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Idea for VU Opposite World
17:34:29 Feb 5th 15 - Mr. Rhyno:

I am new to VU so this may exist; may have been discussed before, etc.

I thought it would be neat to have a world that exists only in the water regions. The bodies of water not connected by rivers or streams can be connected by underground reservoirs. It would contain entirely different beings and races and operate separately and differently than the land counterpart. Maybe you can see what happens in the land world but you can't interact and vice versa. I dunno.

17:58:52 Feb 5th 15 - Mr. Double Agent:

Would involve a lot of work if you were to make new races, think zeta said he'd make a new race if 1000 was raised, unsure if he meant usd or euro

21:59:43 Feb 5th 15 - Mr. Rhyno:


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