at football.....(although he uses his made up team against the 49ers.. which my odds of winning are 10000000000000000000000000000000000 to .00000000000000000000000000001) so go to a karate class and kick the *beep* outa someone

07:18:30 Oct 27th 06 - Mr. Anderson:

I useally just kill someone. But it only works for some people.

07:33:12 Oct 27th 06 - Mr. Jose Clemente Orozco:

Why don't you just take anger manegement classes?Or just suprees your anger till it blow up in your face.

10:40:27 Oct 27th 06 - Mr. Fabio:

Steroids will do that to you.

12:43:27 Oct 27th 06 - Lord Efrandor:

Well, you could confess to yourself that you are a psycho and stat talking to a therapist, or just take a bunch of pillows to hit and scream on, perhaps ven take a vomit upon them..

Not that I vomit on pillows, I have confessed I'm a psycho, soon prison for me...

16:34:34 Oct 28th 06 - Daimyo Dingo:

Well, ussually I just get angry and hit stuff, like the couch, or my bed. I often get mad and almost hit the wall, and then I think to myself, No! Then I'll have to fix it!! So I go punch something I can really break. But yes I would love to break some stuff. I really need to start hitting baseballs again, haven't played in forever. Just start smacking the *beep* out of them.

19:19:40 Oct 28th 06 - Sir Dark Mielo:

yup had the same problem, then I take my anger out on my schoolbooks ... However, you have more work then, mostly my courses are trown around in my room ... somethimes I rip tests or something ... dunno ... anger is just a human feeling ... everybody has it ... some more then others

02:25:37 Oct 30th 06 - Sir Assassino:

get a punching bag if you got the money.i dont have one cuz im broke but yea.beat the crap outa that.

04:27:41 Feb 2nd 07 - Mr. Beggar:

take some martial arts class and learn to control you anger... i think thats tai chi or judo :P. that or find the nearest wall and head bang it as hard as you can. it'll knock you out and you will wake up slightly dizzy, but no damage done to the wall (i hope not) and you will have forgoten your anger (and maybe other things):D

04:35:44 Feb 8th 07 - Mr. Pussy:

smoke some weed man it always works for eveyone

07:24:33 Feb 12th 07 - Mr. Ace:

Houston? Are you there?

14:18:35 Feb 12th 07 - Mr. Dreadlord:

Its the greed onece you are cought up its difficult to get out of it.

but ur mentioning its side affects instead of the problem.

You just have to give it up i gues

10:35:17 Apr 4th 07 - Mr. The Viking:

There are multiple theories in psychology.

One is that all energy is based on sex energy, and unused sex energy acumulated over time can be transformed into physical activity and such things. Maybe you just did not have a fight for a long time- yeah some people like to fight- friendly of course, maybe it can help

10:42:25 Apr 4th 07 - Lord Senturu The Sweet Guru:

do you have a thing for reviving old threads?

10:51:23 Apr 4th 07 - Mr. Morgan:

"smoke some weed man it always works for eveyone"

Actually i think it has a calming effect of some sort. Might be problematic when you run out of weed though. Then you will be cranky..

11:38:02 Apr 4th 07 - Duke Efrandor:

When you run out, do some glue.

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