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Idea For New Race
23:22:01 Oct 19th 12 - Mr. Com:

I was thinking it would be cool to have evil little people race like halfling but not and they would have Orc and Troll designed cities because there is only the two races of evil or dark races and it would be cool to have another.

This is what i could find its called a kobolb a small lizard creature that is good with small wepons and a close fighting style also very good with range wepons like a short spear or a bow also there are no spear men in this game. they are very aggressive and only like other kobolb. there is alot more info i just need to find it again.

Also they like fish and fishing so their bonus could be extra food and building docks into the water like dwarf and mines and elfs and trees.


Heres some pics of what their units could look like.

01:00:48 Oct 15th 12 - Mr. Com:

01:51:13 Oct 20th 12 - SFD (Mr. Smelly Fart Destroyer):

also make them able to travel in water aswell, but 2-3x faster.
and make then limited on land so they can only travel slow b/c they are coldblooded and have to keep having rests (or whatever it is reptiles do) :P

also if they are going to be powerfull the shamans need a new spell like, storm or something that lasts a limited amount of time and in a limited area (Depending on MP) giving them the ability to travel further than normal and a little bit faster. (on land)

sounds like a cool race imo :D

02:23:26 Oct 20th 12 - Mr. Com:

that would give them to much of an advantage over other races we need to make them more even, and balanced with the other races.

02:27:46 Oct 20th 12 - SFD (Mr. Smelly Fart Destroyer):

create beach areas where they can come onto land so it is easily defendable

11:25:12 Oct 20th 12 - Princess Aisha:

We had so many new race suggestions, and some of them were really good.

No new races will be added, so really no point in adding more :)

We had an undead race, I think it was suggested they would have no morale... and some other special abilities, cant remember what. Then we had Treefolk race, slow race but could build within forests I think, dont remember... We also had Goblins or something like that... 

Nothing connected to going through water will be implemented...

And by the way these pictures can be used only if you are the one who made them, you can not use pictures from another game or from somewhere you found on the internet, as game admin might be prosecuted for using such pictures. 

12:35:57 Oct 20th 12 - SFD (Mr. Die For Some):

i think he was just using them as an example, but if this race could getm implemented, we could ad other race's and have it5 as 2 worlds (split worlds) and then a war with sea-land enemies :P

20:49:58 Oct 22nd 12 - Mr Com (Mr. Com):

Yes the pictures are just examples and I agree moving over water is going a bit to far but there is no other dark race we have only the two and four of the light races so it would not harm to add one more dark race and there is aslo only one little people race as well so that works out too but hey its only a suggestion its not like I expect the admin to just go ahead and add it and I trying to make a real suggestion that could work in the game easily as it was ment to be there from the start not far out things like undead or fish people not that their not good ideas they just dont balance out with the other races and thats what I am trying to suggest a race that works with the others and balances evenly.

22:50:51 Oct 22nd 12 - King BurningLegion (King Burninglegion The Gaia Spawner):

WE NEED NEW RACES! and no more lame midgets!!!!

02:52:55 Oct 23rd 12 - Mr. Shinsei:

"and no more lame midgets!!!!"

WARGS! :D (stuck on game of thrones...)

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